I’ve Got The Mets Bloggers Blues




I’ve been writing on this blog for 13 years and for 9 of those years it’s been fun. I couldn’t wait to post something here and discuss the wins, loses, positive steps the organization was making and pointing out their failures. But as I said the last 4 years have been a chore to the point where I really, really have to be motivated to post anything here.

There are just so many anti-owner and fire the manager and cut this guy and sign this guy and lower your ticket prices posts you can do before you realize, what’s the point.

Of the 4 teams I root for in pro sports, it’s the NY Mets I love the most and the one that gives back to me the least.

Rooting for the NY Giants, NY Rangers and Boston Celtics can be a challenge as well at times, but with those three teams I know that each and every owner, GM and coach is committed to winning. Can I say that about the Mets? Sadly no.

Not one of those organizations would allow a coach to stay on for four seasons with not just losing records but without any positive progress either.



It’s not just the fact the Terry Collins will most likely stay on as manager, it’s also the lack of confidence I have that the front office and ownership will make changes to the roster and make this team into a contender. As much good work as Sandy Alderson has done building a solid foundation with the farm system and trading veterans for solid prospects, he hasn’t shown that he can make the baseball trade where he deals his young talent for another teams young talent.

The ownership puts its tap shoes on when the question of raising the payroll out the Oriental Avenue territory to at least Marvin Gardens. Jeffy and Fred give us the ol’ okey-doke like the Abbot and Costello gag about 13 X 7= 21. The Skill Sets get $30 mil off the previous year’s payroll and spend just $20 mil of that and tell us that the payroll for that year is up $20mil. When Sandy Alderson is asked about the other $10 mil he goes into lawyer speak and our eyes glaze over and our minds turn to mush to the point where we forget what the question was.

The lethargy is even spreading to the TV broadcast booth. Thankfully Keith Hernandez keeps on being Keith Hernandez but I get the sense that both Gary Cohen and Ron Darling are a bit burned out from the suckitude of that last few seasons. When it’s just Gary and Ron the energy drops a bit. That’s not a criticism because really who can blame them for not getting juiced about this listless bunch.










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  1. I feel the same way everyday. It’s so difficult to maintain any semblance of a positive outlook, especially when you read that Collins will be back in 2015. Alderson has shown he can flip major league talent for prospects, but he’s yet to show he can add major league pieces to fill needs. His only attempts in trading for major league players he got toasted. The money he has spent has been largely unsuccessful and nowhere near the bang for the buck moneyball signings he was so acclaimed for. I suspect next spring training will be more of the same type team and same results, that is a 70-something win team. I didn’t even mention our sad-sack owners yet. I hope I’m wrong. But hang in there Steve, you’re in this with the rest of us. :-)

  2. James Preller says:

    I feel your pain.

    JP (2 Guys)

  3. I was definitely on board with the “Sandy Alderson hasn’t made a MLB trade”! I just read an article yesterday, I think, going trade by trade of Alderson’s through the years from like 1980 through his time with the A’s as GM! He went for it a lot at the deadline, & was aggressive in the offseason & more often than not, (like a 3 to 1 ratio) he won the trade! He can make those kinds of trades! I have confidence that when he does make those trades, he will win them more often than not! The real problem is, will this piece of crap ownership take the leash off Alderson & let him spend/trade as he wishes! That is and always has been the problem! THE COUPONS!

  4. Crap rolls downhill…and there is no larger amount of crap then at the top of the Mets’ heap.

  5. Dave Avery says:

    Steve, please don’t give up the ship. I make a point of checking your website every night for new insights because I enjoy your candor and appreciate you being a voice of the fan, even if the reality has been all too crappy the past several years to actually create uplifting subject matter. Our time will come again and I think it will be soon – whether it’s a couple of smart acquisitions or even if it takes a Dodger style commissioner’s intervention to make the New York National League franchise viable once again. Something has to give.

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