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Viagra levitra From watching Sandy Alderson with Kevin Burkhardt  on Mets Hot Stove, viagra levitra I come to the conclusion that when he took the job last year and looked over the landscape of the organization , viagra levitra he couldn’t believe the mess it was in. Viagra levitra One of the things he spoke about last year that had me singing his praise was putting together a uniform system of teaching the Mets farm hands the right way to play baseball. Viagra levitra One of the glaring weaknesses we saw last year from the major league team was the lack of understanding baseball fundamentals and baseball instinct. Viagra levitra   Alderson realized that the way the Mets were conducting player development was so deficient that a major changes had to be made.

Viagra levitra Fast forward to this off season. Viagra levitra  Alderson has just finished his first season as the Mets baseball boss and what he saw up close and personal is what shapes his thinking for this off season. Viagra levitra He saw a team that when hit by injury was deficient in depth at the Triple A level, viagra levitra sure some of the call ups played above and beyond and the team for the majority of the season was known as hard working and never giving up, viagra levitra a testament to the manager (who lit into his team when they slacked off, viagra levitra again something we haven’t seen here in years), viagra levitra but Alderson saw that there is no New York quick fix here, viagra levitra this rebuilding of the Mets will take some time.

Viagra levitra Yes, viagra levitra this is a rebuild, viagra levitra from the way the organization is viewed by outsiders (if Alderson could just get the Skill Sets to go underground for say the next 10 years that would be major plus in rebuilding the brand)and the way it’s looked at by other players and front office types throughout baseball.  The later has improved a lot under Alderson, viagra levitra the former, viagra levitra well, viagra levitra that will take more time.

Viagra levitra When Burkhardt asked about signing Reyes, viagra levitra and the fact that the majority of Mets fans are clamoring for him to be resign by any means necessary, viagra levitra Alderson explained how this is not going to happen, viagra levitra a six year deal for Reyes would be a disaster for the organization. Viagra levitra I loved Burkhardt’s  follow up question where he brought up that Alderson mentioned that the release of Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo had to do somewhat with fan sentiment, viagra levitra Alderson explained, viagra levitra while the voice of the people played a bit of a part, viagra levitra it was more the poor performance of both players that led to them becoming ex-Mets.

Viagra levitra Now Reyes not returning will not be due to poor performance by him but by poor performance of the team and the fact that the Mets are at least two seasons away from being a pennant winning factor. Viagra levitra  You don’t need someone to tell you that Mets fans, viagra levitra in your heart of hearts you know it. Viagra levitra So to give Reyes a long term deal and tie up money that will be better spent on getting the part or parts needed to put the club over the top in 2013 or 2014 is a better investment. Viagra levitra I agree 100 %.

Viagra levitra There are still some of us among the Mets faithful that want to spend and spend and spend. Viagra levitra First, viagra levitra it’s hard to spend what you don’t have. Viagra levitra  The ownership is doesn’t have the money to throw around as in years past and that may be the best piece of news this off season. Viagra levitra I guess once the Mets season ends some of you stop watching baseball because if you did you’d realize that you can win with a $90-$100 mil payroll, viagra levitra you just have to know how to spend your money wisely. Viagra levitra Alderson does and he will but it won’t happen overnight. Viagra levitra Just stay patience and let him and his staff do its work, viagra levitra the man’s track record shows this could work in positive way.

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