Todd Pratt was at Citi Field yesterday with a bunch of folks from the Mets Fantasy Camp. Pratt is the kind of player Mets fans love and want to have around the organization. I was at the NLDS game that Pratt won with his home run to put the Mets in the NLCS. We all remember Pratt running on the field to hoist Robin Ventura over his shoulder to celebrate the “Grand Slam Single”. The Mets organization needs Todd Pratt. They need his coaching, his enthusiasm, his love of baseball and his love for the NY Mets.  BRING BACK TANK!!!!!  


I was set to post something here on Saturday but the hurt from Friday’s NY Rangers elimination from the Stanley Cup Final put a damper on that. Then yesterday with it being Father’s Day and whole day of festivities left as fatigued  as Dwayne Wade and his Miami teammates. So today I’m refreshed and ready so let’s go.

Thank you NY Rangers for one of the great rides in my 40+ years as a Rangers fan.  Special thanks to Henrik Lundqvist who put on one of the best displays of goaltending you’ll ever see.  Put Hank on the Kings he not only wins the Cup but the Conn Smythe as well. He is now and forever The KING.

Thanks to Brian Boyle who made me look smart as all season I’ve defended you from all the critics who watch hockey but don’t understand it.  If you call yourself a Ranger fan and you’re critical of how Dan Girardi played you’re an idiot. Yes he had a tough Final but he is a D-Man you can count on every game every shift. I’m sure you will hear in a day or two that he needs some kind of medical treatment.

To all the snarky Islanders fans and Devils fan you can all go back into obscurity. Both your teams are not a blip on the New York sports scene. The newspapers don’t even send a beat reporter to cover your away games. The Islanders are broadcast over a college radio station A COLLEGE FUCKING RADIO STATION. The Devils are just a bunch of no names that has had multiple owners and would not be a shock to anyone if they moved to Seattle, Kansas City, or Quebec City. And if they did, no one would give a rat’s ass since they already have gone from being the KC Scouts and Colorado Rockies. In fact they should move back to their original home and resurrect the Scouts.  Your teams can win cups, move to Brooklyn and have sex with their in laws but they will never, ever be the NEW YORK RANGERS!  ORIGINAL SIX YOU SONS OF BITCHES!!!!!!!

Now to the Mets, what happened Sandy Alderson? We used to be pals. You embraced the Mets bloggers hell; we’ve had some nice conversations on the field and on conference calls. Where did our relationship go sour? Why are you telling the season ticket holds to ignore us and go put a load on instead?  Sure we’ve lashed out at you and ownership over the poor product that has been put on the field before us but what do you want us to do? Lie? Sorry we can’t do that. Do you think any of the Mets blogging community is enjoying being angry? We’re Mets fans no; check that the Mets are our passion. You even said on one occasion how you admired us for the passion we have for the Mets and how we do what we do out of love for the Mets.

Listen this team can lose every game for the rest of the season and you could leave and the manger could leave and 25 new players could arrive and a new owner could take over(praying to God) but the one constant is us Mets fans. We’re “WE-BEES” We be here when you got here and WE-BE here when you’re gone”. Hey we didn’t sign Chris Young, that’s on you Sandy.

Speaking of Chris Young, something has to come to a head with this guy. He’s not only is an automatic out at the plate he’s nothing special in the outfield either. Just think when he signed he said he’d win the everyday centerfield job, yeah right.  The word around town was Young was promised playing time that’s why he signed with the Mets. Well Chris, you haven’t earned playing time and I get the feeling if you don’t get the playing time you want, you will become one big pain in the ass.

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