Ok, Ok, I get it the Mets are broke and the Skill Sets are in denial as their empire is crumbling all around them, so can all the copycat writers stop with the regurgitation of the Skill Sets financial quagmire please. How the hell can anyone write about the rise and fall of Freddy and Saul after Howard Megdal ,  who has written extensively on this subject, put all the pieces together in his book Wilpon’s Folly. Everything that has been dished out by other writers is just a total rip off of Howard’s hard work. There is without a doubt more honor amongst bloggers than there is among the main stream media.

Let’s set another record straight as well as we get closer to reporting date of spring training. The club that will report to St. Lonesome in a week is not the re-incarnation of the 1962 Mets. They are not the 1986 Mets either.  This is not the worst team in baseball either; right now the Mets are a middle of the pack team. Sure the Mets will be a disadvantage playing in the stacked NL East but after what we’ve seen of this club last year do you really think they are going to lay down or go through the motions? Do you think Terry Collins or Sandy Alderson will tolerate that? While on the subject of Sandy Alderson, Twitter is all a twitter over the GM tweeting some self-depreciating humor about the club; some folks are outraged over the snarky tweets that Alderson has tweeted. I guess those folks just don’t get it, Alderson possess an outstanding dry sense of humor and is using social media as a platform as satire on all the comments about the teams money situation. Got get with the program folks this is the thinking fans GM.

Look, I’d be as happy as any Mets fan is the Skill Sets sold the club and moved on, never to be heard from again but I’ve been rooting for this team for too long and my love of baseball too deep to let their difficulties spoil my summer. As I said in an earlier post I’m rooting for Daniel Murphy and R.A Dickey and after reading the piece in the NY Daily News on Jason Bay, I’ll root hard for him as well. Sure this team pisses me off a lot, I’m mad as hell that the team doesn’t have money for starting pitching depth or a decent left handed bat for the bench but as angry as I am, I can’t wait for the first spring game out of St. Lonesome on SNY.

I have no right to tell people how to spend their money and no one has the right to do that to me, if you feel not going to Citi Field or watching the team on SNY or buying Mets merchandise will drive the Skill Sets out of power, that’s your right but for me not going to Citi Field or watching SNY or listening to games on WFAN or buying a Mets 50th Anniversary jersey  would just make me fucking miserable (or more fucking miserable than a normal day)it’s what I love to do.

If you want to root against the Skill Sets that’s fine but to root against the Mets and by the Mets I mean the players, coaches and manager, that’s just plain stupid.

Remember all your favorite MSM columnists in this town were ready to burry Tom Coughlin, Jerry Reece and the coaching staff of the NY Football Giants  in December, today they have Coughlin in the Hall of Fame, Reece is a genius and the coaching staff was right to stay the course. Two weeks ago, the media was running Mike D’Antoni out of town on a rail, Melo was out with injury and Amare had a family tragedy to deal with so the Knicks were finished, But, out of nowhere came Jeremy Lin and now the media is ready to kill Melo and Amare if they don’t come back and mesh with the rest of their teammates as Jeremy Lin has brought his Harvard Chemistry Set to turn the 2012 Knicks into 1969 Knicks.  So take note of all the MSM folks who are predicting that the Mets will suck this coming season and when they become the surprise team in MLB, remember who called bullshit first when the fish wraps start comparing Terry Collins to Billy Martin as his “gritty, gutsy”  Mets win more games than they lose.

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  1. It’s a pretty big stretch to preach patience for a team that’s suffered nothing but misery for five years, a team whose ownership has shown, at best, gross incompetence and complete misunderstanding of sound business practices and, at worst, the willingness to get into bed with a scam artist.

    It’s also laughable that you’d compare the Mets’ situation to the Giants and Knicks. The Giants haven’t suffered every kind of failure there is for the past five years, become a laughingstock of the NFL, and shown a complete disregard for acting like a professional sports team in the largest market in the country. Also, we’ve seen five games from Lin and pals, let’s wait a little bit longer before we paint them as an island of stability.

    You yourself bring up Howard Megdal and the completely shameful way he was treated after his book came out. He did nothing but paint an accurate picture of how the Mets got themselves into this mess. How did ownership and the suits respond? They crippled his ability to do his job. Now Sandy makes jokes about the exact same subject, and people praise him for his dry wit and satire? Give me a break. It could be seen as humorous if the timing weren’t so bad.

  2. I’m as guilty as anyone being negative this winter. I have to get it out my system because I know once ST starts I’ll be a bowl of mush for these guys. By Apr 1 I’ll have them competing for the division title. That’s what I do.

    Before the season starts the Mets’ position looks impossible. Yet, when I review baseball the past few seasons I see many mediocre teams play well for a few months, pick up a couple of players and then they’re contenders. I mean, are the Mets worse now than Arizona was last year at this time? I don’t think so, but ARZ got lucky with a few key players having big years – Ian Kennedy especially – and with their entire division stinking the joint out.

