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5 mg cialis So the Mets are a win away from closing out a 5-3 West Coast road trip. 5 mg cialis Not bad for a team that most Mets fans felt threw in the towel because the GM failed to make a trade deadline deal.

5 mg cialis Chris Young goes for the Mets and hopefully he can bounce back from his poor showing in his last start against the Snakes. 5 mg cialis  A win today would be a huge boost to the team after such a dismal start to the second half. 5 mg cialis Again the resilience of this team is to be admired.

5 mg cialis So Jordany Valdespin got his first taste of veteran wrath yesterday in San Fran. 5 mg cialis Seems Mets have a rule that collared shirts must be worn on the road. 5 mg cialis JV1 must have thought that rule wasn’t meant for him so he wore a white t-shirt to the ballpark. 5 mg cialis Someone in the clubhouse decided it was time for a little rough justice and the Valdy’ tee was destroyed. 5 mg cialis I love the fact that whoever gave out the punishment wrote El Hombre on the shirt because Valdespin does walk around like he is “THE MAN” and I bet he embraces that nickname unlike the original El Hombre who despises it. 5 mg cialis  Seems after first getting pissed off, 5 mg cialis Valdy realized the error in his ways and laughed it off to the point he wore the shirt during batting practice.

5 mg cialis The big knock on Valdespin is his maturity in fact it was such a problem in Binghamton that Wally Backman told the Mets brass that if Valdy kept it up he was going to ring his neck. 5 mg cialis  Valdespin still irks some in the Mets clubhouse but hopefully yesterday was just another chapter in the Big League Education of Jordany Vladespin.

5 mg cialis So the hot rumor is the Mets offered Jason Bay to the Fish for Heath Bell and John Buck. 5 mg cialis All three stink and all three are overpaid but all three are in dire need of change of scenery. 5 mg cialis I voted in favor of this deal as I’d wager that Bell will bounce back from this season of suckitude much more than Bay by the way, 5 mg cialis have you ever seen a player with as bad of body language as Bay recently?  I actually feel sorry for him as he knows he’s at the end of the line not just with Mets but with playing major league baseball, 5 mg cialis and Buck as bad as he’s been this year would automatically become the best catcher in the Mets organization. 5 mg cialis Not saying much I know. 5 mg cialis   

5 mg cialis When you look at the money involved in this deal starting in 2013 Bay would cost $19 mil while Bell and Buck are due $24 mil. 5 mg cialis I can’t see the Mets making this deal man for man, 5 mg cialis they would insist in the Fish sending both players to them along with a check for the $5 mil difference. 5 mg cialis      

5 mg cialis Anyway the deal never happened but the end of the line for Bay is close like this weekend close. 5 mg cialis The Mets won’t cut Bay this season but this off season they will either sit down with him to work out a buy out or they will try very hard to trade him. 5 mg cialis Bet on the buyout release.

5 mg cialis A Wall-Mart next to Citi Field? Forget that. 5 mg cialis Now a Costco with their $1.50 hot dog/soda combo? OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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