citi-field-in-new-york-12-17-13One of the very first expansion teams in baseball, the Mets have a good 50+ years of experience behind them, with countless great stories to tell along the way. In this article we’ll take a look at some Mets facts that you might not have heard before, all of which come courtesy of baseball betting site Best Betting Online and their baseball obsessed tipsters.

  1. Big Singer, Small Hitter

Pop and country superstar Garth Brooks once tried out for the Mets, although his baseball career was a little less illustrious than his singing career. Brooks launched a charity organization in 1998 along with MLB, who then gave him a shot at baseball superstardom. He trained with the Padres and was later offered a non-roster spot, only to decline it and then sign with the Mets the following season. He went zero-for-seventeen at bat and was promptly wiped from the memory of Mets players everywhere, save for a few bar-room chats that were no doubt followed up by calls of disbelief and frantic Googling.

  1. The Near-Death of a Legend

In 1997 Mr Met, the lovable Mets mascot, nearly met an untimely end at the barrel of a Secret Serviceman’s gun. Then president Bill Clinton was paying a visit to the stadium, during which a secret service agent warned him that if he ventured too close and pulled any of his antics near the president, they wouldn’t hesitate to put a bullet in his head. Or his baseball. Whatever he calls it.

  1. Mule Misadventures

Speaking of Mr Met, he is lucky to have made it this far as the Mets seriously considered an alternative mascot for many years. In 1979 they went with a mule, only to kick him to the curb the very next season. His name was Mettle and he took Mr Met’s place. Not only did the fans not respond to him, but his appearance was during one of their worst seasons of the decade.

  1. Like for Like

In 1962 the Mets picked up Harry Chiti from the Indians. They paid a lump sum and they also promised to give them a player in his place. The promise specifically stated “a player to be named later” which basically let them send the Indians whoever they wanted. As it happened, Chiti proved to be a bit of a flop, which allowed the Mets to fulfill their promise by giving him right back, effectively trading Chiti for Chiti.

  1. Running for Cover

Desperate to turn a poor run of form around, the Mets went the whole hog in 1965 by hiring professional sprinter Jesse Owens to coach their runners. It seemed like a smart idea, but it didn’t have any effect on the team and the next season they finished bottom, swiftly sending Owens on his way.

Okay, so you probably knew some of those already. Maybe we should have called those 5 Fun Facts instead of 5 Things You Didn’t Know, but hopefully you enjoyed them nonetheless.

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David_WrightNew York Mets fans have a reason to be happy because their team captain David Wright has declared that he is ready to make his spring training debut. While Wright’s return to the lineup will definitely improve the team’s online MLB sportsbook odds, it also means the team’s infield will be healthy when the season starts because manager Terry Collins said on Thursday that Asdrubal Cabrera will also be ready for the season opener.

Although the Mets invested heavily in Wright leading the team to the World Series, there are some concerns about his play declining since he is getting older (33 at the start of the season), and has been injury prone lately.

Last season, Wright was sidelined for a month due to a hamstring injury. While he was out, he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, which threatened his career. Wright remained sidelined for months but was eventually cleared to return to the team before the start of the playoffs.

Due to the seriousness of his spinal stenosis diagnosis, the Mets allowed Wright to conduct his offseason training at his own pace.

Wrights statistics last season were disappointing because he only played in 38 games. The severity of his condition won’t allow him to be an everyday player like he used to be, but he is expected to play more than he did last season.

Another thing the Mets are worried about when it comes to Wright is the fact that he is under contract until the 2020 season. With Wright scheduled to make $20 million in each of the next three seasons, the Mets have to be worried about paying a player that won’t be on the field every day that much money.

To make things worse, the Mets have young players like Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom, whose contracts are set to expire. With Wright making so much, it will be difficult for the Mets to resign all their promising young talent.

Due to his age, health, and contract, Wright would be hard to trade. Since he has a no-trade clause in his contract, he will be almost impossible to trade.

For his part, Wright seems anxious and ready to get back on the field. There is no question that he is mentally prepared for the grind of a 162 game season, but the Mets have to be wondering if his body will allow him to play most of the season.

If Wright is unable to get through the season, the Mets will probably have different players playing third base his season. If Cabrera stays healthy during the season, