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Viagra toronto buy I like Terry Collins. Viagra toronto buy Terry Collins knows more baseball than you, viagra toronto buy me and anyone else who calls themselves a baseball fan and although he didn’t say it quite the way he should have, viagra toronto buy he’s right no Mets fans knows what goes on in the teams clubhouse better than he does. Viagra toronto buy But with all that it seems to me, viagra toronto buy an outsider that the players are running that clubhouse and because of past bad experiences as manager of the Angles and Astros, viagra toronto buy Collins is too worried about a repeat of those experiences in Anaheim and Houston. Viagra toronto buy  The problem with that is, viagra toronto buy Nice Guy Terry Collins is going to end up in the same place as an Angry Guy Terry Collins, viagra toronto buy out of a job.

Viagra toronto buy The Saga of Jordany just won’t go away. Viagra toronto buy  It’s the talk of the town and now it has spread across the nation. Viagra toronto buy In a story in USA Today, viagra toronto buy LaTroy Hawkins and Marlon Byrd, viagra toronto buy two players new to the Mets, viagra toronto buy have called out Valdespin in print for being an obnoxious little shit. Viagra toronto buy What does this have to do with Collins? Well, viagra toronto buy if I’m the Mets manager I’d call both of these veterans into my office and rip them two new assholes. Viagra toronto buy Valdespin is hated for lack of baseball decorum so why is Hawkins and Byrd treated differently for violating the baseball tenant of what’s said in the clubhouse, viagra toronto buy stays in the clubhouse ? This Valdespin situation is been going on too long, viagra toronto buy you think a Tony LaRussa or Billy Martin would let this go on? These are the kind of situation that Joe Torre was at his best in, viagra toronto buy making sure little clubhouse fires don’t turn into infernos. Viagra toronto buy Terry Collins is thisclose to having to put out a 3 alarm fire.

Viagra toronto buy So Valdespin flips a bat and embarrasses Jose Contreas and is charged with a capital crime in baseball, viagra toronto buy but talking about teammates to the press has no repercussions? What a bunch of bullshit. Viagra toronto buy What’s the standard? When does the manager get mad enough to call his team together and read the riot act to shut the fuck up and put all this hate towards Valdespin and aim it at the opposition?     

Viagra toronto buy Sandy Alderson has said on many occasions that the Mets win/loss record would not dictate if Collins gets an extension of his contract. Viagra toronto buy Collins will be judge on the progress the team has made from last year to this year so right now Collins looks like a prime candidate for a 1 bedroom at Del Bocca Vista. Viagra toronto buy If anything this team has regressed badly. Viagra toronto buy Now that’s not all Collins fault, viagra toronto buy that blame goes more to the front office and ownership that essentially has written off 2013 and has its sights on 2014 and beyond. Viagra toronto buy The problem though that Collins has is the front office wants to see what he can do with the so called talent they have given him. Viagra toronto buy That’s quite a task.

Viagra toronto buy Collins needs to start challenging his players. Viagra toronto buy He has to stop worrying that if he becomes Terry Hard Ass they will revolt instead of their current state of being revolting to watch. Viagra toronto buy Good Guy Terry is not getting much of anything out this group so maybe it’s time to rattle some cages.

Viagra toronto buy Yesterday I attended the Mike Francesa and Bobby Valentine breakfast at the Hard Rock Café. Viagra toronto buy Valentine, viagra toronto buy an early riser, viagra toronto buy was at the Hard Rock so early that he came around to each table to chat with the folks in attendance. Viagra toronto buy  I’ve been a Valentine fan for a while and yesterday just enforced my admiration for him. Viagra toronto buy After the program, viagra toronto buy Valentine hung around and was talking with a few of us who didn’t have to run to work. Viagra toronto buy At one point while having a nice chat on baseball, viagra toronto buy Valentine said “com’on walk with me while I get something to eat” and as he tried to find some breakfast he never broke stride in our conversation.

Viagra toronto buy Bobby V had some very interesting thoughts on the game:

Viagra toronto buy As a player who was beaned, viagra toronto buy once right near his eye that a doctor said if it were an inch up, viagra toronto buy probably would have blinded him, viagra toronto buy he feels the “unwritten rule” of hitting someone is stupid and should not be tolerated.

Viagra toronto buy When asked about Roger Clemens throwing the bat head of Mike Piazza’ bat at Piazza, viagra toronto buy Valentine said the team was in shock when happened and after hearing about Clemens using PED’s it all came together to him that Clemens was wound up on something that night. Viagra toronto buy He also said that Bud Selig spoke to both he and Joe Torre letting them know that he didn’t want anything to go one in this series that would embarrass baseball. Viagra toronto buy  So it was quite surprising when Clemens wasn’t discipline or tossed for his actions.

Viagra toronto buy Bobby V could not believe how there was this much fuss over the Vladespin home run pimp job and the fact that it’s still being talk about and how he can’t understand why Valdespin is not in the Mets lineup every day. Viagra toronto buy When Francesa said that Vladespin might not produce a lot if he played every day , viagra toronto buy Valentine countered with how do we know unless he plays and pointing out that no one else is producing so give him the shot as he can hit, viagra toronto buy has power, viagra toronto buy can steal a base so why is he being wasted on the bench?

Viagra toronto buy Valentine is a proponent of sabermetrics and talked about his time as Texas Rangers manger when he had hired Craig Wright as his Sabermetrician  for the Rangers. Viagra toronto buy He spoke about how he also waited on line at bookstores waiting to get the latest copy of The Bill James Abstract on its release day. Viagra toronto buy As much as he used advanced analytics as a manager he said that the statistics are a very good barometer of what a player did in the past but not in predicting the future. Viagra toronto buy Valentine went on to talk about how you could project what a player could do but as we see with many players unforeseen circumstances arise and throw off the statistical projections.

Viagra toronto buy Valentine loved the enthusiasm of the teams that participated in the World Baseball Classic and spoke to people at MLB during the finals in San Francisco about encouraging teams in MLB to not supress players to show the type of emotion that Latin countries and not be so stuffy. Viagra toronto buy Valentine was candid in saying that MLB needs to find a way to get more women and minorities to come out and watch baseball games.

Viagra toronto buy On his year with the Red Sox, viagra toronto buy Valentine said it was an experience and another “notch on his belt” and not much more. Viagra toronto buy He also said that while he was a fan of Bill James and was looking forward to working with James, viagra toronto buy he never once heard from him nor was he ever given any statistical reports. Viagra toronto buy Valentine was shaking his head as he told that story. Viagra toronto buy     

Viagra toronto buy  

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