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Here’s a look at good ol’ Shea back when the Mets hosted the All-Star Game in 1964. Generic cialis in india  

Generic cialis in india Christ, generic cialis in india I’m getting old. Generic cialis in india Not only do I remember when the MLB All-Star Game was a big deal, generic cialis in india I remember when it was played in the daytime. Generic cialis in india Really! Both leagues took this game seriously and the NL would dominate the AL back in the 1960’s and ‘70’s, generic cialis in india mostly due to the NL having so many exciting and talented African-American and Latin players. Generic cialis in india The NL brand of baseball was so superior back then it forced MLB to implement the Designated Hitter rule for the American League so as to spike attendance at AL games.

Generic cialis in india The DH sucked then and it still sucks today, generic cialis in india but baseball may be going back to those days when speed, generic cialis in india pitching and defense made the game great, generic cialis in india in fact it’s those features that have led to the Mets resurgence.

Generic cialis in india Watching the Mets come back to life the last 10 games  and doing it the old fashion way with strong starting pitching and a reliable back end of the bullpen, generic cialis in india has rejuvenated the fan base. Generic cialis in india This recent stretch of winning baseball has even had Terry Collins doing his best work as Mets manager. Generic cialis in india His call for a suicide squeeze with Ruben Tejada at the plate and All-Pro linebacker Kirk Nieuwenhuis rumbling down the 3rd base line was brilliant. Generic cialis in india If Collins would start implementing the hit and run I may start a campaign to extend his contract.

Generic cialis in india It’s hard to pinpoint what has propelled this turnaround and believe me I’m trying hard to not get too crazy here, generic cialis in india but you have to admit, generic cialis in india winning baseball is the tits. Generic cialis in india What I like even more is this bunch is starting to get a bit of a chip on its shoulder. Generic cialis in india  Seems the Braves and Marlins were a bit put off by Jenry Mejia’ post save celebration. Generic cialis in india Although he claims he wasn’t looking into the Marlins dugout after the Mets win/Mejia save on Sunday, generic cialis in india it sure seems as if Travis d’Araund was telling someone to go fuck themselves. Generic cialis in india  Mejia himself said if anyone had a problem with his celebration then beat me. Generic cialis in india  Mejia has embraced the closer role for sure

Generic cialis in india Who knows if this run is the start of something memorable, generic cialis in india that’s the beauty of the baseball season we can speculate what we think will happen but the best part is sitting back and watching it unfold. Generic cialis in india Why can’t the Mets make a run at the division? It would behoove the management if this run continues , generic cialis in india to make a deal for a big bat, generic cialis in india not an easy task I understand, generic cialis in india not just to show the fans they are committed to winning but to the players as well. Generic cialis in india I’m sure the talk in the clubhouse is about how this Mets team is playing as good as any team in the league right now and the players are looking at the baseball ops and the owner for a sign that all the talk about putting a winning team on the field is not the bullshit we’ve all been hearing for the past few years.

Generic cialis in india Ownership has spouted off about the how if the fans support the team then they would have the resources to make some moves. Generic cialis in india  The fans came out this past weekend at Citi Field as the 3 game series with the Marlins drew 89, generic cialis in india384 Mets fans. Generic cialis in india On Saturday I was in New Jersey, generic cialis in india we went for lunch and the young man who waited on us saw my Mets cap and told me he was at the game the night before. Generic cialis in india  We talked about the home runs by Duda and Wright and how exciting it is that the team is playing so well. Generic cialis in india I asked him where he was from, generic cialis in india he said Freehold. Generic cialis in india I said, generic cialis in india “That’s quite a hike from Freehold to Citi Field” He said he went with three other friends and took advantage of the “2 tickets for $28 Daniel Murphy All-Star Special” so it was worth the ride.

Generic cialis in india So an affordable ticket + an exciting baseball team =more fans at the game. Generic cialis in india That’s a common core math equation even Jeffy Wilpon can understand.

Generic cialis in india I Tweeted this last Saturday, generic cialis in india seems that weasel Joel Sherman wrote about this today. Generic cialis in india Told you folks Sherman trolls the blogs and social media for story idea. Generic cialis in india Now that his Yankees suck , generic cialis in india he’ll be all over the Mets blogs and Mets Twitters for story lines.

Generic cialis in india <

Generic cialis in india >

Generic cialis in india  

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