RIP Don Zimmer. Listen to this beautiful take on the life of Don Zimmer from the great Vin Scully . The fact that Scully just getting word of Zimmer’ passing and can tell stories like this is wonderful  

Rangers lose Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. The Mets lose for the second night in a row to  the hands of the Cubs, THE CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So this morning I am one cranky son of a bitch. So get ready for some Angry Blogging.

First observation from Rangers-Kings Game 1 Stanley Cup Final just fucking bear with me here ok?

Sucks to lose a game the way the Blueshirts did and it sucks even more when it’s a core player who fucks up as Dan Girardi whiffed on the puck while all the Rangers were heading up ice, the puck picked up by Mike Richards and passing to a wide open Justin Williams who put the puck past a defenseless Henrik Lundqvist.  A busted ass goal if there ever was one. (Warning: this post will include a lot of obscenities so if you’re fucking sensitive to this kind of shit there’s the door don’t let hit you in the ass on the way out)

It’s not all doom and gloom for the Rangers, they showed that they can play with the Kings and as good as the Kings are they are not some juggernaut team like the Islanders or Oilers of the 80’s they are not going to overpower the Rangers as many thought they would.

Like Alain Vigneault I also don’t know what the hell happened in the 3rd period. The Rangers were dominant in the 1st period and very good in the 2nd but around the end of the 2nd and the whole 3rd it was all Kings.

Turning point of the game for me was Martin St. Louis not capitalizing with a goal in the 1 st period that would have made it 3-0 Rangers. I don’t think the Kings would have comeback from 3 down that early.

I know it’s en vogue to bash Rick Nash and I wish he would score a goal but the guy is putting out a solid effort every shift.

Herb Brooks would have loved Carl Hagelin

Is there a more enigmatic player than Benoit Pouliot? When he’s got his head straight he’s a force on the ice like he was last night. I hope he keeps that up and not become the Pouliot that takes stupid penalties.

Raphael Diaz and Derek Dorsett found their ass’s on the bench last night for sucky play. Diaz will go back to his suit and tie when John Moore comes off suspension and Dorsett may find himself a healthy scratch as well. #FREEDANCARCILO

You can have Drew Doughty I’m more than happy with Ryan McDoungh.

I really missed Doc Emrick doing the play by play on TV last night. Sorry Kenny Albert fans he does nothing for me.

I saw Adam Graves on MSG pre game show last night. How great a Ranger was Gravy?

With two days off AV and Scot Arniel need to work on the PP. The Rangers PP is like the Mets with RISP. They set up, pass the puck, get good reads, put just can’t score very, very frustrating. Yeah I’m looking at your Chris Kreider and Rick Nash get those big bodies of yours in front of Jonathan Quick, he’s no Rogie Vachon.

Now to the Mets:

I watched the end of this disaster after the Rangers game, just in time to hear Keith Hernandez tell Gary Cohen that he can’t wait to have a night cap and a shrimp cocktail. If you think you’re frustrated as a Mets fan how do you think Hernandez and Cohen feel calling this carp night after night.

The fact that the Mets are just a mere 3.5 games out of 1st place speaks more of the suckitude of the division and all of MLB.

This is nowhere near   a contending team. This Mets team like last year’s team and the year before that and the year before that, does not have any winning instinct. When White Sox announcer/former player Hawk Harrelson spoke about the “will to win” he was mocked by the pocket protector crowd as a dinosaur no nothing. But the Hawk who played 9 years in the big leagues so I’ll take his observations much more seriously than from a bunch of pundits who were always picked last during recess.

There are teams that just have that quality when it comes to winning, where they are shocked when they lose. The Oakland A’s and SF Giants ooze this quality.  The Yankees of the ‘90’s did as well. The Mets have the opposite way of thinking.

Mets batters sphincters tighten when they have men in scoring position, and worse with the bases loaded. You can’t win like this and it’s killing the great starting pitching they get just about every game.

No one challenges the players on this team. Terry Collins should change his name to Terry Coddles as he has every excuse ready for his team’s offensive failures. If it’s not  a late arrival to a city, it’s that they come to the ball park to early or the latest excuse that they’ve play so many innings this past week. Excuses are for losers. This mindset is what holds this team back. There is no one to put a foot in an ass when it’s needed. How many times have I written that sentence? Lather rinse repeat.







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