Let’s Go Mets!!! Keep the wins coming!!! Laugh all you want but the 1970’s were FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! 

With the four day celebration of the life and career of Derek Jeter finally ending, we can now get back to the unofficial second half of the baseball season, but before we do a couple of things about the All Star Game:

I don’t think Jeter was comfortable at all with all the hoopla regaled on him at the All-Star Game. In fact he turned down a request by FOX to wear a microphone during the game and when he was removed from the game it looked as though he was motioning to the home plate umpire to move the game along.

It’s was more MLB and FOX that decided to ram the this Jeter celebration down our throats not understanding that while the majority of baseball fans are not Yankee fans, there is respect for the way Jeter has played throughout his career but to lay on the schmaltz as thick as FOX/MLB did during the game brought out the Yankee hater in all of us.

If that wasn’t bad enough there was that awful exchange between Erin Andrews and Adam Wainright. I don’t get how Erin Andrews has become the go to on field reporter for FOX. I mean I get the whole blonde and perky, which is a FOX staple but is there anyone in the corporate suite watching or listening to her when she conducts interviews?  Why have Andrews talk to Wainright about the “pitch down pipe” comment when you have Ken Rosenthal on the broadcast?

Of all the places in the world he could be at, the last place Joe Buck wanted to be was in Minneapolis at the All Star Game, at least that’s what it felt like to me. Maybe it was his booth mates who were making Buck weary because Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci had me hitting the mute button. Both Reynolds and Verducci are out of their element on game broadcasts.

So with all that out of the way, baseball is back tonight, more specifically Mets baseball is back tonight and we all hope that the momentum of the final home stand before the break continues in San Diego this weekend.

Hopefully Terry Collins is true to his word when he says “at this level we are here to win not develop talent”, if that’s the cast the Collins needs to go with a set lineup just about every game and set his relief pitchers up with specific roles.

The everyday line should look like this:

Granderson RF

Murphy 2B

Wright 3B

Duda 1B

d’Arnaud C

Nieuwenhuis LF

Largares CF

Tejada SS

On days when there is a left handed starting pitcher you switch Eric Campbell for Kirk or move Eric Young Jr to left and Campbell spell Duda. Personally I’d like to see Duda against lefties just to see if he’s the real deal as the everyday first baseman going forward.

The Mets bench is short a bat since the club is carrying 12 pitchers. When Dillion Gee comes back then a pitcher will go back to Vegas but the bench could use another lefty bat to go with Bobby Abreu. Chris Young is an albatross that needs to be removed from the Mets neck, not only for non-production but his right-handed bat is clogging up the works.

The bullpen has been the best we’ve seen in the Alderson Era, back end guys are strong in Vic Black, Jureys Famila and Jenry Mejia. Carlos Torres has been outstanding and can pitch anywhere from 3 innings of relief to closing out a game.  The lefties a very effective Josh Edgin and Dana Eveland and get the Mets out of trouble in the middle of games and you still have Vegas’ own Buddy Carlyle out there as well.

The biggest question with the bullpen is the management of it by Terry Collins. Collins acts surprised when his relievers show signs of fatigue and wonders why?  Collins has been a bit better at letting his starting pitchers go longer in games (I would believe it was whispered in his ear to do so by Sandy Alderson) which have helped cut down the 4-5 relievers a game that Collins seemed to employ at lot early in the season.

I know we all have a lot of apprehension as the season resumes as we’ve seen collapse after collapse from the Mets in the second half of season the last few years but I’m hoping there is no collapse, I’m hoping this team picks up where it left off at the break. I’m rooting hard for them to win as I’m so sick of losing baseball. I’m tired of all the negativity that surrounds the team and organization. For the rest of the season I don’t care about the Wilpon’s or payroll or who goes to Citi Field and who doesn’t, all I want to do is root for this team to make a solid run at a playoff spot.

We have all winter to bitch and moan, it summer, it’s time to root, root, root for the home team.


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