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Buying viagra  In honor of the Mets playing the Indians this weekend

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Buying viagra I was all pumped up for last night’s Ravens-Broncos game, buying viagra even with the usually silly bullshit pre-game hoopla that the NFL loves that probably says more about the American viewing public that the league and the NFL (give the people what they want, buying viagra I guess) itself. Buying viagra So after the insufferable Ryan Seacrest came on the field, buying viagra I was begging, buying viagra PLEASE, buying viagra PLEASE  LET”S HAVE THE KICK OFF!!!!!!! Next thing you know Al (I’ve got the horse right here, buying viagra his name is Paul Revere…) Michaels tells me there is a weather delay due to lighting in the area. Buying viagra “Sigh”, buying viagra something’s telling me check my At Bat app and watch some baseball.

Buying viagra I tuned into the Yankees-Red Sox and let me just give a few observations on that experience:

Buying viagra Michael Kay is not a good baseball play by play man. Buying viagra I’m not trying to be nasty here, buying viagra after listening to him for a few innings he doesn’t have the voice or the right style or cadence you need to announce baseball games.

Buying viagra Where were all the Yankee fans? Lots of empty seats and the big ball orchard in the South Bronx. Buying viagra Just goes to show, buying viagra there is no such thing as a diehard Yankee fan.

Buying viagra The Yankees sure could use a catcher.

Buying viagra With the exception of Robinson Cano, buying viagra there is no everyday Yankee I’d take over the Mets starting 8.

Buying viagra It’s painful to watch Nora Desmond Derek Jeter play shortstop

Buying viagra Just looking at the Red Sox with those scraggly beards makes me itchy.

Buying viagra Joba Chamberlain sucks

Buying viagra I switched back and forth from Ravens-Broncos to Yankees-Red Sox, buying viagra when the Yankees started to make a game out this in the 7th inning; I abandoned the football game and stuck with baseball. Buying viagra For all the hype the first game of the NFL had and I bought into the hype, buying viagra it took Yankees-Red Sox to show me that baseball is still KING!  

Buying viagra Scott Kazmir will match up with Zack Wheeler tonight in Cleveland in a game of Mets Phenoms’ past and present.  I found the post I wrote after the Kazmir-Victor Zambrano trade from 9 years ago WOW!

Buying viagra I’m starting to be swayed by Lucas Duda as the 2014 Mets first baseman. Buying viagra I think the front office might be leaning in that direction as well. Buying viagra A tandem of Duda/Josh Satin in 2014 at 1st base may not be too bad. Buying viagra It is amazing how comfortable and more confident Duda is when playing 1st base. Buying viagra Duda reacts to playing left field the way I do when my wife asks me to clean out the garage.

Buying viagra I don’t understand some Mets fans upset that the club hasn’t called up Ruben Tejada to take over for Omar Quintanila. Buying viagra Do you think Sandy Alderson is enjoying watching Q or Justin Turner play shortstop instead of the 23 year old Tejada? Don’t you think with all the holes Alderson has to fill this off season, buying viagra he wishes shortstop wasn’t one of them? Don’t you think the reason that Ruben Tejada is not up with the big club is Ruben Tejada? Alderson let the fan base know in a non-sugar coated way that Tejada’s work ethic sucks and his time in the bushes is for him to reflect if he really wants to be a big leaguer and if he does, buying viagra he needs to work and work harder to make it. Buying viagra This is nothing new with Tejada, buying viagra Terry Collins has had a red ass over Tejada, buying viagra the last two seasons, buying viagra not because he dislikes Ruben but because he sees a talent being wasted by a piss poor attitude and work ethic. Buying viagra You want to be angry about Q starting at short every game? Direct that anger where it belongs, buying viagra at Ruben Tejada.

Buying viagra I’d love to see Hunter Pence in right field for the 2014 Mets

Buying viagra How about taking a run at obtaining Jose Bautista? You have to figure with the Jays ownership can’t be happy with the way this season has gone after investing money and trading for players they felt would lead them to the post season.

Buying viagra Joey Bats will make $14 mil next season and in 2015, buying viagra with a team option in 2016 for $14 mil or a $1 mil buyout. Buying viagra Bats solves your power problem and left field problem as well .

Buying viagra Oh by the way, buying viagra the Blue Jays play the Twins tonight. Buying viagra So what? The pitching matchup is R.A. Buying viagra Dickey vs. Buying viagra Mike Pelfrey. Buying viagra  

Buying viagra The Irish will kick some Blue and Maze ass tomorrow night.

Buying viagra  

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