I don’t have many if any regrets in life but one I do have is that I never got to see a game at the Polo Grounds.

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  1. This is awesome!! Three thoughts… that wall in left looks like it must have been hell for right handed pull hitters- I’d love to know what those upper decks were made of, because the balls rocked back to the field like a handball court- Thank god somebody thought of the center field camera… you miss so much watching from the side view or straight down.

    How do you lose 120 games?? hahaha

  2. kranepool says:

    The height of the wall in left was 17 ft maybe that was Fred homage to the Giants when he made the Citi Field wall 16 ft

    was it concrete in the upper deck or the meatballs the pitch pitchers were throwing that had look like they were hit out of a rocket launcher when they hit the upper deck.

    Why don’t pitchers wind up like Vinegar Bend Mizell anymore?

  3. Even some Met hitters were doing it; I think they were meatballs made of rubber.

    I miss the cool windups too…maybe it’s easier to control tipping pitches or fixing flaws in the delivery if everyone pitches with less moving parts.

  4. Dan Gurney says:

    I was there for a couple games as a kid. My main memory? It was OLD! Even I realized that when I was young, and my only other reference was Highlander ballpark across the river. Too young to notice the bathtub dimension.

    People have said the overhang caused balls to travel farther then they normally would. Less wind blowing in or something. Ofcourse the real Ed Kranepool once blamed his hitting problems at the Astrodome on the air conditioners being on when he was hitting.

    Onereason why they lost 120 games was the Mets played 26 doubleheaders that year. Teams like Giants and Dodgers played 10-11.
    Union had little say in schedule and everyone figured to get people to see the Mets, you needed 2 games for the price of one. I don’t think there were too many bat day or other promotions then. But main reason was Weiss and others went for aging veterans for crowd appeal Colt 45s went for youth and only lost 95.

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