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Viagra blog It’s not unusual to have friends and family members with different sports rooting interest as you, viagra blog I have many friends and relatives who root for the Highlanders, viagra blog Knicks and the Jets, viagra blog  even a couple of Devils, viagra blog Islanders and Nets fans thrown in the mix as well. Viagra blog This week the Giants fan contingent of my inner circle have been in constant contact about what to expect from our Giants tomorrow as they take on the Patriots in Super Bowl 42 and what is fascinating  is how the dominant fan gene takes hold when we discuss the game.

Viagra blog The Highlander/Giants fans of the group are so super confident that the Giants will win, viagra blog it has the Mets/Giants fan breaking out in a cold sweat. Viagra blog Highlander/Giants says the Giants front four will dominate and that between Justin Tuck and JPP, viagra blog Tom Brady will be leaving Indianapolis with a toe tag on his man Uggs. Viagra blog Mets/Giants says “it’s Tom Fuckin’ Brady” and he not only has a score to settle with the Giants for Super Bowl 42 and he also played like shit in the AFC Championship game to where he vowed to Pats owner, viagra blog Bob Kraft he feels he let him and the organization down. Viagra blog Mets/Giants is nervous because he fears Brady’s A game. Viagra blog Highlander/Giants says “Fuck Brady’s A game”.

Viagra blog Highlander/Giants says “ancient history “ when Mets/Giants brings up the team was 7-7 late in the season and how the  Redskins loss in Week 15 is still on my mind. Viagra blog Highlander/Giants then says “that was the last time the G-Men lost, viagra blog they are on a 5 game winning streak looking better each time out” That when Mets/Giants says “that’s what worries me, viagra blog the team is due for a bad game and a loss”, viagra blog to which Highlander/Giants says “I swear to God I don’t know why I’m friends with you (Highlander/Giants family member give me the old you can pick your friends and not your relatives response)and if that wasn’t enough cruelty, viagra blog Highlander/Giants pours salt in the wound by adding “and you dwell on negative shit forever, viagra blog Jimmy Qualls, viagra blog Mike Scioscia, viagra blog Yadier Molina, viagra blog Adam Wainwright….move the fuck on already”

Viagra blog I can’t help it. Viagra blog Fans of multiple sports teams have a dominant sports fan gene, viagra blog mine happens to be the Mets fan gene. Viagra blog  See the Giants fan gene I have is strong when it comes to history and loyalty with pride in winning as well. Viagra blog The Giants have won 7 Championships (4 pre-Super Bowl NFL Titles and 3 Lombardi Trophies) same with the Boston Celtics gene that also adds arrogance from our late leader the Great Red Auerbach. Viagra blog  The NY Ranger fan gene runs close to the Mets fan gene in that the Ranger fan gene reacts to overpriced free agent flops and overall anger and disappointment with the team and management.

Viagra blog So as I get ready for tomorrows Super Bowl, viagra blog a Super Bowl I will watch at a GIANTS FANS ONLY party that will feature more Mets/Giants than Highlander/Giants, viagra blog my hope is that Highlander/Giants doesn’t keep up their rhetoric during the pre-game dinner as I would hate to sit down to a meal with my hands over my ears yelling “I CAN’T HEAR YOU! I CAN’T HEAR YOU! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!

Viagra blog  

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