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Mexico pharmacy cialis Nothing was ever better than hearing Jane Jarvis play Meet The Mets on the Thomas Organ. 

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Mexico pharmacy cialis Been reading and hearing a lot of stories about this year being the 50th anniversary of the opening of Shea Stadium and the World’s Fair returning to NYC at Flushing Meadow Park, mexico pharmacy cialis right next door to the new modern home of the Mets. Mexico pharmacy cialis  That’s all great and marvelous but the most jarring thing to me with all this celebrating is it’s also the 50th anniversary of the first time I attended a Mets game.

Mexico pharmacy cialis JESUS H CHRIST!!!!!!! 50 YEARS AGO I ATTENDED MY FIRST METS GAME!!!!! WOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

Mexico pharmacy cialis Sorry for screaming but it’s just sinking in that a half century ago I became a full-fledged Mets fans. Mexico pharmacy cialis Since the age of 6, mexico pharmacy cialis I’ve called myself a True to the Orange and Blue Mets fan. Mexico pharmacy cialis Give me a moment here……………………………ok let me continue.

Mexico pharmacy cialis I remember the game was a Saturday and the Mets were playing the Cardinals. Mexico pharmacy cialis I remember my bother (God rest his soul) got tickets from his job. Mexico pharmacy cialis We sat in a Field Box Seat and the ticket was a paper ticket with Mr. Mexico pharmacy cialis Met on the front. Mexico pharmacy cialis I remember the vendors walking through the Stadium and also outside the Stadium and how happy I was when my brother bought me a Mr. Mexico pharmacy cialis Met pin and an Ed Kranepool pin that a little bat and ball on a chain with a ribbon, mexico pharmacy cialis it looked like a medal of honor. Mexico pharmacy cialis I remember the awe of seeing a hot dog vendor come to our seats and take the hot dog out of section of his carrier, mexico pharmacy cialis place it in the bun and then hand it to me. Mexico pharmacy cialis WOHA! Baseball games are great.

Mexico pharmacy cialis I was hooked. Mexico pharmacy cialis The atmosphere, mexico pharmacy cialis Jane Jarvis playing her Thomas organ between innings, mexico pharmacy cialis the big scoreboard in centerfield, mexico pharmacy cialis and the fans walking around with banners made from bed sheets, mexico pharmacy cialis sunshine and baseball.

Mexico pharmacy cialis At 6 I was just learning how to play the game, mexico pharmacy cialis mastering the step and throw and keeping my eye on the ball. Mexico pharmacy cialis I just sat there studying how players were throwing the ball, mexico pharmacy cialis standing in the batter’s box and getting in position to make plays in the field. Mexico pharmacy cialis I wasn’t just here to eat hot dogs and take the sun, mexico pharmacy cialis no, mexico pharmacy cialis I was there to study how to play baseball.

Mexico pharmacy cialis When the game was over, mexico pharmacy cialis I hounded my brother to tell me when we were coming back here again. Mexico pharmacy cialis This was love at first sight. Mexico pharmacy cialis I was hooked, mexico pharmacy cialis the Mets were my team.

Mexico pharmacy cialis Next game I went to that season was a Friday night game against the San Francisco Giants. Mexico pharmacy cialis At 6 years old I had no idea about the history of the Giants and Dodgers. Mexico pharmacy cialis I do remember there were a lot of people at the game and my father joined us, mexico pharmacy cialis meeting my brother and me at Times Square from work. Mexico pharmacy cialis On the 7 train my dad gave me a history lesson on the Giants, mexico pharmacy cialis his team and how they left NY and how the Mets replaced them. Mexico pharmacy cialis There was still some Giants fan left in the old man. Mexico pharmacy cialis As much as I was going to see my Mets, mexico pharmacy cialis he was going to see what used to be “his Giants”.

Mexico pharmacy cialis Again I don’t remember a lot about the game expect looking at the lights and wishing the school yard at P.S. Mexico pharmacy cialis 105 had the same lighting system so we could play when it was dark. Mexico pharmacy cialis I do remember the roving Dixie land band that paraded around the ball park. Mexico pharmacy cialis It was great to see and hear them in person as back then the games were on WOR Ch.9 and when there was a pitching change there was no going to a commercial, mexico pharmacy cialis the cameras would pan the stands of Shea showing the fans having the time of their lives as Lindsay Nelson explained how you can get tickets and join the fun at Shea Stadium.

Mexico pharmacy cialis Going home we treated ourselves as therewere buses that went back to Bay Ridge for a couple of bucks a person so my dad splurged on the bus fare. Mexico pharmacy cialis We picked up the Giants history lesson on the way home. Mexico pharmacy cialis I heard about Giants manager Alvin Dark and how great a shortstop he was. Mexico pharmacy cialis I heard about Willie Mays and Monte Irvin. Mexico pharmacy cialis I heard about Bobby Thompson and “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World”, mexico pharmacy cialis Mel Ott and my dad’s favorite Giant, mexico pharmacy cialis King Carl Hubble.

Mexico pharmacy cialis Dad still hadn’t shaken off his fandom for the Giants, mexico pharmacy cialis the Mets were growing on him but it’s got to be hard to be a fan of a team that you’ve rooted for especially when you are an immigrant to this country and knowing that your first assimilation to your new country was embracing baseball and rooting for the New York Giants.

Mexico pharmacy cialis I drive my wife nuts when we go to a Mets game. Mexico pharmacy cialis I have to be there when the gates open, mexico pharmacy cialis I have to have a hot dog (yes honey I know I’m not supposed to eat them) I have to buy a souvenir, mexico pharmacy cialis I cheer when the Mets win and I pout when they lose. Mexico pharmacy cialis When it comes to the Mets, mexico pharmacy cialis I’m still the six year old that couldn’t wait to go to Shea Stadium and I hope I never grow up.

Mexico pharmacy cialis  

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