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Viagra online 50mgs Sorry all trades are final, viagra online 50mgs yes everyone on that list is available. Viagra online 50mgs You can mix and match, viagra online 50mgs an outfielder and a pitcher for a back end reliever  or Ike, viagra online 50mgs a Billy Wagner bobblehead and an 8X10 of Jeff Wilpon and 50 Cent  for shortstop, viagra online 50mgs make me an offer nothing will be refused” 

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Viagra online 50mgs This past Sunday was one of those rare and wonderful days when I had nothing to do. Viagra online 50mgs It was a sit back relax and watch baseball day. Viagra online 50mgs I started out watching our beloved Amazin’s miss out on a sweep of The Cincinnati Red Legs losing 2-1. Viagra online 50mgs From there it was off to the west coast through the magic of MLB Extra Innings to Oakland to watch the A’s and the Mariners.

Viagra online 50mgs I love watching games from the Oakland Coliseum. Viagra online 50mgs It’s the closest you can get to remember the ambiance of Shea Stadium of the 1980’s. Viagra online 50mgs A’s fans put on a non-stop display of what it’s like to “root, viagra online 50mgs root, viagra online 50mgs root for the home team” complete with bells, viagra online 50mgs whistles, viagra online 50mgs drums, viagra online 50mgs flags and banners. Viagra online 50mgs Just about everything you are not allowed to bring into Citi Field. Viagra online 50mgs The noise from the stands doesn’t break stride, viagra online 50mgs in fact as I was enjoying my day of baseball, viagra online 50mgs my wife was working on the NY Times crossword when she looked up and said “that’s not the Mets game is it” No dear it’s the Oakland A’s, viagra online 50mgs I said to which she replied “I thought so, viagra online 50mgs it was too noisy to be a Mets game”

Viagra online 50mgs Now my wife is not a baseball fan but she remembers what it was like at Shea in the ‘80’s when we were just like A’s fans. Viagra online 50mgs Mets fans hooted and hollered and jumped up and down so much it made the Upper Deck sway. Viagra online 50mgs  We took our queue from our team of renegades just like the A’s fans do today and we fed off each other.

Viagra online 50mgs That feeling is lost at Citi Field. Viagra online 50mgs There have been a lot of columns written in the past couple of days about how this Mets team has been poorly constructed. Viagra online 50mgs Kevin Kernan of the NY Post wrote about the FUBAR approach Sandy Alderson has taken in handling the 1st base assignment. Viagra online 50mgs Michael Geus of 2 Guys Talking Mets Baseball wrote about the disconnect between the fan base and this team and how Alderson needs to step up and make a move and not let this season go down the drain. Viagra online 50mgs John Mackade of Mack’s Mets writes about the lack of direction and commitment to winning as well. Viagra online 50mgs Now I’m writing about it and many are Tweeting and posting comments on this site and many others are calling sports talk radio to vent that it’s time for Sandy Alderson to stop sitting on his hands and take charge and make some moves to improve this team. Viagra online 50mgs Not just with physically more talented players but with players who have better make up than most on this current roster.

Viagra online 50mgs The fans at Citi Field have taken on the personality of this club. Viagra online 50mgs This Mets team, viagra online 50mgs just like the last four editions lacks a winning mentality. Viagra online 50mgs  I have taken Terry Collins to task many times here as being more of a camp counselor  than baseball manager but I’m starting to think I’ve given Collins more grief than he deserves and I’ve been too lenient with how Alderson has done his job.

Viagra online 50mgs We are in year four of the Alderson Era and while he has made big improvements in the farm system and pulled off two terrific trades, viagra online 50mgs he’s failed when it comes to finding the type of players teams with limited money acquire that not only produce but have that certain something that translates into winning.

Viagra online 50mgs Alderson has done nothing to clean up the mess that is the Mets infield, viagra online 50mgs where the only positive is David Wright at 3B. Viagra online 50mgs The rest of the infielders are comical on defense just as they have been last season and the season before. Viagra online 50mgs It seems he has gotten the outfield right although free agent signee Chris Young is on the shelf with a sore quad which leaves us with Eric Young Jr. Viagra online 50mgs Composing a bullpen has been more difficult for Alderson to solve than Calculus.

Viagra online 50mgs It’s time for Alderson to make some bold moves, viagra online 50mgs if Lucas Duda is your man then deal Ike Davis. Viagra online 50mgs If you can deal Daniel Murphy for a reliever then do it. Viagra online 50mgs If you feel Wilmer Flores can hit at the big league level then bring him up. Viagra online 50mgs It’s time to step off the egg shells and get pro-active. Viagra online 50mgs The fan base in is a deep malaise. Viagra online 50mgs There are more fans milling around the Shea Bridge eating Shake Shack burgers and slugging down fancy boy beers and talking about how shitty the winter weather was and how they’ve been trying to sell unwanted tickets  they have which is as fruitless as  selling encyclopedias door to door.

Viagra online 50mgs This organization needs a solid kick in the ass and it’s up to the GM to put some steel toed boots on and start kicking.

Viagra online 50mgs  

Viagra online 50mgs  

Viagra online 50mgs  

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