Com’on Sandy, Fred and Jeffey Show me the way to a pennant contender!!!!!!


I see that yesterday’s post struck a chord with many readers and fellow Mets bloggers who have the same feelings I do. Some even thought that yesterday was a swan song for me and The Eddie Kranepool Society. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The site and I are going nowhere, just like the team, YUCK! YUCK! YUCK! But seriously I been through many tough season with this team and as I always say if June 15th 1977 didn’t send me to root for another baseball team, nothing will.

It seems that my feelings and the feeling of the readers of this site are not alone in wondering if this team is one or two players from being a contender. None other than Andy Martino wrote about this subject today. In fact this passage sums up my feelings and I bet yours too:

Granted, it is unfair to use a small sample from any season as the basis for generalizations, and we all know about the Mets’ impressive stable of top young pitchers. But another play-the-kids, wait-till-next-year, dreary denouement has arrived, and it is difficult to avoid the feeling that we have seen this movie before, every August for half a decade, and the story never pushes forward.

Exactly, the first two seasons of second half collapse to where “let’s play the kids” was what we wanted. So now we’ve seen the kids the past four seasons and some of them a very good and some of them are just fringe players. The time has come to get bonafided major league players on this roster.

I would love to see Starling Castro on the Mets next year. Same with Melky Cabrea or Michael Morse  ( I would think the odds of Morse leaving the Giants as slim. Players on the San Francisco Giants love playing for the San Francisco Giants   ) the time has come to fortify this team with veteran players who have proven themselves at the big league level. If I knew for a fact that the game plan going into the off season was just that, I’d be a much happier Mets fan, the problem I have is will Sandy Alderson make a trade where he feels he’s getting the talent he needs and knowingly give up similar talent in return or does he feel he needs to fleece his fellow GM’s ? Is he ok with dealing quality pitching for quality hitting or does he only want to deal a B or C level prospect for Giancarlo Stanton?

The same goes for ownership. If I knew that the Skill Sets plan of attack is to invest money to acquire major league talent I’d be writing more sunny posts on this site.  The problem is the track record of all the parties involve both would have change to become vastly more aggressive in the way they do business for this team to turn around.

A change in manager would be a bonus as I can’t see how Alderson or the Skill Sets can’t see that the manager’s voice has gone stale; he has lost the ability to motivate this team. He is starting with the “guys are tired” routine he breaks out every late August and September. That’s what separates the winners from the losers. There is a reason they call this part of the season the dog days, it’s here where you separated the good teams from the bad. You see what teams have the desire to win and those teams that are just punching a time clock. The Mets have been punching the time clock for too many years and that has led to losing season and to unenthusiastic mind set of the fan base.

If you haven’t watched a game from the Oakland Coliseum (I know it’s another name but I like Oakland Coliseum better) in a while and you are a fan of our old home Shea Stadium, you are in for a treat with this 2 game meeting with the A’s. The Coliseum is called a dump by many but the fan atmosphere is second to none. The fans bring in bed sheet banners, various noise makers like drums and horns and they root like hell for their A’s . I’m telling you its Shea Stadium West.


I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to Bartolo Colon and his family on the passing of his mother yesterday in the Dominican Republic. I just hope that Bartolo arrived in the DR before his mom passed so he could say a final good-bye


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