Who Made The BBWAA The Moral Compass Of Baseball ?



The smoke from the Hall of Fame voting is still smoldering this morning as baseball fans are still venting outrage over the BBWAA sending none of the candidates to the induction day ceremony. There will be an induction day ceremony though as umpire Hank O’Day, one time owner of the NY Highlanders, Jacob Ruppert and Deadball Era player Deacon White were selected by the Veterans’ Committee for hall enshrinement. I sure hope those gentleman have big families who will show up at Cooperstown and spend some money so the shopkeeper, restaurateurs , and inn keepers can turn some kind of profit now that the BBWAA has ruined their big money making weekend.

My anger at the voting committee comes from a few different angles.  The use of speculation other than facts when declaring who is a PED user and who isn’t is some of the most absurd logic I’ve ever heard outside of the U.S. Congress. The same folks who sit in baseball press boxes playing Words with Friends and updating their Facebook status are now the moral compass of baseball.  Are you fucking kidding? I’d love to know how many of these scribes have ever padded their expense accounts. Oh sure none of them, yeah right not a “cheater” in the bunch.  The BBWAA is the same body who voted Barry Bonds 7 MVP awards and Roger Clemens 7 Cy Young’s AND  an MVP but now have decided it’s time to punish them for using performance enhancing drugs?  Again, are you fucking kidding me?

My position on the use of PED’s has chanced just a bit. I’ve gone from “who gives a shit attitude” to the game as it’s played today with drug testing or as best as can be expected drug testing, is a much better game. I still stand by my claim that those who used PED’s when there were no rules in baseball against them are not cheaters. To me you’re a cheater if you break a rule or regulation and at the height of the Steroid Era there was nothing in the governing rules of baseballs that forbid the use of enhancing drugs,  same as there were no rules about the use of Amphetamines or Lasik surgery both of which help in performance enhancement. 

As the years have gone on I found that I’m glad drug testing is in place, even though it’s not foolproof and hasn’t stop some knuckleheads from using PED’s but the game is a better played game now than during the so called “Steroid Era”. MLB was coming off the abbreviated 1994 season due to a work stoppage that canceled the World Series and spilled over to the first month of the 1995 season; MLB had a real mess on their hands. So whether it was juicing the baseball or turning away from juicing players no one, writers and media included turned a blind eye to the McGwire-Sosa home run battle of 1998 or to Bonds who demolished baseball records with ridiculous digits and won 4 straight MVP awards as he grew to the size of a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Balloon.

As a Mets fan I’m totally pissed off because as most Mets fans, I thought the organization was waiting for Piazza to make it to the HOF as to have a Mike Piazza Day at Citi Field. I was looking forward to seeing a number retirement ceremony along with induction into the Mets HOF and maybe a nice fan giveaway of a DVD of Mike Piazza’s Greatest Hits. If I’m the Mets (oh how I wish) I would still hold a day for Piazza this season complete with all the festivities I just mentioned plus a giveaway of a big foam hand with a middle finger sticking out and the letters BBWAA written on it from top to bottom. If Mets management wanted to have a day where Citi Field would be packed to the gills and be able to sell tickets at a high premium price, then schedule a Mike Piazza Day this season.

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  1. Once again Krane, what the Mets should do and what they will do are not even on the same planet. And the team can’t understand why their former players feel so turned off by the organization. Morons.


  2. God bless you, Krane. Frankly, I lost most of my respect for the BBWAA when they didn’t enshrine Gil Hodges. Whatever respect I had left–not much, to be sure–was erased when they wouldn’t enshrine Buck O’Neil before his passing. These were easy calls that they blew. But, unlike the occasional bad call from an umpire, these were choices deliberately made. I hadn’t imagined they could sink any lower in my estimation, but here it is.

    As for the steroid era, I’ve always maintained that you could test just about anyone on their personal “morality” easily enough. That is to say, if there were a pill or a shot that would put you in the top 10% of your profession, there’s hardly a politician or sportswriter who ever lived who wouldn’t take it even before you could explain the potential side effects. So spare me all this righteous indignation. As Chris Rock once said, paraphrasing, you’re only as moral as your opportunities allow. Furthermore, you can’t tell me character counts so long as Ty Cobb is in the Hall. And you can’t tell me that “cheating” is a disqualifier so long as Gaylord Perry is in the Hall. Is steroid use a worse form of “cheating” than the spitball? I honestly don’t think so. Nor do I really consider steroid use in the era “cheating”, for exactly the reasons you’ve laid out so well.

    So the BBWAA chose to send a “message”, eh? Well, message received. That message is that the BBWAA is no longer up to the task (as if they ever were) of determining who should be in the Hall and who should not. Time to come up with a new system for making those calls.


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