Yes Mets Fans, It’s Time To Be Concerened

At what point during this spring training are we as Mets fans allowed to be concerned? See there is a segment of Mets followers who feel that some of the fan base overreacts to things in the spring but as we find ourselves just a mere 16 days away from opening day there are so many questions and so many concerns about the Mets team that will open the 2012 season.

Now you can say your expectations of the 2012 Mets are not high so this spring is just par for the course. As I type up this post, Mike Pelfrey is pitching like a guy who is closer to being released than sure up a spot in the starting rotation. Pelf’s line on the day is so bad the Mets should try to get FEMA to send them disaster aid money, 2.2 innings pitched with 8 runs scored all earned 8 hits and 4BB and oh yeah 4 K’s.  At this point when do Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins sit down and make a baseball decision and either release Pelfrey or pursued him to take a minor league assignment. It’s not just today’s start  but the other two he’s made this spring weren’t any good, add that into his lousy 2011, how can you give him a roster spot? I’d rather see Miguel Batista or Chris Schwinden get Pelfrey’s starts until Matt Harvey is ready to take a big league turn every 5th day.

I hate to question the seriousness of a player’s injury but is Ruben Tejada coming back any time soon? Is he hurt or injured? There is a big difference. I don’t blame Terry Collins for being a bit of a red ass over Tejada’s inability to get back on the field with what was reported as a “strained groin”. Is it more serious than the club is letting us know? Tejada hasn’t played in 7 days so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say his groin is more than strained.

You may not think its panic time for the Mets but I can guarantee the folks in the back offices of the team that are trying to sell tickets and advertising and secure sponsorships are concerned.  Collins has said time and again this spring, it is imperative that the team gets off to a good start of the season.  There isn’t enough big league talent or depth on this team to overcome a 5-15 start. With the difficulty of selling tickets and the negative vibe with the fan base and media who cover the team, even a 12-8 start would be seen as a success.




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  1. As much as I love the team and will always spend $ on them, I truly believe they could lose 95 games this year. A win for me would be getting a look at Valdespin. He’s the type of exciting player that could spark some interest.

  2. kranepool says:

    with the exception of Santana resurrection and Harvey, Famila, Wheeler showing great promise this has not been a spring training to make a Mets fan optimistic for the season

  3. I didn’t need ST to lower my expectations this year. That was done long before ST started.

    Still my team, will still watch all games but everything will have to break right for this team to finish about 5th place or over .500.

  4. I am guessing that the Mets will look to trade “Big Pussy” by June 1st. Hopefully, he gets a few good April starts, because by June 1st, Matt Harvey will have his spot in the rotation. If Niese can finally pitch the way I think he can (15 game winner, assuming the runs I think this team can score), then BP would not even be missed. I still say ANYTHING Santana gives you is bonus. And I will think that way until October 1st.

  5. Mikey boy324 says:

    I’ve been tired of pelfrey for years I say they put him in the bullpen and see if he can at least be serviceable if not get rid of his doofy ass..Harvey is gonna be up bye June anyway and in the meantime I agree give the ball to batista or schwinden..

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