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Viagra directions I had quite a busy Mets day yesterday as I resurrected my podcast with the help of Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal and then calling in as guest to the Rising Apple podcast.  In between podcasts, viagra directions I was fortunate enough to have been invited to a Mets Bloggers conference call with Mets GM Sandy Alderson.

Viagra directions Alderson has been gracious with his time to members of the Mets blogging community and has shown us great respect in regards to our questions and views pertaining to the New York Mets. Viagra directions Alderson has stated to us a couple of occasions how he enjoys the passion we have for the team and time and effort we put in to write and talk about the Mets.  When the Mets and Alderson first started to have these blogger calls the session lasted about 25-40 minutes, viagra directions last night Alderson stayed on the line with us for about an hour. Viagra directions Name me another team or GM who does that? There aren’t any. Viagra directions As you can see from the transcript, viagra directions (a great big tip of the Mets cap to Eric Simon and Chris McShane of Amazin Avenue for putting together a transcript of the conference call and while you’re at AA check out Chris’ column on Paul DePodesta and how the team has turned around the player development side of the organization, viagra directions it’s a great read)

Viagra directions When my turn to speak to Alderson came up, viagra directions I asked him about the turnover in the roster this past off season and the similarities in the position players he has added.   The players I looked at, viagra directions Collin Cowgill, viagra directions Andrew Brown, viagra directions Brandon Hicks and Jamie Hoffman all poses good walk rates and isolated power percentages. Viagra directions They also have in common the distinction of coming from solid organizations (Cowgill came up through the Oakland A’s system, viagra directions Brown the Cardinals, viagra directions Hicks the Braves, viagra directions Hoffman the Dodgers) when it comes to teaching proper fundamentals in the lower levels of their farm systems. Viagra directions This group also plays the game aggressively as well, viagra directions on the base paths and on defense. Viagra directions   Here is the Mets GM’s reply to my question:

Viagra directions Well you listed off a lot of positive qualities. Viagra directions And to the extent that the players you mentioned are aggressive defensively, viagra directions aggressive on the bases, viagra directions command the strike zone, viagra directions have some power, viagra directions can run the bases a little bit. Viagra directions Yes, viagra directions I would say that these are the kinds of players that we would like to have. Viagra directions Offense plays. Viagra directions You can be a great defender, viagra directions if you can’t hit you probably can’t play anywhere. Viagra directions I’m not talking about the Mets exclusively. Viagra directions And also, viagra directions it is possible that there are players that just don’t get an opportunity in certain organizations because they may be deeper at certain positions than they are at others. Viagra directions The minor league free agent market, viagra directions or the fringe 25 man roster guy, viagra directions playing for a club with a strong roster, viagra directions given the opportunity may turn into something valuable. Viagra directions Mike Baxter is another example of this from previous years. Viagra directions Not that Mike has great power, viagra directions but he’s a very valuable piece and part of the team. Viagra directions There’s no question that we value on base percentage, viagra directions walk rates, viagra directions isolated power is important, viagra directions but as we’ve emphasized with a number of guys here in camp on base percentage, viagra directions command of the strike zone is important. Viagra directions And look, viagra directions it’s important on offense, viagra directions it’s important on the pitching side. Viagra directions If you don’t walk anybody and keep the ball in the ballpark you can win games. Viagra directions Today was a good example of what can happen when you walk seven and give up a number of home runs. Viagra directions The same thing happened yesterday- we out hit the Marlins yesterday 9-5. Viagra directions They beat us because they had 14 total bases on 5 hits and we had, viagra directions I think, viagra directions 9 on 9 hits. Viagra directions So right, viagra directions I think that these are the kinds of players were looking for, viagra directions that we think can make a contribution at the major league level, viagra directions and we’re going to find out given some opportunity here in the spring what we have. Viagra directions And, viagra directions of course, viagra directions we should have most of them going into the season and so we’ll get a chance to look at them again. Viagra directions You have to look for players wherever you can find them, viagra directions particularly when you’re weak in that area in your own system.

Viagra directions The players I mentioned are very good complimentary pieces that you need to have on a winning team and as Alderson stated and as we’ve seen firsthand, viagra directions the skill sets that the players I mention have, viagra directions are lacking in the organization and as we see Alderson and his baseball ops guys went out looking for this prototype player from different organizations. Viagra directions I think it is also very telling the organization they signed these players from, viagra directions teams who have rock solid foundation in teaching the right way to play in their minor league systems.

Viagra directions  

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