So the word around social media is that Terry Collins will return as Mets manager in 2015. Not a shock, he’s everything Sandy Alderson covets in a manager.  He follows orders, says all the right things in the press, TV and radio and is the essence of an organization man.

I and many of my fellow Mets fans would have relieved Collins of his managerial duties long ago. The nightly Twitter cries of angst have grown and grown season after season. Lousy lineups, abuse of relief pitchers, strategical blunders late in games make no difference to Mets front office; Terry Collins never utters a discouraging word even though the skies above Citi Field have been cloudy all four of his season as manager.

I can think of no other manager/head coach in this town who has gotten the free pass that Collins has. When you question his managerial acumen the Collins supporters, who are mostly folks who cash NY Daily News and SNY paychecks, give the same stock answer, “Collins has never been given a good roster to work with”. And whose fault is that? Those on the Daily News/SNY dole can’t utter the truth that the Wilpon’s are the reason for the sub-par roster since they have a bottom third payroll.

Last night was the perfect example on why I’m not buying into this wave of optimism some of my fellow Mets fans revel in that happy days are right around the corner. The rallying cry is “The young pitchers…..the young pitchers…….wait until you see all this gorgeous young pitching……………”   just like it was in 1995.

Ahhhhhh yes 1995 the year of Generation K. Paul Wilson, Jason Isringhausen and Bill Pulsipher were the second coming of Seaver, Gooden and Koosman. These three were going to lead the Mets to Promised Land of baseball dynasty proportions but on the way to baseball nirvana Wilson blew out his shoulder, Isringhausen acted like a preschooler and Pulsipher suffer from mental illness. The dynasty never happened.

I’m not saying that Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler and Noah Syndergard  (let’s add Jacob deGrom in there as well )will end up like Generation K, it’s just that the Mets have a history of building up top prospects to the height of heights only to have their hope blow up like Wily Coyote getting a package from the Acme Dynamite Co.

I’ve been in a Mets fan funk ever since I went to AT&T Park or as I like to call it “The Happiest Ball Park on Earth”. Giants fans love their team and let’s face it two World Series Championships in three years would make any fan base happier than Pharell in a dopey hat, but it’s not just the winning there is something about that ball park that makes even the casual fan want to come back.

The Giants allow fans to stand down by the lower level next to the dugouts to watch batting practice and try to snag an autograph. I repeat, the Giants allow fans to stand down by the lower level next to the dugouts to watch batting practice and try to snag an autograph. The ushers even ENCOURAGE kids to go down to the railing. Sharing is caring.

We had some great seats, second level club seats just below the broadcast booths. I got to say hi to Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper a/k/a Kruk & Kuip. There are displays all around the club level from bobble heads, to bats, gloves and memorabilia from Giants players past (loads of Mays, Marichal and McCovey stuff) and present (Tim Lincecum ‘s two no hitters and both World Series trophies)  as you walk around you know you’re in the home of the San Francisco Giants.  Ahhh but the Giants have not forgotten where they came from. Flags of the NY Giants championships fly above the ball park as do plaques for Christy Mathewson and John McGraw.  They have retired the numbers of NY Giant greats Bill Terry 3, Mel Ott 4, Carl Hubbell  11, Mote Irvin 20 to go along with San Francisco Giants greats Mays 24 Marichal 27, Cepeda 30, Perry 36, McCovey 44. Celebrating and remembering your historic past is a wonderful thing.

“Oh look Chinese food”!!!!!  Were the cry of joy from my wife and daughter when the saw a Chinese food concession stand at AT&T. Both were ecstatic when they were able to get chicken and broccoli over brown rice. In fact my wife wanted me to pass along to Mets management that not having a Chinese food concession at Citi Field was downright stupid.  Honey, I agree 100 %

But to me the best tribute to AT&T Park has to be when we were leaving after the game and my wife said to me “you know, if we lived here I wouldn’t mind getting season tickets” My knees buckled and I stuttered “whhhhhh-aaaa-ttttttt wa-sssss thhhh-aaaaa-tttt”” Yeah this is just a great ball park, such nice people, beautiful location, I’d love to come here again” She has never said that about Citi Field. I hope she enjoys her  Hunter Pence t-shirt. Take notice NY Mets take notice.


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