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Viagra order canada  

Viagra order canada So we are all set for the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals to meet in the 2014 World Series. Viagra order canada  As a Mets fan this post season gets tougher and tougher to watch as we see ball parks full of fans (notice no empty seats at either AT&T or the K during games? No one hiding in clubs or standing on line for 3 innings for a hamburger) cheering their ass’s off. Viagra order canada It kills us to watch this, viagra order canada it hurts our blue and orange hearts as we want sooooooooooooooooo baddddddddddddddddddddly to have an October like we had in the 80’s and at the start of the new millennium.

Viagra order canada Many of us have been there, viagra order canada we know the feeling the cranks of SF and KC are going through. Viagra order canada We’ve also felt the pain of the Cardinal and Oriole fan as well. Viagra order canada But right now we are in baseball fan limbo. Viagra order canada Our beloved Mets are neither the worst team in baseball but are far from the best. Viagra order canada We have hope in our young pitchers and the fact that you can win with starting pitching that can go 6 or 7 innings as long as you have a deep and effective bullpen. Viagra order canada The Mets are on the verge of possessing both. Viagra order canada  But we lack the right leader to orchestrate the strategic pitching moves needed to win.

Viagra order canada Bruce Bochy taught Mike Matheny a lesson last night and I hope our manager was taking notes. Viagra order canada Matheny left Michael Wacha hung out to dry instead of going to Trevor Roesnthal in the 9th inning. Viagra order canada  Bochy, viagra order canada with the knowledge that his closer Santiago Casilla, viagra order canada who has been a lock down closer for the Giants all season , viagra order canada was working for the third day in a row and was showing signs of overthrowing, viagra order canada waited until Oscar Taveras  was announced as a pinch hitter to go bring in Jeremy Affeldt  for the lefty v. Viagra order canada left matchup which was won by Affeldt.

Viagra order canada Matheny then makes a move in the bottom of the 9th inning that will be discussed and dissected for years and years but may in fact lead to a change in pig headed philosophy in baseball. Viagra order canada  Instead of going with his closer Trevor Rosenthal because under the Gospel according to Tony LaRussa, viagra order canada”though shall not use thy closer in a tie game on the road”. Viagra order canada That’s fine for a Sunday game in August but here were the Cardinals fighting for their post season life. Viagra order canada At this point you go with the best arm you have which is Rosenthal, viagra order canada not a pitcher who has not thrown a meaningful pitch in 3 weeks and who has been hampered by a sore shoulder.

Viagra order canada From the outset you could see Wacha was not comfortable as he was squinting to get the signs from catcher Tony Cruz. Viagra order canada First batter Pablo Sandoval wasted no time with a first pitch single to center. Viagra order canada After Hunter Pence flied out (Sandy Alderson must start twitching when watching the Giants hit, viagra order canada there’s no hunting for strikes with them it just see it and rip it) to bring up Brandon Belt. Viagra order canada After seeing how aggressive Sandoval and Pence were, viagra order canada Wacha tried to keep his pitches down in the zone, viagra order canada problem is he never came close to the strike zone, viagra order canada walking Belt on 4 pitches. Viagra order canada How in the world does Matheny just sit back and not bounce out of the dugout and summon Rosenthal? Or Marco Gonzalez or Randy Choate for the lefty v. Viagra order canada lefty matchup against Travis Ishikawa? It leads one to believe that Matheny lost confidence in his pen. Viagra order canada You just knew when the count to Ishikawa went to 2-0 (6 straight pitches out of the strike zone by Wacha) that he was going to be swinging from his heels at the next pitch. Viagra order canada Sure enough the 2-0 pitch was down and in, viagra order canada just where left handed hitters like it, viagra order canada and Ishikawa swung and became an immortal player in Giants history.

Viagra order canada  

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