Mets Radio Booth Still In Flux


I’ve listened to a couple of games on WOR 710 so far this spring and it’s been more of an adjustment than I thought it would be.

First off, the building I work in is not AM radio friendly so it takes a bit of effort  to maneuver the  radio I have on my desk to listen in on these spring games. Then the fact that BAM! Its game time. No pre game warm up show with an interview with the manager or a discussion with a beat writer on what has transpired so far in camp and what we are  looking forward to in the upcoming game. Nope right to Howie Rose or Josh Lewin or STEVE PHILLIPS?????

Yes former Mets GM and current Sirius/XM talks show host Steve Phillips has been added to the Mets radio team.  I don’t know how many games Phillips is signed on for this season but so far there has been a good listen Steve Phillips and there has been the finger nails on a chalk board listen Steve Philips.

Last week, Phillips worked with Josh Lewin while Howie Rose fulfilled his commitment as NY Islanders play by play man. The first couple of innings with Lewin handling the play by play and Phillips the commentary were a very good listen. Then Lewin turned the play by play chores over to Phillips and it was a total disaster. Phillips spoke way too fast and his nervousness at the mike was quite evident (I believe he used the phrase “toed the rubber” 2,356 times) Phillips went from an solid analyst to bumbling fool.

The easy thing to do is to ridicule Phillips but in fact I feel sorry for him that he was put in that position without the proper training. I blame the Mets and WOR 710 for that and both those parties should be ridiculed for putting Phillips in a tough spot.

I know Mets ownership wants a three man radio booth and have reached out to a few former Mets players to take the job but have been rebuffed because quite frankly the players had no desire to trek around the big leagues for a full season.

It also has been said the Mets would like the third voice in the booth to have some play by play experience/ability, sadly Phillips lacks in that department but as an analyst he could be a great fit.

There hasn’t been a hire for pre or post game host on the radio side either. That’s a total disgrace. It’s not like this was a shot gun marriage between WOR and the Mets, so not having a host in place to lead Mets fans into and out of games is unacceptable.

There are some folks that would be a nice fit for that spot. The first name I thought of was Jared Max who was last heard on ESPN NY radio. Max would fill two spots that WOR would like to fill working Mets radio casts and as a night time sports talk show host.

Mark Erney would be another solid choice as he is a Mets fan but a pure professional on the air. Bob (Mr. Met)Hussler though it may be tough to hire Hussler as he is the voice of the Conneticut Sun of WNBA and Fairfield University Men’s Basketball play by play along with his update duties at WFAN would be a good hire. Rich Ackerman would be a fine fit as well.

There are some fine voices and talented people out there, that’s why not having the spot secured on Mets radio is a real head scratcher.

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  1. Metslady says:

    Its dreadful and listening to that sleazy Steve Phillips makes my ears bleed.

  2. Typical Fredo Wilpon mess. Prolly wants voices to work under SAG – AFTRA minimum as a favor. The pre game post game situation is ridiculous too. The whole transition has been handled poorly … But it’s all a favor for Mets minority owner Bob Pittman, who runs WOR’s parent company the almost bankrupt and over leveraged (how Wilponic) Clear Channel. As for the production assistant grabbing Phillips, he clearly doesn’t have the skill sets for radio play by play either.

  3. It comes down to what else? Cash. And if you are the new shill (someone without the Howie & Josh public support) you have to toe the company line. Only now you do it without credibility, without market value pay or the “street cred” of being affliated with WFAN. It’s a lose-lose-lose for anyone involved, unless you are someone who is just trying to get a resume tape. Sorry for aging myself by using the word tape.


  4. 62onMetFan says:

    Anyone else have a tough time hearing the broadcast? WFAN would come in fine here in NC, WOR is all static. Or is that the dismal Steve Phillips?

  5. The obvious choice would be names mentioned in your column. In particular Mark Erney, however, he like the others all have other contracts and maybe better situations where they are now. Jim Duquette was doing a nice job as a back-up the last few years and he should be considered.

    Mets fans have learned to adjust with change. But Steve Phillips is not the answer in the booth. besides the fact that he is the former GM, putting him in an uncomfortable position, but I believe every Mets fan would feel uncomfortable having him on the air talking about his former team.

    But, as i said, the Wilpons always seem to do awkward things and the radio situation is no different.

  6. Check MetsMerized Online for some inside info about how the Mets made the switch to WOR.

  7. Flypaper McGee says:

    Phillips was totally unlistenable, but it seems like this is a slight overreact (the post and the comments) for what essentially seems to have been a 3 game tryout. It’s been fairly well publicized that the next spring “fill in guy” is CJ Nitkowski, and then Tim Byrdak at the end of the spring. Seems to me they are looking for their new Jim Duqette. Maybe this rant would have been more “on spot” if it had waited til Phillips “got the gig” (which i am guessing is no certaintly based on all the former players being brought in after him…I can’t stand Phillips, i want him far away from this team, but knowing that the 3 games are over now makes me a lot less angry about all this…

  8. Steve, what do you think of the Seth Everett hire for pre- & post-? Also a very public Met fan.

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