    That’s the one thing I can’t see for the Mets. I can’t see Philadelphia, especially, being mediocre. But Atlanta, Washington & Miami? They could all be better than the Mets, but they all have pretty big question marks heading into the spring. It’s not out of the question that the Mets could finish 2nd by any means. And I expect the entire NL East to beat up on the rest of the NL.

  3. Steve, I gotta admit Matt brings up something I’ve been wondering: was Sandy Alderson a party to Megdal’s banishment? It’s such a bush league move. If he wasn’t involved he must straighten it out.

  4. you seem to miss the point in my comparison of the Giants/Knicks to the Mets most fans and media had house cleaning ready for G-Men now that they won SB all is forgotten same with Knicks with Lin do I know if Lin cam play at this level for the whole season? No no one does same with Mets do you know for sure Mets will be awful this season? no but I hope they’re not.
    You must be new to reading this site as I have killed the Wilpon’s long before the Maddof scandal so I am no fan of theirs but I have to seperate the ownership from the field personel who I like and will root hard for

  5. I think the the revocation of Howard’s press credential comes right from the Wilpon’s

  6. Ok, so what you seem to be saying is “All the Giants had to do was win a Super Bowl and everything was forgotten.”

    You’re acting like the Super Bowl wasn’t a major accomplishment that would put to rest most major arguments that people would have in saying that there are problems within the organization.

    Let’s look at where the Giants were when people were thinking about what was necessary to fix the team, including possibly cleaning house. They’d lost five of six, including one at home to the Redskins. Keep in mind, this is one season. Then they came together as a team, swept through the playoffs and won the Super Bowl. Now, I think rightly so, a lot of people calling for some changes have backed off.

    You can’t possibly compare the Giants situation, one where players were underperforming but came together at exactly the right time, to the Mets, who have shown to be run by completely clueless people at every level of the organization for years and years.

    I don’t think anybody is rooting against Collins, Alderson, or any of the players on the field, but shelling out hard earned money for tickets that are priced way too high for the team that’s on the field sends the message that everything is hunky dory.

    Also, with regard to who revoked Megdal’s credentials, it doesn’t matter. The mandate came down from the team. Alderson works for the team. For the team to tell one person who put in hard work, research, and found experts to present a fair analysis of what went wrong with the team to take a hike, and IN THE SAME WEEK have a very high-ranking official from the team make jokes about that situation, it’s just another example of how dysfunctional, tone deaf, and clueless this team is. (Once again, not speaking for anybody on the field.)

  7. I think the Mets will hit, but their pitching will blow. I would be shocked if by August, Wheeler & Harvey are not in the rotation. I don’t pay attention to the media, because they are so in the tank for the Bronx, it is not funny.

    What is not funny, is the fact, that there is NO DOUBT the banning of Megdal comes directly from The Wilpons & Katz.


  8. @kranepool – That’s good. I’d like to think he’ll talk them around on Megdal before the season starts. I haven’t read his book, but nor have I seen comments from anyone that it reeks of hatchet job or whatever. Sounds to me like Megdal did was good journalists do and was barred for that.

  9. Mikey boy324 says:

    I think all us met fans should all get shirts that say team Picard and wear them too opening day and everyday after until the wilpons sell because as I’ve been saying for at least 6-7 years already way before madoff the wilpons are one of if not the worst owners in sports.. When have you ever heard of a NEW YORK team not retaining a homegrown player over money?.. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think Reyes is worth what he got buy we all know that wasn’t a baseball descision the wilpons slashed 52 million dollars off if last years payroll the most cut in SPORTS history!!! And we all know that if santana and bays contract expired this year they wouldn’t invested a dime of that money and we would have a 60 million dollar payroll.. We also all know if any other commissioner was in office there is no way in hell the wilpons would be able to embarrass the mets and their fans like they are doing now and that’s what pisses me off the most…

  10. You caused quite a reaction, Steve. I’m with you, for what it’s worth. No matter how dysfunctional the team is, no matter how much the payroll is slashed, they’re my team. I could go on about not watching, not giving them my money, etc. But I know I won’t miss a pitch. I know I’ll get mad quite a bit, and moan to my fellow Mets fans in the gym. It’s all part and parcel to being a fan, really a fan of any team. It just so happens that our team has been in a down cycle, and hopefully, is turning the corner.

  11. @Mikey boy324

    We should all have been so lucky that Johan and Bay’s contracts were up, maybe then we could have held onto Reyes instead of a bunch of dead money.

  12. Mikey boy324 says:

    @Matt I have no nonfidence that if santana and bays contract expired they would of signed Reyes and would of cut payroll even more this is a team that has one of the most loyal fan bases in sports yet the mets as a franchise lost 70 million last year… That too me signals the huge amount of discontent towards ownership because there is no reason why a team with a huge following,brand new staudium, own network etc should be runned how the wilpons are running it…it’s a slap in the face to all met fans that selig continues to let the wilpons hang on too this team..

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