Put your seat belt on as it’s purge my brain day here at The Eddie Kranepool Society, so the seat belt sign will remain on for this whole post as I’m expecting a lot of turbulence. The flight crew will be serving refreshments shortly.

How ridiculous is it that the Mets are looking to move Bartolo Colon and Daniel Murphy for the sole purpose of saving money. If that is not the insult of insults to Mets fan I don’t know how you can be more disrespected as a fan base.  If the Skill Sets were to put the team up for sale today, they would get over $2 billion dollars for the team, ball park and SNY easy. So the fact that they have the gall to run this team like a goddamn lemonade stand is disgusting.  All Bartolo Colon has done for the Mets is take the ball every fifth day and given his team every chance to win in just about every start. The guy is unflappable, give up a home run big deal rub up a new ball. Runners in scoring position no outs ? Don’t sweat it I’ll find a way to get out of it. Bullpen is gassed? I’ll go 7, 8 hell I’d go 9 if Terry Collins would just keep his ass in the dugout.  So instead of the mindset that good thing we have a work horse like Colon locked up for next season, the Mets are trying to unload him with the sole purpose of saving the $11 million he’s owed next season. Remember this is a team that has Dillon Gee who hits the DL at least twice a season, Jon Niese with a left shoulder that aches and needs a DL rest from time to time, Jacob deGrom who now has shoulder issues as well and has taken a DL sabbatical and of course Matt Harvey coming off Tommy John surgery so why not keep Colon around? Money, money and more money.

Daniel Murphy has done everything he’s been asked to do as a Met. He’s played wherever he’s been asked and he’s worked hard at those positions and yes he is the modern Dr. Strangeglove but the guy can hit and on a team without many guys who can hit, Murphy is a valuable commodity. Or so you would think. But Murphy makes over $5 mil for this season and has one year of arbitration eligibility. With the season he’s had, his arbitration figure should be no less than $10 mil., its’ that $10mil that will make Daniel Murphy and ex-Met. Sad isn’t it that a player who hits like Murph and uses Citi Field to his advantage by using the gaps, who at 29 years old should be looking at a multi-year deal instead  is wondering where  he will play in 2015.

How are the Wilpon’s allowed to run their team, a team that resides in the city that most people around the world look at as the center of the universe, a city where studio apartments are rented for about the same price as it would cost to buy half the land of the state of Idaho? Like they are from East Bubblefuck?  Is it because they have a deal with Bud Selig? Was the price for keeping control of the Mets after the Madoff financial tsunami that the Mets keep their payroll at small market level? Is Bud Selig the baseball version of a Mafia Don?

Yesterday I was listening to the Dan Patrick Show and his guest was Mark Cuban. Patrick asked Cuban about Selig asking if he was a good commissioner, Cuban responded that he felt Selig was a “horrible” commissioner. Cuban then spoke about how he wanted to buy the Texas Rangers when they were in the throes of bankruptcy and was denied by Selig. He then tried to purchase the Cubs and the Pirates. Denied and denied.  Why wouldn’t Bud Selig want Mark Cuban in the game?

Cuban said he heard that Selig was afraid “he would be another George Steinbrenner” spending lots of money and driving up player salaries and the fact that Cuban being the successful billionaire business man that he is was not going to take orders from a used car salesman, which brings me to my theory on why the Mets won’t raise payroll.

When Frank McCourt destroyed the Dodgers by taking all the teams profits to cover his lavish lifestyle, Gangster Bud did everything he could to get him out of the game. Selig knew McCourt was no use to him as he would not bow down to Emperor Bud. McCourt took MLB to court and fought tooth and nail to keep the Dodgers but between Selig and Jamie McCourt, Frank McCourt, as Mike Francesa would say “Came to wah wit a pee shootah” The Dodgers went bankrupt a bunch of hedgefund guys came in and bought the team for $2 billion dollars. Selig got his tribute and the price of MLB franchises all went up in value. Everybody wins.

That brings us to the Mets and the Wilpons. Fred Wilpon is a loyal solider of the Selig Army. Any other commissioner after the Madoff scandal would have told the Mets owners “you got to go”. How can a major professional sports team in NYC not have the capital to put a competitive team on the field? Any other commissioner would have brought in Wilpon and questioned him on how was he going to sustain his baseball team without all the ill-gotten gains that Bernie Madoff was supplying? Any other commissioner would have held the best interest of baseball clause over the Wilpon’s head giving them a time table to show that they still had the financial where with all to run the club. Ah but the Wilpon’s had something better for Selig, the chance to hold down salaries.

Knowing that the Wilpon’s were up shits creek without a paddle, Selig let it be known that he can save the owners from selling. He can arrange loans with banks that do business with MLB and for right now I can pass the hat around to the other owners for enough scratch to keep you going for a season or two but you have to get your payroll down into the bottom third of franchises for me to pull this off. How could the Wilpon’s say no?

The Wilpon’s are indebted to MLB and will not stray even under Commissioner elect Bob Manfred because even though Bud Selig is leaving as commissioner, he’s not going away and neither is the Mets $80 mil payroll.


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