The Acceptance of Failure

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the FACE of the Mets Franchise!

The Mets ended another losing season yesterday in Miami with a surprising win, only the 28th in the last 76 games that the team has played. For the fourth season in a row the Mets have been relegated to second division status, for the fourth season in a row the Mets have played embarrassing bad and losing baseball in the second half of the season. You, me and Greg Prince are having a tough time accepting this losing season after losing season but with the exception of SNY’s Bobby Ojeda the New York Mets organization has accept failure and its’ this acceptance of this losing culture that is the most damming and frustrating part of an ownership, front office, and manger that not only tolerates this mess but goes out its way to be like a soccer mom to the underachieving  players they employ, offering orange slices and juice boxes after uninspiring  loss after uninspiring loss instead of some good old fashion tough love and a kick in their double knit pants.

If listening to Terry Collins, who is slowly starting to irk me with his “the sun will come out tomorrow” press conferences after each and every uninspiring game this second half, tell me of how his team played hard and never let up wasn’t enough to make me puke, it was this Tweet from Justin Turner utility player and all important pie thrower that put me over the edge.

Of course the lemmings of our fan base were agreeing with Turner which meant I had to go and spoil it all by doing the job that Fred or Jeff Wilpon, Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins should have done, given Turner a dose of New York City reality. I would have left it at one nasty tweet but when Turner tweeted he couldn’t wait to get to spring training, I was apoplectic, and why does Justin Turner think he deserves to be a NY Met in 2013? Is throwing pies a dying art form like a blacksmith or a shoe cobbler? Again the fact that Turner is so damn happy about the events of the 2012 baseball season and to say he’ll be back in 2013 with the Mets in St. Lonesome is all the evidence I need to make my case that this organization has accepted failure.

During the A’s-Rangers telecast yesterday, A’s play by play man Glen Kuiper spoke about his pre-game talk with A’s reliever Ryan Cook who had come on to pitch in five straight games as the A’s completed the unbelievable job of ousting the Rangers from first place for the first time all season to become the AL West Champs. Kuiper said he asked Cook if he was feeling any fatigue with his workload so heavy the last week or so, Cook told him, “no one on this club is tired we have all winter to rest we are on a mission to win a championship”. Cook is 25 years old. Ruben Tejada is 21 years old and according to his manager needed some time off as the rigors of the season were wearing him down. That is the difference between a team fighting to win and a team accepting failure.

It has nothing to do with money it has to do with will, the will and mind set to win.  The Mets are severely lacking in the intestinal fortitude it takes to win a championship. The can discover oil under Citi Field making old Freddy a billionaire, it won’t matter until someone of authority steps up and starts ridding this team of the complacent  losers that permeate the Mets clubhouse,  if not, enjoy a few more years of 77-85 baseball

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  1. when david wright is the face of your franchise you are in serious trouble.

  2. The will to win and the willingness to do whatever it takes has been lacking on this team since Bobby V era. Braves were better teams but the Mets fought every step of the way. If everyone had the “stones” of RA Dickey on this team, there would be no collapses.

    I can’t root for other teams, but if The Wilpons were not sinking Madoff money into the team, then it is time to put up or shut up. I don’t need you to go out and spend $200 Million. Show me you are serious about winning. You know that Bay & Santana are taking up a serious chunk of the payroll, but tell the fans, we are going to readjust our payroll numbers, and spend to increase the guts on this team. How about spending $75 million on payroll, not including those two. It would at least show folks that you give a crap. Because no one believes it any more when all of the media members say how much you care, or you say it. NO ONE BELIEVES IT!


  3. Bobby O, who is the voice of sanity for the Mets,ripped the culture of acceptance yesterday.we tried,sigh, well ,that is horse shit.The Rays try,the A’s try the mets roll over…

  4. This was a brutal season for Met fans, no doubt. Unfortunately, in the age of instant media, the manager get overexposed. On losing teams, there is not much to say, so guys like Collins try to stay upbeat and focus on positives, even if few exist. It’s hard for paying customers to take it. This ownership is proving that it has little concern for the fan base and paying customers. Yes, we know they are tring to build from within (like virtually every other team). We all know that the huge long term free agent deals are not the way to go. We all know that trading the young affordable prospects is not the way to go. We aree only asking that they spend enough to fill the holes with MLB-quality players while we wait for some more kids to develop. This will take about $110 to $115 million in 2013 (not counting the Santana/Bay buyouts). The “skill sets” can afford this, despite all the spin, but the CHOOSE not to. We should all choose to stay away and watch from afar until time changes.

  5. Your column and the replies were perfect. Everyone should stay away from Citifield. Hurt the wilpons where it hurts.. in the pocketbook. So we should wait until 2014? 2015? For a great pitching staff; but the rest of the team (Except for Ike and a tired Tejada) stinks; Moneyball might be great in Oakland, but this is New York. 20 Losiong seasons in Pirateland may be fine… but this is New York. Keith and on must be embarassed having to see this day after day…

  6. There was a reason Sandy was brought here. Yes, Selig wanted it. But why? Many GMs could build a winner in a prime market. Alderson has tried to do it on a shoestring budget, and that’s why he was the man. Fact is the owners will not spend to improve the team. Selig will not force them to sell. Even after the Bay/Santana contracts, it’ll still be about winning on the cheap. Hence, you get Justin Turner. You get Lucas Duda. You get tired Ruben. You get what you pay for. When you pay for mediocre players, you get 74-88. When will it change? I don’t see it.


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