Proceed With Caution, Angry Mets Blogger Ahead

Been awhile since I hit the keyboard for some content here at Kranepool, so it’s time clear out some pent up minutia in my much cluttered mind and today is a good day to do that purge.  So let me put out a warning before you continue, I may go all over the place with streams of unconsciousness so don’t say you weren’t warned. As Murph used to say “Fasten your seatbelts”

The more I watch the Cardinals play the more pissed off I get being a Mets fan. I get pissed because the Cardinals think like winners. They make moves with confidence unlike the Mets where every move is made like a bunch of scared little school girls walking down a dark alley.  St. Louis has a great ML support system  in their coaching staff which allows them to bring up twenty-something year old pitchers with the confidence that pitching coach Derek Lilliquist will bring them along the right way, the way he learned under Dave Duncan and while he was pitching for the Atlanta Braves under Leo Mazzone.  

Why are the Mets looking to sign over the hill pitchers for next season? With Niese, Wheeler and Gee that is a solid front three. Why can’t Noah Syndergaard compete in spring for the 4th spot ? Don’t give me the horseshit that he’s young (21) and still needs to develop because that’s how losers think. How about we instill confidence and thought in Syndergaard’s head that he is fucking stud who can come to the big leagues and dominate?  Oh I forgot we’re the Mets.

Okay next burr up my ass, we can’t we go after Matt Kemp because (a) he’s injury prone even though this was the first season since his first two seasons in the big leagues he played less than 100 games and (b) the true and tired Mets lament, he makes a lot of money. Again keep thinking like a loser and a loser you will be.

No question Kemp has been hard hit by some serious injuries this season, an ankle that needs an off season to heal and shoulder surgery that wasn’t reconstructive but a clean out which wouldn’t be something to keep him out of spring training.  I went over Kemp’s contract last week and why I feel he’s the guy for the Mets and the guy the Dodgers would be interested in trading. I’m sure you could work a deal with the Dodgers eating some of the money ($18-$20mil?) and if you’re a Mets fan why wouldn’t want to see ownership put up or shut up when they say they will spend money this off season? Now’s the time to put the Skill Sets on notice, money talks, bullshit walks.

I would take on Shane Victorino over 1000 Lucas Duda’s any day. You can hate Victorino all you want because he was Phillie and kicked the Mets ass for 8 years (same with Jimmy Rollins) I made the point last off season that I would sign him, Cody Ross and AJ Pierzynski because they have winning pedigrees. I know there are many who feel that having the “Will to win” is a bunch of bullshit well you know what’s a bunch of bullshit? Arguing over who should play first base Ike Davis or Lucas Duda? Excuse me while I throw up.

If I’m Giants GM Jerry Reese I’m calling  Bill Belichick today and staying on the phone until he agrees to a trade for WR Hakeem Nicks. Talk about a perfect marriage.

And you Jets fans who are reveling in this disaster of a NY Giants football season, tell your jokes now but you know in your heart that the G-Men will win another Super Bowl before the Jets ever make it to the AFC Championship game.

I’m not panicking over the awful start by the NY Rangers, but I am concerned over the play of defensive stalwarts Dan Girardi, Ryan McDonagh and Marc Staal.   It just looks like this team is going to take about 25-30 games to gel especially with this ridiculous road trip and training camp in the far off Canadian territories along with a new coach.

Seems to me it’s more a white liberal quilt that is fanning the flames of changing the name of the Washington Redskins that outrage from Native Americans. There are the same white liberals who live on on the East and West side of Manhattan or grew up in the suburbs where everyone looked the same.  It’s also the same crowd that tells Catholics to sit down and shut up when a someone puts crucifix in a jar of urine and calls it art.

That’s enough for now. More venom to come.  

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  1. love every minute of that post. especially the last paragraph.

  2. I agree the Mets are run like a clown show, but I get a little tired of the Cardinals being held up as this amazing model of genius. The fact is the Cardinals play in the weakest low budget division in MLB, maybe outside of the AL West. The Cardinals organizational philosophy is to win 85 games, which wins the Central every year, then have a gambler’s roll of the dice to win 8 of 14 games to win the WS.

    If St. Louis played in the AL East, they’d be last place every year. Toronto and Baltimore consistently have more talent. Since the Mets are in the biggest budget division in the NL, they have to be a lot better than the Cardinals to even have a chance to make the playoffs.

    The Mets should imitate the Red Sox, who compete every year in spite of being in a brutal division. But the Mets will never do that, because Boston ruthlessly cuts bait on failed players and players past their prime.

    Remember dumping fan favorite Nomar Garciaparra, which sparked their first WS? Imagine the Mets doing something like that? No, me neither. A ruthless GM could/would/should have traded Wright and Reyes for young studs. Instead, Wright was re-signed, Jose was let to walk for nothing.

    The f-ing Marlins got a bigger haul for Reyes than the Mets did. How hilarious is that?

    So yeah, the Mets think scared. I think the team tries to sell tickets based on fan sentiment rather than actually trying to field a winning team. So they know if they re-sign Wright, X number of fans will appear to cheer for him, even though the team will win 70 games.

    A fish rots from the head, and the Wilpons are a rotten fish head. This franchise will never be successful as long as they are at the top. It’s impossible.

  3. mikey boy324 says:

    I hate liberals my father told me a long time ago they are going to destroy this country..

  4. AMEN KRANE! I have been saying, like you, get WINNERS IN HERE! You can count the guys on one hand in this organization that will eat their own faces off to win…I know that the game is not the same as it used to be, but where are the Backmans, Stearns, Knights, on this team? NOWHERE. Sadly, I do not think we as Mets’ fans will get them anytime soon. And we all know where it is coming from, and I don’t mean the GM, exclusively.

  5. This organization lost its ability to have leadership on the field when they signed Piazza. The laid back pussy started the trend around here. Now we have DW good guy good player talks like a girl. Too many guys on the Mets play it safe because they don’t want the Wilpons and the media to crash on them. But you are correct they need a guy in here that says fuck you to both.

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