Okay now that I’ve watched my 13th consecutive World Series without  the NY Mets as a participant, it’s time to play that old favorite winter time classic “Who will the Mets go out and get”.

Tell you the truth I sick and tired of this tradition and already I’m fatigued by the entire “will the Skill Sets allow Sandy Alderson to spend and will Alderson make additions by any means necessary?” minutia.  

I’m not going to go over the list of players the Mets should be targeting or who the Mets should dangle as trade bait, as it’s the same old, same old. What I want to see this off season is a change in mind set on how to go about making the Mets a contender. What I don’t want to see is a passive approach. Sandy Alderson can have all the right motives for not over paying for talent via trade or free agency but he needs to change that mind set and go balls to the wall in procuring talent as the majority of the Mets fan base, voting with their non-participation in buying tickets and  not watching Mets games on SNY have laid down the gauntlet, WE WANT ACTION, AND WE WANT IT NOW!

If Shin-Soo-Chin is your target, then go get him. If it means a 6th year and an extra $16 Mil so what? Jeffey Skill Sets spouted off the other day while painting a Boys and Girls Club in NJ wearing the latest in the Ralph Lauren line of painting duds, that the cash is there to be spent. Big Daddy Fred crowed the same song after the Mets balked on signing Michael Bourne last off season . Enough with the talk , it’s time to walk the walk and not just for the owner but the GM as well.

Alderson needs to go Teddy Roosevelt on the Wilpon’s ass and show them his big stick, we Mets fans will keep our cash and credit cards in our pockets until we see a commitment to winning this off season.

Jeffy Boy took some heat for saying that David Wright, Dillon Gee, Zack Wheeler and John Niese were the only sure things for next season. Why was this wrong? The only omission Lord Jeffery made was excluding Matt Harvey and Noah Syndergaard as the other untouchables. Everyone else in this organization is fair game to be shipped out of town in order to make this team better. The Mets won 74 games last year, and for the last five years they’ve average a dismal 75-87 win/loss record, seriously are you that worried who gets traded off this team?

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