Sure any time you get a win, it’s a great day and when you get a win after losing 5 straight (and 8 out of 9) well you get downright  drunk with happiness like Terry Collins was after the Mets 11 inning 5-4 win over the Phillies:

“The energy level is unbelievable, ” Terry Collins said postgame Sunday about the clubhouse atmosphere. “It hasn’t been that high in a long time, even when we were playing good. They knew things hadn’t been going good. We got big hits from some guys who have been struggling. That’s all going to add up in the end. This win may really be the win that gets us going.”

STOP! STOP! STOP! That’s not rain on my leg, that’s piss. Really? Really? Your team just cracked a 5 game losing streak and you’re talking about the “high energy” level? Your team leaves more men stranded that the French army and here you are the leader of this bunch of” no hit in the clutch” wonders acting like you’re Miller Huggins. Please Terry, stop with the happy horseshit.

The way the post-game presser yesterday should have been handled was for the manager to call out his team for finally coming through in a clutch situation.  The manager should have pointed out that it was about time someone got a big hit and let them know that there are players on the team that need to start earning their seven figure paychecks. While his players were enjoying juice boxes and cupcakes in the clubhouse, that was the time to CHALLENGE his team.

Yes, CHALLENGE the team. That’s what a good big league manager does. Terry Collins is not a good big league manager. He’s a minor league coordinator trapped in a major league manager’s job. Collins is all about nurturing and building up his players’ self-esteem and that’s fine, in Las Vegas, Binghamton and parts lower down the organization but here in NYC in the NL East, where it is now looking to be a wide open race, this is no time to spare the rod and spoil the pampered big leaguer.

You can see some cracks in the armor with some Mets players toward Collins. When the camera was on Dillion Gee in the dugout, after being removed after 6 innings and just 81 pitches on Saturday, his body language told the story. Here was Gee who struggled early but got himself right, just what you want to see in a big league pitcher, stewing in the dugout, knowing that the over worked and unreliable bullpen could cost him and the team a win. Same with Jon Niese, who was quite animated when he was taken out of yesterday’s game. How about the look on Travis d’Arnaud face when he was lifted for a pinch hitter Bobby Abreu on Saturday night?

In Collins four years as Mets manager the team record is 242-280 and even his most staunch supporter s can’t defend his awful strategic skills especially late in a game and his woeful bullpen management. The fan base for sure is suffering from a bad case of Terry Collins fatigue. I would hate to see a guy lose a job but I stand by what I’ve said about Collins after his second year as Mets skipper, he should be reassigned to a job he is more suited for, Minor League Coordinator.

It’s not that Collins is a bad guy or not a good baseball man; he is just not the right guy to be Mets manager. At this point as I said with the division looking like it could be a tight race, the Mets need a manager who will push and challenge this team. You, me and just about every Mets fan would love to see Wally Backman managing the Mets but I don’t see Sandy Alderson making that move as he’s not a big Backman supporter. I would love to see Tim Teufel move up to the manager’s job.

Teufel has shown that he likes to coach aggressively, as we’ve seen him in action in the Mets third base coach’s box. When he’s interviewed he comes off as no nonsense type of guy who would push players in order the get the maximum out of their talents. Don’t discount the fact that Teufel has a Mets World Series ring either.

That is what this team needs desperately right now a manager who isn’t afraid to put a foot in the ass of players who need it. Time for party hats and noise makers is over, time for the Mets to act and play like big leaguers.



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