The 1966 NY Mets were not the worst team in the NL that year, the Cubs at 59-103 were 7.5 games behind the Mets in the NL cellar. When you’re 8 years old that’s what you hang your Mets cap on, “Hey we may be bad but at least we’re not the Cubs” I wish I could think like an 8 year old again when I watch the 2014 Mets. BTW check out the 3 players in that card. Ed Kranepool the long time Met and the hope for the future and Ken Boyer, solid ML 3rd baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals playing out his golden baseball years with the Mets then the Dodgers and finally with the White Sox and Ed Bressoud a former NY Giant. 


I didn’t get to see much of last night’s game as I attended a spring concert at my daughter’s high school but I did get home in time to catch the end of the game and of course another disappointing Mets loss.

A few observations if I may:

Looks like the winners of the Mets Fan Choice Awards, Juan Legares and Wilmer Flores, have stepped up big time and hopefully shown the extremely dense manager and general manager that these two names should be written in lineup with a Sharpie pen every day.  If Collins benches Lagares again he shouldn’t just be fired he should be arrested.

All the hype we’ve heard about Raphael Montero and Jacob deGrom has gone to Mets fans heads. Please let these guys breathe same goes for Zack Wheeler who has really struggled lately. Let them take their bumps and bruises in the big leagues and hope that they learn and grown from the experience.

I don’t get upset when the youngsters mess up as it’s all part of the learning process but what pisses me off is watching Chris Young get at bats while guys like Eric Campbell, Andrew Brown and Kirk Nieuwenhuis die on the vine.

Sometime in the next few weeks, I predict Keith Hernandez will explode on the air about this team and it will be big news. Do you hear how Keith lets out a big “Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” after every lousy at bat with runners in scoring position? Nothing infuriates Hernandez more than stranded Rib Eye Steaks.

Not a lot has been talked about Curtis Granderson implementing a batting practice drill he learned when he was with the Yankees from hitting coach Kevin Long. The drill is using a batting practice screen sideways up against home plate in the opposite batter’s box from the hitter.  The drill helps the batter look for pitches that are strikes and not lunge for pitches outside the strike zone and it helps you keep your elbow in and take the pitch the opposite way a la Derek Jeter. A good drill for sure. What is surprising is that Granderson was allowed to run the drill. Remember last year the knock on Marlon Byrd was he preached against the Alderson Doctrine on Hitting with his simple Ted Williams like approach of see the ball hit the ball. I guess when you have a multi-year deal you can get away with things others can’t.

So with last night’s loss which makes 6 losses out the last 7 games, the Mets are now 20-25 on the season dead last in the mediocre NL East 5 games in back of the Braves.  You would have to think that the front office and ownership have at least discussed a plan to make a change in manager and the coaching staff.

I’m not upset with the Mets not signing Stephen Drew as I feel Drew doesn’t want to play baseball. Sure he wants the money that baseball will pay him but if he really had the burning desire to play baseball he would have made a deal way before this. First off let’s stop with the Scott Boras is a genius bullshit and has all the GM’s by the balls. He failed both Drew and Kendry Morales and if either of those players had any brains they’d fire him as their agent. The days of Boras showing up with leather bound editions of player’s stats are gone. GM’s are much savvier as they see the young talent on their teams and they lock them up early. Besides all you really need is an attorney to assist you with a contract not an assclown like Boras.



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