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Statistics on viagra So when is Sandy Alderson going to make it official that Terry Collins will be back as Mets manager in 2014?  If Collins is “his guy” then why wait? Give him a raise and another year plus an option. Statistics on viagra  What’s the hold up?

Statistics on viagra Could it be there is a schism in the front office think tank? From this quote from Alderson there could be:

Statistics on viagra “I think I’ve been pretty open about my support of Terry, statistics on viagra” Alderson told reporters. Statistics on viagra “I think he’s done an excellent job across the board with the talent that he’s had, statistics on viagra with the injuries that he’s had to endure, statistics on viagra with the other changes in personnel. Statistics on viagra I think he’s handled all of those situations and individual events exceptionally well. Statistics on viagra On the other hand, statistics on viagra we haven’t won, statistics on viagra and that’s always an issue. Statistics on viagra But it’s not always a result that can be pinned on the manager.

Statistics on viagra From that statement it seems that one or more of Alderson’s cabinet members is playing the Win Card. Statistics on viagra Alderson states what is a huge indictment on the team and organization when he says the club is not exactly oozing with talent, statistics on viagra the old chicken salad out of chicken shit theory, statistics on viagra but all are not buying into it.

Statistics on viagra Who or whomever on the staff that’s pitching the “yeah but” on Collins coming back is on the same page as me. Statistics on viagra If (when) it’s announced that Collins will be back in the manager’s office for the Mets next season, statistics on viagra I won’t kick and scream about it but it’s also not the move I’d make if I were the GM. Statistics on viagra  

Statistics on viagra I would not fire Collins, statistics on viagra I’d reassign him to the job he is very good at, statistics on viagra minor league coordinator. Statistics on viagra Yes, statistics on viagra the team plays hard for Collins and they do compete but in order to get this team back to relevancy, statistics on viagra the Mets need a manager who puts the premium on winning. Statistics on viagra Collins seems to find a silver lining wherever he can, statistics on viagra like finishing in 3rd place in the NL East. Statistics on viagra Seriously, statistics on viagra who gives a shit, statistics on viagra 3rd  4th or last, statistics on viagra if you ain’t in first you ain’t shit. Statistics on viagra     

Statistics on viagra Bringing Collins back as manager is just treading water, statistics on viagra the GM has to make a huge statement this winter as does ownership in making the team relevant again. Statistics on viagra Right now the Mets are at NJ Devils level of nobody cares.

Statistics on viagra Alderson keeps saying he’s in Collins corner and feels he’s done well with the hand he’s been dealt, statistics on viagra so if that’s the case what’s he waiting for? Could it be his lieutenants are making a better case for change in manager?

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