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Female viagra uk Last night I attended the naming of the All Time Mets team at the 92nd St Y. Female viagra uk The venue was terrific as was the host for the evening, female viagra uk Kevin Burkhardt  Mets voices Gary Cohen and Howie Rose who joined Burkhardt on stage to talk about voting for the team and to greet and interview the honorees who attended the event.

Female viagra uk Although the show was announced as a sellout, female viagra uk there were many seats in the first three or five rows that were empty. Female viagra uk Since this show was being recorded to be shown on SNY this Thursday night, female viagra uk a frantic SNY director was offering seat upgrades galore so there would not be any empty seats shown on TV. Female viagra uk The Mets should implement this exercise at Citi Field.

Female viagra uk For the most part the results of the voting went the way you’d expect, female viagra uk so let’s look at the nominees and the winners:

Female viagra uk First Base nominees :

Female viagra uk Ed Kranepool, female viagra uk Keith Hernandez, female viagra uk John Olerud, female viagra uk Dave Kingman

Female viagra uk Of course my heart says Kranepool and Olerud was a great all around player but a short tenure as a Met and Kingman? I’d rather have seen Willie Montanez nominated. Female viagra uk The winner of course was Keith Hernandez, female viagra uk who came on stage and as you might suspect, female viagra uk was quite engaging. Female viagra uk His story on coming to Mets and why he stayed are classic. Female viagra uk I won’t spoil the show for you folks so I won’t relay any of the stories but I’ll tell you this it’s a must see program.

Female viagra uk 2nd Base nominees:

Female viagra uk Edgardo Alfonzo, female viagra uk Felix Milian, female viagra uk Doug Flynn, female viagra uk Wally Backman

Female viagra uk No secret I love Howie and Gary not only because they are great announcers but they are also my contemporaries as a Mets fan. Female viagra uk  After the nominees were announced, female viagra uk Howie mentioned Ron Hunt and how he was as worthy of being on that list with the other nominees. Female viagra uk Gary then spoke about watching Milian and how he held the Mets record for hits in a season for the longest time. Female viagra uk The winner here was no surprise, female viagra uk Fonzi.

Female viagra uk Shortstop nominees:

Female viagra uk Bud Harrelson, female viagra uk Raphael Santana, female viagra uk Rey Ordonez, female viagra uk Jose Reyes

Female viagra uk Reyes is the winner but Gary told the audience how Harrelson was his favorite Mets player of all time and it took all his resolve to vote with his head and no his heart. Female viagra uk By the way the voters were Howie and Gary along with Mike Vaccaro of the NY Post, female viagra uk Mike Lupica of the Daily News and Marty Noble of

Female viagra uk 3rd base nominees:

Female viagra uk Charley Smith, female viagra uk Roy Staiger, female viagra uk Lenny Randle, female viagra uk Felix Mantila

Female viagra uk Do I really have to tell you who won this one?

Female viagra uk Catcher nominees:

Female viagra uk Jerry Grote, female viagra uk Gary Carter, female viagra uk Todd Hundley, female viagra uk Mike Piazza

Female viagra uk This is where my middle aged head and heart becomes very stubborn. Female viagra uk  I am a Jerry Grote fan then, female viagra uk now and always, female viagra uk so if I was on the voting committee I’d vote Grote and then leave the room. Female viagra uk The winner was Mike Piazza who should be the next Mets player enshrined on Cooperstown. Female viagra uk Now all of the players named to the Mets All-Time team were present at the event except for the one’s still active that sent their thanks and humble acceptance via video message, female viagra uk the only no show in person or on video was Piazza. Female viagra uk I’ve not seen or heard a reason why Piazza didn’t show or at least send a video but as many of you know I am not a Mike Piazza fan and its things like this (and other’s) as to why I’m not.

Female viagra uk Left Field nominees:

Female viagra uk Cleon Jones, female viagra uk George Foster, female viagra uk Kevin McReynolds, female viagra uk Cliff Floyd

Female viagra uk The winner was Cleon Jones. Female viagra uk As I posted on Saturday, female viagra uk I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Cleon this past Friday night at Citi Field so I was very happy he was named to the Mets All Time Team as the left fielder. Female viagra uk Gary Cohen spoke of McReynolds as one of the most talented players to ever wear a Mets uni but his personality convened a guy who wished he was someplace else. Female viagra uk Cohen was 100 % on point. Female viagra uk The baseball cliché of the “5 Tool Player” fits McReynolds to a tee, female viagra uk but K-Mac had two huge flaws, female viagra uk he played the game like it was a job he didn’t enjoy and he hated NYC. Female viagra uk That was a real shame as if he had a bit of passion for the game and opened his mind to what the city and region had to offer he may have been one of the best players in Mets history.

