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Is viagra legal Yesterday when I woke up, is viagra legal I went to the kitchen a poured myself a cup of coffee and moseyed on in to the living room to get some peace a quite before the rest of my family woke up and the mayhem starts.

Is viagra legal I put on the TV and got comfy ready to watch MLB Network’s Quick Pitch with Sam Ryan. Is viagra legal The important games come up first so I had time before Mets-Nats would be up but to my surprise Mets-Nats was one of the first games highlighted and if that wasn’t surprise enough, is viagra legal the lead into the highlights was Ryan telling baseball fans about the hashtag #FreeJuanLagares that has taken over social media.

Is viagra legal Yes Mets fans we have been heard and now the Mets are on notice that it’s not just Mets fans who are pissed, is viagra legal puzzled and perplexed by the lineup card that Terry Collins fills out on a daily basis.

Is viagra legal Casey Stern, is viagra legal Mets fan and Sirius/XM MLB Network host usually keeps an even keel on his daily radio show, is viagra legal but even he had to explode over the misuse of Juan Lagares. Is viagra legal Keith Hernandez and Gary Cohen spoke in Mets Pig Latin most of the weekend about the misuse of Lagares. Is viagra legal  Mike Vaccaro, is viagra legal the best sports columninst in town, is viagra legalhas vented about the misuse of Juan Lagares. Is viagra legal There is no defense for the offense of not starting Juan Lagares every day and twice in double headers. Is viagra legal This #FreeJuanLagares movement is reaching the boiling point and Terry Collins is getting his double knits in an uproar over it:

Is viagra legal  “He has been an everyday player, is viagra legal” Collins said in response to a question asking what Lagares had to do to play daily. Is viagra legal “He got into a little bit of a funk. Is viagra legal It’s not like I sat him for seven days. Is viagra legal I sat him for two days, is viagra legal for cripes’ sakes. Is viagra legal We’re getting a little carried away here. Is viagra legal Somebody gets a day off and it’s like the sky’s falling. Is viagra legal It’s not. Is viagra legal He’s the center fielder. Is viagra legal He had a big day yesterday. Is viagra legal I hope he has a big day today. Is viagra legal It’s not going to be easy. Is viagra legal Jordan Zimmerman is real good. Is viagra legal If he has a rough day today you tip your hat and you get after it tomorrow.

Is viagra legal “My opinion and we’ve talked about it, is viagra legal this is what the market is here. Is viagra legal If I give Grandy a day off, is viagra legal he’s benched. Is viagra legal If I give CY a day off, is viagra legal he’s benched. Is viagra legal If I give Juan a day off, is viagra legal he’s benched. Is viagra legal That’s not the case. Is viagra legal That’s not really the case. Is viagra legal But I know you gotta sell papers so do what you gotta say. Is viagra legal But when I come in here every day and figure out who’s gotta be in the lineup, is viagra legal somebody can’t play. Is viagra legal And today’s somebody’s not going to play.”

Is viagra legal First of all for Collins has a lot of nerve to get his nose out of joint over being questioned about not playing Lagares, is viagra legal he has been given the kid gloves treatment by the Mets beat writers and sports pundits in this town. Is viagra legal  There have been more excuses made for Collins piloting losing teams than any manager or head coach in this city ever.

Is viagra legal How would Terry Collins like to be in Tom Coughlin’s shoes this past season? Coughlin, is viagra legal a coach with a winning pedigree and 2 Super Bowl titles at the top of his resume, is viagra legal a coach who when he hangs up his clip board will be known as Hall of Fame coach Tom Coughlin has been raked over the coals by the NY football media after the NY Football Giants started 0-6. Is viagra legal Coughlin was called too old, is viagra legal the game has passed him by, is viagra legal it’s time for a change and on and on and on. Is viagra legal The Giants turned their season around going 7-3 and still the job security of Coughlin was in doubt.

Is viagra legal For every game that Terry Collins sits Juan Lagares over Eric Young Jr is a total travesty. Is viagra legal The fact that the Sandy Alderson hasn’t ordered him to play Lagares as much as possible is just as bad.

Is viagra legal There should be no debate at all. Is viagra legal Eric Young Jr has just 2 hits in his last 27 at bats. Is viagra legal He has a line of .211/.310/.309. Is viagra legal Chris Young is just 1 for his last 18 at bats and his line is .211/.279/.368. Is viagra legal Neither one of them are worth the playing time in EYJ’s case or the money as in CY case. Is viagra legal Why don’t these two take a few days off and work with Dave Hudgens and Luis Natera (imagine this team has two hitting coaches and still can’t hit, is viagra legal while the best hitting mind in the organization sits in the broadcast booth Keith Hernandez)?

Is viagra legal It’s not that hard. Is viagra legal Pick your 8 best players and play them. Is viagra legal  Collins needs to understand that Mets fans who still give a rat’s ass about this team are not just fed up with losing but are sick of the ineptness we witness on a game by game basis. Is viagra legal Maybe Collins is fine with coddling his players but Mets fans are far from a bunch of coddlers, is viagra legal we’re more of the foot in the ass type. Is viagra legal You’ve warned Terry.

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