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Vgx-viagra By now you’ve read all about the Queens Baseball Convention (QBC) this past Saturday.   Hopefully you’ve read Greg Prince’ great account of the day’s events and also The Mets Police for great pictures of all the festivities on what was a great day for Mets fans. Vgx-viagra I can’t think of another fan base in this town that could have embraced an event like this, vgx-viagra a fan fest for fans by fans and made the day the success it was, vgx-viagra Mets fans are the best.

Vgx-viagra For me the highlight of the day of course was sitting down with Ed Kranepool for a Q and A session. Vgx-viagra Ed Marcus and I were very excited about this meeting and as much fun as the actual Q and A was, vgx-viagra sitting with Kranepool in a back room at McFaddens was even better.

Vgx-viagra At one point during the day I sat back and thought about how I grew up a Mets fan since 1964, vgx-viagra my favorite player being Ed Kranepool and here I am almost fifty years later not just interviewing him but hanging out with him and exchanging numbers and having a great time.

Vgx-viagra At one point in our back room conversation, vgx-viagra Kranepool said to us “Hey this is great, vgx-viagra Artie just texted me, vgx-viagra he should be here sometime in the next couple of hours. Vgx-viagra That’s great” Artie? I say. Vgx-viagra Kranepool looks at me like I forgot the name of a long lost hang out buddy, vgx-viagra “Com’on you know Artie, vgx-viagra Artie Shamsky” he told me, vgx-viagra and gave me a look like “you of all people should know who Artie is”

Vgx-viagra We spoke a lot about baseball in the 1960’s and 70’s and also about the current state of Mets baseball. Vgx-viagra I’d love to share those stories but what’s said in the back room of McFaddens stays in the back room of McFaddens.

Vgx-viagra Seems to me the best first baseman the Mets have coming into camp is Wilmer Flores. Vgx-viagra That said, vgx-viagra the job is Ike Davis’ to lose and the odd man out should be Lucas Duda.

Vgx-viagra The John Lannan signing could pay some very nice dividends. Vgx-viagra Lannan has missed most of the last two seasons with leg injuries so the Mets are banking that the lefty will have a bounce back season now that he’s healthy. Vgx-viagra The deal is a minor league deal so Lannan should be an early arrival to St. Vgx-viagra Lonesome to show the club that his deal should be upgraded to a major league deal and he is the answer to the 5th starter spot. Vgx-viagra     

Vgx-viagra Okay, vgx-viagra I’m officially sick of hearing about Stephen Drew either make him an offer or lose his number.

Vgx-viagra WOR 710 Radio is not starting on the right foot with Mets fans. Vgx-viagra How the hell could they even think of replacing Howie Rose? Rose IS the voice of the Mets even Mets ownership knows this much, vgx-viagra so I would hope that they put their foot down to explain to the suits at Clear Channel, vgx-viagra owner of WOR, vgx-viagra that “where we go, vgx-viagra Howie comes with us. Vgx-viagra I don’t get what the holdup is with giving Josh Lewin a new long term deal as well, vgx-viagra Lewin and Rose have a solid chemistry and are both great to listen to. Vgx-viagra Add in the fact that Mets fans, vgx-viagra the folks listening to the broadcast and patronize the sponsors, vgx-viagra love Josh and Howie. Vgx-viagra I know WOR 710 is new to dealing with Mets fans so a word to the wise, vgx-viagra don’t piss us off, vgx-viagra you will regret it.

Vgx-viagra As for Ed Coleman, vgx-viagra he’s a nice man who is well liked around Citi Field but the next story he breaks will be his first. Vgx-viagra He’s still employed by WFAN and will be the stations Mets reporters so no need to shed a tear for him, vgx-viagra besides there is a rumor that Cliff Floyd could be joining the Mets radio team. Vgx-viagra Stay tuned.

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