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Baby on viagra So if you weren’t sitting with two boxes of Kleenex last night during the Say Good-Bye to Mariano Rivera segment of Yankees-Rays, baby on viagra you’re a heartless bastard with no feelings or emotions. Baby on viagra  At least that was the consensus on social media last night.

Baby on viagra No doubt it was a special moment at Yankee Stadium last night when Rivera came in to pitch for the last time at home (or anywhere) and I watched and thought it was great but did it punch my emotional buttons? No. Baby on viagra Did I get misty eyed with Andy Pettite and Derek Jeter came out to remove Rivera from the game? Nope, baby on viagra sorry. Baby on viagra Did I think it was a nice moment? Sure.

Baby on viagra Mariano Rivera is without a doubt the greatest closer in baseball history. Baby on viagra He is a sure first ballot Hall of Famer –he won’t be a unanimous first ballot honoree because we all know some shithead from the BBWAA will leave him off their ballot in “a look at me moment”-but  since he was not a New York Met, baby on viagra then my emotions stayed in check.

Baby on viagra Sorry if that pisses off the ultra-sensitive types but I save my baseball tears for the New York Mets, baby on viagra both happy and sad occasions.

Baby on viagra I don’t get why the baseball writing eggheads get so bent out of shape over events on the field that fall under the “unwritten rules” of baseball. Baby on viagra Seriously, baby on viagra what is it about this code of conduct that baseball players have amongst themselves that pisses you off? Is it that it doesn’t fall under your view of baseball through the eyes of statistical analysis? This is no way a knock at the analytic work done by many of these folks, baby on viagra if you are a MLB organization that doesn’t have a fully staff analytic department, baby on viagra then you’re in the working in the dark ages. Baby on viagra I love how  baseball execs have so much data to look at and study to make help make important decision in player personnel to help achieve the ultimate goal of winning the World Series. Baby on viagra  You still have to take the human side into account as well. Baby on viagra    

Baby on viagra When Brain McCann waited at home plate for Carlos Gomez to arrive after putting on an embarrassing display of being an ass hat when he hit a home run of Paul Maholm, baby on viagra I thought it was one of the best on field statements I’ve seen in baseball in a long long time. Baby on viagra McCann just standing there explaining to Gomez just what an asshole he was and daring him to go through him to touch home plate showed me that McCann was standing up for his pitcher, baby on viagra his teammates and his organization. Baby on viagra He should be applauded. Baby on viagra Sadly some folks didn’t see it the same way I did and to tell you the truth I was a bit surprised by some of the reaction.

Baby on viagra As I said, baby on viagra it was mostly the people who seem to be the baseball intellectual types that thought McCann was a jerk. Baby on viagra  None of the McCann bashers mentioned that Gomez was still holding a grudge from being hit by a pitch from Malhom (who throws about 85 mph tops and that’s with a running start) earlier in the year. Baby on viagra The first pitch of the at bat, baby on viagra Gomez nearly swung himself out of his uniform as he wanted to hit the pitch to Buckhead . Baby on viagra He damn near succeeded on the next pitch which he hit a towering home run. Baby on viagra Gomez stood and admired the shot then glared at Maholm to which Freddie Freeman screamed at him and he yelled back at Freeman while he leisurely strolled the base paths like he was out for a constitutional on the deck of the Queen Mary. Baby on viagra As Gomez went down the 3rd base line, baby on viagra staring into the Braves dugout, baby on viagra he was startled by McCann standing in his way of touching home plate, baby on viagra a destination Gomez never arrived at. Baby on viagra At that point the benches emptied and the Braves went after Gomez and any Brewer that stood in their way. Baby on viagra     

Baby on viagra Now why anyone who watches, baby on viagra covers or has played baseball was surprised at McCann’s actions baffles me. Baby on viagra It’s the same way I can’t understand people getting upset when Tiger Woods curses after he hits a bad shot. Baby on viagra  Those people have obviously never been on a golf course, baby on viagra same with the folks who are appalled by baseball player’s behavior on the field. Baby on viagra  

Baby on viagra What do they think happens on the field and in the dugout and clubhouse? This may come as a shock to some of the finger sandwich and high tea crowd but baseball players use very bad language at times, baby on viagra in fact they use the bad language a lot on the umpires. Baby on viagra Ball players (I hope I don’t offend anyone here) also spit nasty tobacco juice and sunflower seed shells and (hold on to your pearls Francis) blow their nose without a tissue. Baby on viagra EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Baby on viagra The floor of a dugout is as nasty as a subway platform.

Baby on viagra As much as baseball has to go forward using statistical analysis in decision making it also cannot forget the on field emotion of the game as well. Baby on viagra I don’t know about you but my love of baseball didn’t come from a calculator it came from first watching it, baby on viagra then playing it , baby on viagra then embracing the camaraderie of being on a team. Baby on viagra There’s no better feeling than being on a team that has each other’s back. Baby on viagra There’s no better feeling than playing on a team that wins. Baby on viagra There is no better compliment in baseball than “he plays the game the right way”.  If you can’t understand that, baby on viagra then I have pity on you, baby on viagra you’re missing a great game.

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