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Generic viagra mexico  

Generic viagra mexico More roster moves were made today by the NY Mets and they were met with a lot of head shaking by Mets fans. Generic viagra mexico  Seems the consensus is, generic viagra mexico Mets fans would rather see Wilmer Flores play shortstop over Ruben Tejada , generic viagra mexico hell, generic viagra mexico Mets fans would welcome anyone but Ruben Tejada playing at the shortstop spot.

Generic viagra mexico As far as the fifth starter spot goes, generic viagra mexico the Mets made the mistake of televising Jenry Mejia’ start against the Nationals. Generic viagra mexico Mets fans who don’t fancy basketball or Law and Order SVU marathons, generic viagra mexico watched Mejia hold a Nats lineup that looks as close to their everyday lineup as you can get in March, generic viagra mexico in check for 5 innings. Generic viagra mexico But instead of happiness the Mets fans were told that Mejia could still pitch for Wally Backman and Frank Viola in Las Vegas while Daisuke Matsuzaka is the leading candidate to grab the 5th starter.

Generic viagra mexico We then find out that Ike Davis was pulled from a split squad game due to “fatigue”. Generic viagra mexico Seems with all the inaction that has involved Davis this spring, generic viagra mexico playing baseball for four straight days has Ike on the verge of exhaustion.

Generic viagra mexico This is what you get when your payroll is in the bottom third of MLB. Generic viagra mexico You get shortstops without range or the ability to hit, generic viagra mexico you get washed up vets who pitch over youngsters with promise so you can slow their arbitration clocks and you get four first basemen and the one who looks the most as a big league player (Eric Campbell) can’t even get on your forty man roster.

Generic viagra mexico Again the Mets play in the capital of the universe, generic viagra mexico in a state of the art ballpark and OWN a big share of a TV Network (the unwatchabilty of SNY is a post for a rainy day) and STILL this team is in the bottom third of payroll with no sense of urgency of breaking out the lower tier.

Generic viagra mexico Sure the team spent money this offseason on Curtis Granderson and Chris Young, generic viagra mexico who by the way Ron Darling could not heap enough praise on during yesterday’s telecast, generic viagra mexico and Bartolo Colon. Generic viagra mexico  But why did the club stop there.

Generic viagra mexico Why didn’t Sandy Alderson work a deal for a big league shortstop? Is the party line of not trading the young pitchers because of the talent of the pitchers or is it that their salaries are controllable and a bona fided big league shortstop makes a lot of money? Why isn’t there a veteran backup catcher to help out Travis d’Arnaud ?

Generic viagra mexico For any fans of the other NY sports teams it’s hard to digest the Mets tight purse strings. Generic viagra mexico Yes I know the other three major sports teams in this town all work under a salary cap. Generic viagra mexico The NHL and NFL have a hard cap whereas the NBA has a cap but you go over you pay a penalty. Generic viagra mexico  James Dolan and Mikhail Prokhorov have no problem going over the cap and paying the penalties, generic viagra mexico sure one team is competitive  and the other struggling but even Dolan who is seen by many as the worst owner in town (far from it, generic viagra mexico the Wilpon’s still hold that belt) went out and signed the best basketball person available in Phil Jackson to fix his beleaguered NY Knicks.

Generic viagra mexico For all the guff that Glen Sather gets he has still put together a Stanley Cup competitive team every year and Dolan has given him the monetary resources to make player moves to help the team (no one gives a rat’s ass about the Islanders and Devils sorry fans of those teams but even you know the New York Rangers own this city hockey wise).

Generic viagra mexico The NY Giants lost their first six games last season, generic viagra mexico the ownership of John Mara and Steve Tisch didn’t panic they waited out the storm. Generic viagra mexico The G-Men went 7-3 in their last 10 games. Generic viagra mexico A solid recovery but not to where the owners were happy. Generic viagra mexico So what did Mara/Tisch do? Cleaned house on the offensive coaching staff that had grown stagnant rebuilt the secondary via free agency and brought in kick returners to bolster poor special teams. Generic viagra mexico That’s what owners who are winners and are committed to winning do. Generic viagra mexico That’s why there is a waiting list for Giants season tickets. Generic viagra mexico You won’t see Giants tickets on Groupon.

Generic viagra mexico As for the Jets see the hockey paragraph above.

Generic viagra mexico With all the holes at shortstop, generic viagra mexico first base and behind the plate the biggest hole we have is Mets ownership. Generic viagra mexico Nothing will change until they’re gone.

Generic viagra mexico  

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