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Viagra uk Now that we have the holidays out of the way, viagra uk we can now look forward to spring training for what should be quite the interesting Mets season.

Viagra uk Eric Simon of Amazin’ Avenue had an interesting post today on how bad will the Mets be in 2012? Of course the number one item on his list of things that will impact the season is the Skill Sets financial situation, viagra uk something that will most likely overshadow what goes on, viagra uk on the field but Simon also touches on the health and availability of Johan Santana, viagra uk the hitting of Jason Bay and David Wright and where the offensive production lost from Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes will come from.

Viagra uk So my question to you my loyal readers, viagra uk what is your expectation for the Mets this coming season? What is a realistic expectation of this team and what will be their standing in the NL East, viagra uk a division that could be up for grabs if the reports of Prince Fielder signing with Washington are true. Viagra uk Can you see anything short of a last place finish in the division? Right now, viagra uk I can’t.

Viagra uk Where do you see Johan Santana this season? For me, viagra uk I’d be surprised if we see Santana pitch for the Mets before June.

Viagra uk What to do with David Wright? Wright is not a player, viagra uk right now that could realistically bring back a treasure trove of young talent but what if he is invigorated by good health and more friendly dimensions of Citi Field and puts up a .300/.380/.500 line with 15-17 HR’s and 75-80 + RBI by the All-Star break, viagra uk do you keep him and hope a new owner comes in with cash to re-sign him or is the lure of young robust baseball players to tempting to turn down in a trade?  I’m still undecided on this one but I am leaning towards a deal if the Mets get back a blue ribbon prospect or a young Major Leaguer under club control.

Viagra uk When I go to opening day at Citi Field, viagra uk who else will be there? If you are a true blue Mets fan and having been going to Mets games your whole life I can’t see how now you decide to sit this season out. Viagra uk No one has a right to tell you how to spend your time or money but as Boggy said, viagra uk “a hot dog at a ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz”. Viagra uk So true, viagra uk I mean today when I left for work I had on a sweater, viagra uk coat, viagra uk scarf and wool hat. Viagra uk You know what? That sucks. Viagra uk I want to wear shorts and t-shirt and have a scorecard in my hand. Viagra uk I have made peace with myself that the Mets will not be very good this season to the point that 100 losses would not shock me. Viagra uk However, viagra uk there is still a part of me that small sliver of Mets fan naivete` that still has me holding out hope that this season could be full of surprises and I want to be there to enjoy them. Viagra uk  I know all the die-hards will be out at Citi Field on Thursday April 5th at 1:10PM, viagra uk will you be there? If not tell me why not?

Viagra uk It’s funny the other teams I root for in other sports are playing at a level where they are contenders for championships in their respective leagues but it’s the Mets that are on my mind the most  and my biggest concern. Viagra uk Crazy shit eh?

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