Female viagra uk Center Field nominees:

Female viagra uk Tommy Agee, female viagra uk Mookie Wilson, female viagra uk Lenny Dysktra, female viagra uk Carlos Beltran

Female viagra uk If Beltran never signed with the Mets, female viagra uk this would have been a very interesting category as I bet they would have nominated Lee Mazzilli at which point I’d have gotten violently ill. Female viagra uk Thank you Carlos. Female viagra uk By the way, female viagra uk Beltran sent a video thanking the voters and fans for this great honor and he also wished he could have been healthier during his Mets career. Female viagra uk Beltran is one of those players who won’t be recognized for his contributions until he retires . Female viagra uk He’s kind of a Phil Simms of the Mets

Female viagra uk Right Field nominees:

Female viagra uk Ron Swoboda, female viagra uk Rusty Staub, female viagra uk Bobby Bonilla, female viagra uk Darryl Strawberry

Female viagra uk Mets fans are not shy about showing their emotions. Female viagra uk When Bonilla’s name was announced there was a loud grown of disgust from the crowd. Female viagra uk It got me to think, female viagra uk who is the most hated Met of all time? Bonilla is right there along with Jeff Kent who was also a  world class asshole, female viagra uk Richie Hebner or Armando Beneitez  and I guess I’d put McReynolds on that list as well. Female viagra uk Oh yeah Straw was the pick.

Female viagra uk Right Handed Reliever:

Female viagra uk Skip Lockwood, female viagra uk Neil Allen, female viagra uk Armando Benitez, female viagra uk Roger McDowell

Female viagra uk I think Kevin Burkhardt was slightly embarrassed when he read Benitez’ name as I thought the crowd was going to burst into a BULLSHIT chant. Female viagra uk Gary Cohen represented for us old guys when he spoke of how good a reliever Lockwood was but then he spoiled it by trying to justify Benitez on the list. Female viagra uk The winner was McDowell who sent a nice video acceptance but no hot foot.

Female viagra uk Left Handed Reliever nominees:

Female viagra uk John Franco, female viagra uk Tug McGraw, female viagra uk Jesse Orossco, female viagra uk Randy Myers

Female viagra uk When I saw the nominees I was hoping for either Tug or Jesse but I thought this was going to go to Franco. Female viagra uk I was pleasantly surprised when it was announced that Tug McGraw was the winner. Female viagra uk Tim McGraw sent a video of thanks and Tug’s son Mark and his brother Hank were both there to accept in Tug’s behave and Hank’s stories was outstanding.

Female viagra uk Left Handed Starting Pitcher nominees:

Female viagra uk Jerry Koosman, female viagra uk Jon Matlack, female viagra uk Sid Fernandez, female viagra uk Al Leiter

Female viagra uk Had to be Koos. Female viagra uk  Matlack, female viagra uk El Sid and Leiter were worthy Mets but Koos was as strong and as tough as any pitcher of his era as a Met. Female viagra uk Koos was also a guy who earned the rep as a big game pitcher

Female viagra uk Right Handed Starting Pitcher nominees:

Female viagra uk Tom Seaver, female viagra uk Dwight Gooden, female viagra uk Ron Darling, female viagra uk David Cone

Female viagra uk He was then, female viagra uk he is now, female viagra uk and he will always be THE FRANCHISE. Female viagra uk It’s a shame they didn’t just do this as the All-Time Mets pitching rotation so Doc could have gotten the acclaim he deserves but it’s hard when you are in the same category as THE FRANCHISE! Seaver was in excellent form, female viagra uk as funny and animated as I’ve seen him in a long time. Female viagra uk Seaver knows he was great and he knows he is still the greatest player in the history of this franchise and as he gets older he has taken on that role with a lot of pride. Female viagra uk I know how much he loves taking care of his vineyard and how he loves to be home on the West Coast but I just wish he come around Citi Field more often like how Ralph Kiner is doing now. Female viagra uk I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel knowing I watched Seaver pitch, female viagra uk same with Doc when both pitchers took the mound, female viagra uk it was a special event.

Female viagra uk Manager nominees:

Female viagra uk Casey Stengel, female viagra uk Gill Hodges, female viagra uk Davey Johnson, female viagra uk Bobby Valentine

Female viagra uk How the hell did they get this wrong? Believe me I love Davey and I will never have a bad word to say about him but how could you not name Gil Hodges as the All-Time Mets Manager? When Seaver came out on stage his jovial mood changed when he started speaking about Hodges. Female viagra uk Seaver was choked with emotion and said he knew he start crying once he started talking about Hodges and when he said how he wished “Gil was here with me right now” I have to say my eyes were a bit runny as well. Female viagra uk It’s tough enough dealing with the disrespect Hodges gets from the Baseball Hall of Fame voters but to be snub like this for a Mets voting committee is even more disturbing.

Female viagra uk  

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