Sandy Alderson and the Mets Baseball Ops Explain the Facts of Life to Season Ticket Holders

Last night at Citi Field Sandy Alderson, Paul DePodesta, JP Riccardi and John Ricco sat down for a Q & A session with Mets season tickets holders.  Of the season ticket holders in attendance were the first couple of Mets Blogdom Ed Leyro and Taryn Cooper.  On Ed’s Studious Metsimus site he gives a recap of the some of the questions posed to the group and the answers given by the Baseball Ops members assembled. Some of these stood out to me, such as being asked why it’s taking so long for Alderson to make the Mets a contender. And Alderson replied “”We don’t want to be there one year and gone the next.” There is segment of Metsfandom whose craniums are as thick as a milk shake at the Shake Shack. When you inherit a holy mess both personnel and cash flow wise, it’s going to take some time to straighten things out. Alderson and his crew have the Mets on the right path and the impatient Mets fan (who I believe like Chipper Jones said puts a Highlander cap on when the Bronx Bastards play in October)  is either too dense or quite frankly too ignorant to see this. In case you missed it, MLB on its 2013 Prospect Watch ranked three Mets in the top 30 of its top 100 list, Travis d’Aranud  at #6, Zack Wheeler #8 and Noah Syndergaard #29 . Wheeler and d’Aranud will be up by no later than mid-season, Syndergaard in two seasons at least add them to Matt Harvey and you have a nice foundation for the future. Oh yeah I know what you’re saying but the outfield sucks!!!!

Alderson has let it be known in interview after interview that yes, the outfield is a problem spot and yes, I could have spent money to find a bonafide ML outfielder but he wasn’t happy with the sticker price, something he also admitted he has to get over:

  “We understand what the market dictates and we have to be prepared to exist in that market,” said Alderson, who indicated there is an urgency to winning, and that he has not set out on a 10-year plan

Seems Alderson felt there were a couple or three players out there he could have signed but was unwilling to match the price set by the market. I wonder if he could have a do over, if he’d been a little more aggressive in bidding for Ryan Ludwick, Cody Ross or even Reed Johnson as any of those three would be the Mets top outfielder and none of them broke the bank in their newly signed deals. Ross was a player I wanted badly on the Mets as he hits with some pop from the right side of the plate and would have been a big upgrade in right field.  To be fair here as well, there was not much else to choose from in the outfield free agent pool since there was no way in hell Josh Hamilton or Nick Swisher were going to be Mets, nor should they have been and my other wish list outfielder Shane Victorino got a year a couple of million dollars more than I thought he would from Boston and even though he’s born and bred  Phuck Phace  I’d have taken a run at him. Would you be happy with a Duda, Victorino, Ross/Baxter outfield? I would.

The best part of all this is in 11 days Mets pitchers and catchers will report to Port St Lonesome and 5 days after that the full squad will be there and then we can see for ourselves what we have in store in 2013 with our own eyes (and the eyes of those covering the camp) and be done with all this off season speculation.

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  1. Krane,
    As you well know, Mets blogdom isn’t much different than the political folks in DC – there are not a lot of moderates. It is love or hate with Alderson. Your article makes some good points, and Alderson and his posse should get some credit here. However, some objectivity is necessary. This has been a losing team 4 straight years, 2 of them on Alderson’s watch. yes, he inherited a financial mess, but not so much a personnel mess. Yes, they have 3 top 3 prospects, all acquired through trade of all-star caliber players. None of the draft picks on his watch is on the top 100 prospects pick, and last year was a draft disgrace passing on Courtney Hawkins (who is already #68 on the MLB top 100 list) and failing to sign the #2 pick. Now, Sandy is saying he has a pile of dough but decided not to spend it. But, he is not giving up on 2013 despite not having a real closer or MLB legit CF or leadoff hitter. At this point, as you said, he has watched upgrades come off the market, upgrades that would not cost any picks or kill them financially going forward. At the absolute minimum, he needs to bring in a legit closer, even if it is a gamble on Wilson, who may not be up to it. And if he goes to camp with this OF, and no one shows signs of playing a MLB caliber CF/leadoff hitter, he needs to find a way to pry away someone from another team with those characteristics before opening day, or I will give him very low grades for this offseason and his tenure to date.

  2. LOL at “inherited a holy mess”. The only talent outside of the draft that Alderson has brought in here, while throwing away 3 years and counting, is by trading guys who were already here. One guy he let walk for non-first round compensation picks as he won a batting title.

    But you believe what you want.

  3. Jules Epstein says:

    Please tell Alderson to wake up. How can a major league team have no major league outfielders. The 62 mets had more talent.This is ridiculous.

  4. I agree with you about Alderson, because he wants to build aplayoff team every year like the Yankees do. They could really use Bourn, but at what price? He is a leadoff hitter with speed, something the Mets lack. Citi field is built for pitching, defense and speed, and throw in a few power hitters in the mets’ lineup, but basically you are not going to hit homeruns every night. Speed helps you manufacture runs along with bunting, to win games like 2-1. Bourn would definitely stretch out the lineup, and make it more formidable.

  5. Patrick Boegel (@patrickboegel) says:

    I posted a similar response on Metsblog the other day. The Mets having 3 of the top 100 MLB prospects is all well and good, none of those players was drafted by the New York Mets. Moreover, when you look at MLBs top 100 there are at least 13 players I could find that were available when the Mets selected 13th in 2011 or 12th in 2012 during the draft.

    Many of those were outfielders, a few of which were around when the Mets were at the supplemental stage. Now, assuredly none of those outfielders would have been on the 2013 team, and likely perhaps not the 2014 team, but the more appropriate point being, the troika of geniuses at the top of the Mets front office (Ricco dutifully not included) need to show dividends on their players soon. Yes the Mets GM had the moxie to deal Carlos Beltran and RA Dickey, but it was not exactly rocket science, it was just patience in both cases that bore the fruit of the labor.

    The 2012 Mets draft was terribly executed in my opinion. Compounded by their absolutely mindless non-signing of Teddy Stainkewicz.

    Talk is cheap, it is now year three, not even looking for immediate results on the major league level.

    It is time to stop bowing to the “adults in the room” and expects some “results in the room”.

  6. If this Met’s franchise wants to go through some sort of long term rebuilding plan, say like Tampa Bay Rays, or Washington Nationals; then your asking the fan base to suffer through at least 6 to potentially 10 years of bad baseball before this team gets better. That’s what it took for both of those franchises to get to where they are now! I don’t believe even the most die hard Met’s fan wants to go through that long of a rebuilding period. And the outfield is a embarrassment to us and to the entire MLB! Yet Sandy wants to spend more time making jokes than fixing it! Sign Bourne, forget the dam draft pick!

  7. Don O'Brien says:

    Those of us with thick craniums, too dense and too ignorant to think for ourselves, appreciate your explaining everything to us. So, please explain this to me. Scott Hairston. Best RH hitter in 2012 outfield. Highest slugging average on the team. 20 HRs in only 377 at bats. 189 ABs against lefties, 188 ABs against righties. Played CF 12 times. Alderson lost him to Cubs for 3/2. And he hit just as well or better than Ross. My thick cranium has a problem understanding that. The Mets coild have signed him for less money. He only wanted 2 years. and he knew he would get more playing time in New York than he will in Chicago.


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