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Viagra uk purchase I enjoy participating in the world of social media. Viagra uk purchase I’m on Twitter more hours than I really should be but for the most part it’s a very informative vehicle for breaking news, viagra uk purchase links to interesting stories and taking in all different views and opinions. Viagra uk purchase What sucks about social media is the segment of participants who turn into your mother, viagra uk purchase grandmother and  Aunt Sadie, viagra uk purchase you know the one’s, viagra uk purchase they tell you how you should react to news or statements that infuriate you or lure you into debate. Viagra uk purchase It used to be a debate was an exchange of views, viagra uk purchase ideas and opinions that although were different, viagra uk purchase they were respected. Viagra uk purchase In today’s social media world debate consists of I’m right and you’re an asshole. Viagra uk purchase The news about Matt Harvey was a prime example of this new way of debate.

Viagra uk purchase I saw the news about Matt Harvey’s partially torn Ulnar Collateral ligament when it hit the Twitterverse, viagra uk purchase Mets Twitter erupted, viagra uk purchase as you knew it would. Viagra uk purchase How could this have happened?  Who fucked up? Whose head will role because of this? The Wilpon’s are broke, viagra uk purchaseSELL THE TEAM!(that one is universal in times of Mets disaster news) Mets Twitter didn’t care, viagra uk purchase like a bunch of Third World dictators they wanted a scalp any scalp, viagra uk purchase didn’t matter.

Viagra uk purchase When the tweets went out for the call of the heads of Terry Collins and Dan Warthen, viagra uk purchase the pearl clutchers, viagra uk purchase who I mentioned above, viagra uk purchase came out in full force. Viagra uk purchase Some were beat writers who sit at press conference after press conference and never ask a pertinent or compelling question. Viagra uk purchase  Maybe that’s the best way these days as we have seen recently with NY Daily News NY Jets beat writer Manish Mehta who has been getting killed for asking the Jets cartoon character of a head coach, viagra uk purchase Rex Ryan to name his starting quarterback for the first game of the Jets regular season, viagra uk purchase and when not getting an answer, viagra uk purchase not letting Ryan off the hook and demanding an answer. Viagra uk purchase  Since when is that wrong? Dick Young must be shaking his pitch fork in hell over this reaction.

Viagra uk purchase Anyway, viagra uk purchase so Mets fans wanted not just a head on a stick but answers on how or why did this happen to the Heir to The Franchise Throne? The first two heads fans wanted was Collins’ and Warthen’, viagra uk purchase doesn’t matter if neither guy was directly responsible for Harvey tearing the ligament but because the majority of Mets fans would like to see a change in manager and pitching coach anyway, viagra uk purchase this was as good as time as any to raise the rhetoric.

Viagra uk purchase I’m as guilty as anyone in this. Viagra uk purchase It’s not that I don’t like Collins or Warthen, viagra uk purchase its more I feel there needs to be a change not just in body but in philosophy. Viagra uk purchase Collins to me is much more valuable and a better fit as a minor league coordinator than a field manager and since his contract is up after this season as a manager, viagra uk purchase I would have no problem whatsoever with the Mets reassigning him for next year, viagra uk purchase but I’d like to reassign him as a Director of Minor League Field Operations.

Viagra uk purchase My beef with Warthen is that I don’t agree with his passive direction to pitching. Viagra uk purchase Warthen loves his pitchers to nibble around the plate and to throw a lot of off speed and breaking balls. Viagra uk purchase Mets pitchers hardly ever throw inside to establish that part of the plate is as much theirs as it is the batters. Viagra uk purchase I also feel both Warthen and Collins are woeful at bullpen management. Viagra uk purchase Pitchers are overused not just in game situation but in preparation to enter a game situation. Viagra uk purchase Too many times relievers warm up, viagra uk purchase then sit down, viagra uk purchase the warm up again, viagra uk purchase and then sit down again. Viagra uk purchase Mets relief pitchers are subject to more wear and tear on their arms warming up than they do in an actual game situation. Viagra uk purchase To analyze Collins in game strategy would take another 1, viagra uk purchase000 word post.

Viagra uk purchase All this spewing of anger doesn’t mean I hold Collins and Warthen responsible for Matt Harvey‘s injury. Viagra uk purchase   I am confused about Sandy Alderson stating the organization knew that Harvey was complaining about soreness in his forearm but didn’t do anything preventive about that. Viagra uk purchase Also Collins it seems was out of the loop on this vital piece of information as well. Viagra uk purchase There seems to be a fracture in communication here that needs to be addressed.

Viagra uk purchase What also needs to be addressed is the number of injuries the pitchers in the organization have suffered;  Frank Francisco, viagra uk purchase Jurys Familia, viagra uk purchase Jeremy Hefner, viagra uk purchase Jenry Mejia and now Matt Harvey, viagra uk purchase all out with elbow injuries. Viagra uk purchase If I’m the GM I have to look at this pattern and think about revamping the way the organization handles the care and prevention of these types of injuries. Viagra uk purchase I understand completely that you can do so much prevented care and study on pitchers, viagra uk purchase even Rick Peterson  who is at the forefront of Pre-habilitation with his use of the facilities at the American Sports Medicine Institute , viagra uk purchase claims that with all the preventive measures you can take, viagra uk purchase injuries still happen:

Viagra uk purchase “It’s like driving the speed limit, viagra uk purchase wearing your seat belt, viagra uk purchase doing everything right, viagra uk purchase accidents are still going to happen”

Viagra uk purchase After the initial ranting and raving over the injury to Harvey, viagra uk purchase seriously how did you expect Mets fans to react to the Harvey bad news? We were programed to thinking 2014 was the breakout season under Sandy Alderson. Viagra uk purchase The only reason to be a bit optimistic was every five days being Matt Harvey Day and then watching Zack Wheeler start to understand what to do on a big league pitchers mound and the fact that enough money was coming off the books this off season for the Mets to be free agent buyers again, viagra uk purchase pointed to the end of the non-competitive seasons and back to not just respectability but to be one of the teams in baseball to be talked about as World Series contenders; all that was sabotaged by a torn Ulnar Collateral ligament, viagra uk purchase and you expect me to pause and be reflective? Are you fucking kidding?    

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