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Canadian viagra best deals For some strange reason MLB has decided to have the Mets and Highlanders open the 2013 season at home on the same day and at the same time.  Ridiculous!  Can you imagine the scene at Grand Central Station with fans crisscrossing to the 4 and 7 trains?  Not to mention the added personnel the City of New York will have to put on in the form of police, canadian viagra best deals EMT’s and traffic agents along with the MTA who will have to keep folks on overtime to work the platforms and dispatch. Canadian viagra best deals Both teams playing at 1 PM on April 1st was the ultimate Aprils Fool’s joke perpetrated by MLB on NYC baseball fans.

Canadian viagra best deals What infuriates me more about this scheduling faux pas is there was an obvious solution; the Mets and Highlanders should have opened the 2013 season against each other.

Canadian viagra best deals I’m not a fan of Inter-League play but starting this season, canadian viagra best deals with the Astros exiled to the American League West, canadian viagra best deals MLB now consists of two balanced leagues of 15 team’s apiece. Canadian viagra best deals That means every day, canadian viagra best deals there will be an inter-league game played. Canadian viagra best deals No more two fortnights of strictly inter-league play, canadian viagra best deals nope, canadian viagra best deals everyday you’ll see AL vs. Canadian viagra best deals NL; in fact the Cincinnati Reds will open up at home on April 1st against the LA Angels.  So much for the “traditional” baseball season opener.

Canadian viagra best deals From the looks of the attendance figures I seem to be in the minority when it comes to the annual Mets-Highlanders contests, canadian viagra best deals I’ve felt the novelty has worn off and it’s mostly the casual” I got tickets from my uncles-neighbors-cousin who works for JP Morgan Chase-kind of crowd but I think a Mets-Highlanders opening season series would be fabulous .

Canadian viagra best deals Think about an opening day Mets-Highlanders tangle for a moment. Canadian viagra best deals Both sets of fans have been hibernating during this stormy fall and winter. Canadian viagra best deals Both fan bases stare at their WRIGHT 5 jersey’s and JETER 2 jerseys while putting on long underwear as they head out to shovel snow?  Think about the buildup to this opening day to the point that $63 bucks for Promenade seats would be swooped up in minutes.  You wouldn’t as a Mets fan, canadian viagra best deals venture up to the South Bronx for an opening day showdown with the Highlanders then head back to Citi Field for a Mets opening day? Two opening days in one season? Oh Hell yeah!!!!!

Canadian viagra best deals In fact since every day is an Inter-League game is the law of the land, canadian viagra best deals every year should be Mets-Highlanders on opening day. Canadian viagra best deals Alternate the opening day game each year between Flushing and the South Bronx. Canadian viagra best deals Two games at Citi then two games at Highlanders Stadium and vice versa.  Fold into that fan friendly attractions for both sets of fans around the city to celebrate the return of baseball which is also the return of spring and warm weather, canadian viagra best deals a total rebirth of the spirit of fans and all New Yorkers.

Canadian viagra best deals Sure you could have a snow storm on April 1 but you could also have a 75 degree day as well. Canadian viagra best deals April weather in NYC is a crap shoot. Canadian viagra best deals The average temps are 61 degrees for a high and 44 degrees for a low, canadian viagra best deals which makes night games in April nuts. Canadian viagra best deals But four day games spilt between Citi Field and Highlanders Stadium to start the season is perfect.

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