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Viagra chinese medicine Today pitchers and catchers will report to St. Viagra chinese medicine Lonseome and by Wednesday the Mets position players will start arriving as well and training camp 2012 will get under way. Viagra chinese medicine So what am I looking for this spring from our beloved Mets? I’m glad you asked:

Viagra chinese medicine Ownership

Viagra chinese medicine Please Freddy, viagra chinese medicine Uncle Saul and Jeffey I’m begging you guys, viagra chinese medicine please stay away from camp. Viagra chinese medicine Can we please take the focus off your upcoming court case and your financial problems and let this camp be about baseball, viagra chinese medicine baseball and more baseball. Viagra chinese medicine Can you give your manager, viagra chinese medicine coaches and players a chance to get ready for this season and to prove the naysayers wrong about how non-competitive this club will be? Your team is in good hands with Terry Collins, viagra chinese medicine Sandy Alderson and their staffs, viagra chinese medicine so stay up here in New York and work with your attorneys to get your game plan ready for the March 19th trail. Viagra chinese medicine I’m sure Sandy Koufax will understand.

Viagra chinese medicine Manager

Viagra chinese medicine Got to love the work ethic of Terry Collins and the transformation he has made as a big league manager. Viagra chinese medicine Collins has been in camp with Johan Santana, viagra chinese medicine working with the Ace and forming a bond with him like he did with Carlos Beltran.  Just as TC earned the trust and respect of Beltran, viagra chinese medicine he is working towards having the same relationship with Santana. Viagra chinese medicine There is more to managing a team than knowing when to double switch and Collins has realized that and has  proven he is the right man to manage the Mets.

Viagra chinese medicine Ike Davis asked the question last week, viagra chinese medicine “why does everyone think  we’re going to suck” and this is the rallying cry the manager needs to use to his and the teams advantage. Viagra chinese medicine When he addresses the team he should make it known that the majority of media and fans do think the Mets suck and the only ones who believe the team is any good, viagra chinese medicine are the guys right he in this clubhouse. Viagra chinese medicine If each and every player on this team doesn’t have the back of their teammates, viagra chinese medicine they’ll fail as no one else will stick up for them.   

Viagra chinese medicine With a year on the job, viagra chinese medicine Collins knows who needs motivation and who is self-motivated and that’s a big plus. Viagra chinese medicine TC as well, viagra chinese medicine has to push fundamentals this spring to the point that the players get angry. Viagra chinese medicine He needs to push the point that it’s not always the most talented team that wins but the most prepared team that is always right there. Viagra chinese medicine If the Mets continue with their poor execution on the field, viagra chinese medicine it will be a long season.

Viagra chinese medicine Starting Pitching

Viagra chinese medicine The only starting pitcher I have any confidence in right now is R.A. Viagra chinese medicine Dickey. Viagra chinese medicine Everyone else has a ton of questions by their name. Viagra chinese medicine So many if’s with this group and the biggest problem is there isn’t much competition in camp for jobs in the rotation.  Sure Chris Schwinden or Miguel Batista could swipe the 5th spot from Dillon Gee or Matt Harvey could just blow everyone away this spring to force his way into the rotation but that’s a long shot.

Viagra chinese medicine As far as Santana is concerned try to put his starting the season on the big league roster out of your mind. Viagra chinese medicine Even if he pitches well this spring there a couple of things that will hasten his return early in the season, viagra chinese medicine The cold weather is one, viagra chinese medicine especially the dumb move by MLB to pay April games in the East at night, viagra chinese medicine and the other is the limited innings/pitch count that Santana will be under. Viagra chinese medicine No way Santana, viagra chinese medicine even if he shows he’s ready to come back, viagra chinese medicine pitches more than 80-85 pitches or 5 innings, viagra chinese medicine those pitching restriction will put a lot of pressure on the Mets bullpen early in the season and with the unknown of the rest of this staff besides Dickey, viagra chinese medicine the Mets and Terry Collins can’t risk burning the bullpen by Memorial Day. Viagra chinese medicine Best case scenario is Santana stays in extended spring training and makes a few minor league starts for St. Viagra chinese medicine Lucie and makes back to the big leagues by end of May early June and that’s being real optimistic.    

Viagra chinese medicine As much as Mets fans are hanging on every Santana bullpen session the guys we really need to watch are Mike Pelfrey and Jon Niese as it will be the performance of these two pitchers that will determine if this a season of surprise or of transition.  For Pelfrey if he can’t be effective it will get very ugly for him this season with the fan base and with the front office. Viagra chinese medicine As for Niese, viagra chinese medicine it’s time to put the big boy baseball pants on a prove that he has the makeup, viagra chinese medicine conditioning and ability to be a  solid major league pitcher. Viagra chinese medicine Niese doesn’t have to be an Ace but he has to show some stamina and guile to get to the 6th and 7th innings of starts.

