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Ingredients of viagra Last night I attended the media hour before the Thurman Munson Dinner to benefit AHRC of New York. Ingredients of viagra Among the many guest invited to the event were Mets Daniel Murphy and R.A. Ingredients of viagra Dickey and a surprise guest that I chatted with, ingredients of viagra former Met Carlos Delgado.

Ingredients of viagra In talking to Murphy he has to be the most optimistic person of Irish ancestry I’ve ever met. Ingredients of viagra  As you can hear in this clip, ingredients of viagra Murphy feels the Mets can contend in the NL East and beyond. Ingredients of viagra  He also speaks of the work he has to do in order to play 2nd base this season and the fact that he has been working out with the cooperation of the fine weather in his hometown of Jacksonville Florida .

Ingredients of viagra After Murphy, ingredients of viagra R.A. Ingredients of viagra Dickey was made available to us for a Q & A session and of course R.A. Ingredients of viagra was in fine form with thoughtful answers about his climb of Mt. Ingredients of viagra Kilimanjaro, ingredients of viagra his hope that Johan Santana can come back and reclaim his spot as Ace of the pitching staff and his pragmatic view of the upcoming season for the Mets in a very tough NL East as you can here is this clip and this clip.

Ingredients of viagra After talking to both Dickey and Murphy, ingredients of viagra I thought about all the angst and anger of Mets fans over this off season towards ownership of the team. Ingredients of viagra I thought about all those who say they won’t come out to Citi Field as they feel it’s a show of support of the Wilpon’s. Ingredients of viagra  To those fans I say, ingredients of viagra I feel sorry for you. Ingredients of viagra While talking to Dickey and to Murphy , ingredients of viagra the thought came to me that I can’t wait for the season to begin because I can’t wait to root for both these guys as they are more than worthy of positive support.

Ingredients of viagra Murph is the guy who blocks out the negativity. Ingredients of viagra When the media scrum dispersed from the group Q & A, ingredients of viagra I was lucky enough to hang around and got to talk to him one on one (I turned off the recorder because I just wanted to have casual conversation) and one topic we discussed was the negativity of the organization from a segment of the media and the fan base and does that negativity ever creep into the clubhouse. Ingredients of viagra He told me it doesn’t because the manager, ingredients of viagra who I believe Murph has tremendous respect for, ingredients of viagra would never allow it and he also felt that the guys in the clubhouse are united in such a way that “woes is us” would never make it past the outside clubhouse door.

Ingredients of viagra From Dickey I get a guy who is very confident in his ability and seems to have grown as a big league pitcher but the days of struggle are always in the forefront of his mind. Ingredients of viagra Where Murph seems to be the half full guy, ingredients of viagra I wouldn’t say that Dickey is a glass half empty guy but more of a realist who has been around a while and knows the score.

Ingredients of viagra A pleasant surprise of the evening was running into Carlos Delgado who looks in great shape (dare I say The best shape of his life?) and was quite gracious in giving me a portions of his time to talk about the Mets of the present and his experience as a Met and playing in New York in this clip.

Ingredients of viagra When I was done talking to Murphy and Dickey I went over to the refreshment table to grab a bottle of water, ingredients of viagra it was there I met up with legendary  St. Ingredients of viagra John’s coach Lou Carnesecca, ingredients of viagra who was on hand to present an award to Chris Mullin at the dinner. Ingredients of viagra Again I didn’t have my recorder on as my conversation with the Coach was more a casual deal than an interview. Ingredients of viagra  He told me about having dinner with John Franco on Monday night and how happy he was that the Mets will honor him on June 3 with induction into the Mets Hall of Fame. Ingredients of viagra It was easy to see the love and pride Carnesecca has for Franco, ingredients of viagra the coach then asked me if I thought Franco would get into Cooperstown, ingredients of viagra I was as diplomatic as could be in saying it would be very tough. Ingredients of viagra I went on to tell the coach about my wedding day and how happy I was there was a TV in the limousine, ingredients of viagra as I’m seen and heard in our wedding video wanting to watch St. Ingredients of viagra Johns-Auburn second round NCAA Tournament game. Ingredients of viagra  Carnesecca laughed and then said “Jesus, ingredients of viagra you remember that game”? He then asked me to sit down with him and talk about basketball. Ingredients of viagra That was quite an honor.

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