This is Congressman Michael Grim. He represents me and my fellow Staten Islanders in Congress. When this incident went viral many were shocked, SHOCKED at the Congressman’s behavior.  I just laughed and said  as many of my fellow Staten Islanders did as well “good for you Congressman” What happen since that incident? Nothing. It went away, just the like the Matt Harvey Tweet/Pic would have if the Mets would have ignored it.

If I was back in my sports betting days, I’d be sitting here not posting about the Mets but counting the dead presidents I had won the night before betting on Adam Wainright and the Cardinals. Com’on you didn’t think the Mets were beating the Wainwright last night did you? Not with the pop gun offense the team employs plus the awful win/loss record at home.

It’s not just one guy who’s off to slow starts with the bat. Right now Lucas Gehrig Duda  is the best offensive player in the lineup even more productive than David (.060 ISO) Wright. The lineup is stacked with a bunch of unproductive outs. Last night’s line up had five of eight batters (if Ruben Tejada would have started it would have been 6 of 8) with a more than 20% K rate, with Curtis Granderson the King of the K’s at 30 % although last night was a breakthrough game for the Mets as they struck out just 4 times as a team but still the bats were limp.

It’s early sure but we are close to ending the first month of the 2014 season and a couple of the moves that were made in the off season to add to the offense are sure not working out.

As frustrating as it is watching Curtis Granderson attempt to hit, it’s nice to see Alderson tell Terry Collins to bat him in the 2 spot. You can forget about Granderson going to the bench, there is too much money and years invested in him to bench him, so the best thing to do is leave him at the top of lineup where he’s batted the bulk of his career and hope that he rights himself. Grin and bear it Mets fans.

I don’t care what Sandy Alderson promised Chris Young but when Juan Lagares comes back Young needs to sit down.  You all get a big laugh about Bobby Abreu being on the roster but I’d rather see Abreu in the lineup than Young. Yes it’s early but Young has waste of $7.2 mil written all over him.

Is there an organization in sports that overreacts like the Mets? The whole Matt Harvey middle finger blow up was handled poorly by Mets management, so a few people were upset over the pic/Tweet big deal.  Many more Mets fans got a kick out of it and in fact love that Harvey is such an against the grain Met.  The team is very vanilla and lacks a lot of toughness (see John Jay’s takeout of Travis d’Arnaud last night not even a bark out of the Mets dugout) and that’s why many, many Mets fans cry out for Wally Backman to manage this team. Sure some of us Mets fans are over the top but the team would benefit if some of the fans passion rubbed off on them.

Mets PR needs to learn how to ride out a storm. If the Mets said nothing about the Harvey fickle finger of fate, it would have blown over like a fart in the wind.

Maybe the Mets should wear their road unis at home to help break the curse of Citi Field.




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