Viagra chinese medicine Bullpen

Viagra chinese medicine It’s been revamped and the back end (Frank Francisco, viagra chinese medicine Ramon Ramirez and Jon Rauch) is a huge improvement over last year’s relievers, viagra chinese medicine but if Manny Acosta, viagra chinese medicine Bobby Parnell or D.J. Viagra chinese medicine Carrasco (or someone playing the role of Carrasco) starts making frequent appearances, viagra chinese medicine it will be a long season. Viagra chinese medicine The effectiveness of the Mets bullpen will depend on the Mets starting pitchers who again (I know I’m belaboring this point) have to step up.

Viagra chinese medicine Defense

Viagra chinese medicine Last season the Mets were one of the worst defensive teams in baseball, viagra chinese medicine so for 2012 there is no place else to go but up hopefully. Viagra chinese medicine All the talk about David Wright has been about his regaining his offensive punch which missed the real story with Wright and that’s the steady decline of his defense. Viagra chinese medicine I know the defensive metrics are not the be all end all but according to Bill James Online and their defensive plus/minus rankings Wright has been an atrocious third baseman the last three seasons :

Viagra chinese medicine 2009 -11

Viagra chinese medicine 2010 -10

Viagra chinese medicine 2011 -5

Viagra chinese medicine  

Viagra chinese medicine Not only has Wright cost the Mets runs at 3rd base but he has had trouble with balls hit to his right and his throws have been less than accurate to first base, viagra chinese medicine again defensive metrics have their flaws but so does Wright at the hot corner.

Viagra chinese medicine The catching situation stinks as well. Viagra chinese medicine Josh Thole still has not mastered the art of catching especially blocking balls in the dirt and getting better footwork in attempting to throw out would be base stealers. Viagra chinese medicine Word is new bench coach Bob Geren will be working all spring with Thole on these aspects of catching. Viagra chinese medicine Mike Nickeas will be the Sunday (and presumably R.A. Viagra chinese medicine Dickeys personal backstop) catcher and should bat 9th in the order when he does play. Viagra chinese medicine Catching in the Mets organization is a disaster that Sandy Alderson is not only aware of put has tried hard to rectify, viagra chinese medicine that was one of the reasons Jon Niese’ name was mentioned in trade talks this off season as the Mets were hoping a team with a solid young catching prospect (like the Blue Jays and their prize catching prospect Travis D’Arnaud) would take the bait

Viagra chinese medicine The middle infield will be securitized a lot this season as Ruben Tejada takes over the everyday shortstop job and Daniel Murphy will try again to master the second sack. Viagra chinese medicine Tejada should be stellar at short as he has very good baseball instincts and makes plays he should make. Viagra chinese medicine The question will be, viagra chinese medicine as it seems to be every spring for the last three years, viagra chinese medicine will Daniel Murphy play at least a respectable 2nd base. Viagra chinese medicine As long as he makes the routine play and is somewhat capable of turning the pivot at 2nd without getting maimed, viagra chinese medicine his season will be a success.

Viagra chinese medicine Ike Davis is solid at 1st base, viagra chinese medicine so no worries there.

Viagra chinese medicine The outfield should be markedly better with Andres Torres playing center field and a bit underrated Jason Bay in left. Viagra chinese medicine The question is will Lucas Duda play a serviceable right field.  I’m trying very hard not to over use the word serviceable when talking about the Mets defenders but that’s how bad this team’s defense is when serviceable play would be an upgrade at 3rd base, viagra chinese medicine 2nd base, viagra chinese medicine right field and catcher.

Viagra chinese medicine Breakout star of the spring

Viagra chinese medicine I would love to see Kirk Nieuwenhuis have such a fabulous spring that he forces management hand to bring him North.  Many scouting reports have Capt Kirk as a corner outfielder but I’m sure once or twice a week you could play him in centerfield. Viagra chinese medicine If Jason Bay continues to be awful against right handed pitching, viagra chinese medicine the lefty swinging Nieuwenhuis would make a great platoon partner for Bay.

Viagra chinese medicine Of course the new BIG 3 of Matt Harvey, viagra chinese medicine Zack Wheeler and Jeurys Familia will be watched closely and who knows, viagra chinese medicine if Harvey pitches lights out, viagra chinese medicine he could take the 5th spot in the rotation from Dillion Gee but he’d have to be spectacular in order for the Mets to force the issue early in the season. Viagra chinese medicine Wheeler will not be in the big league camp by the way but over at the kids table for minor leaguers but as we’ve seen in years past sometimes the minor leaguers get a invite to join the big boys especially when there are spilt squad games so keep an eye out for that.

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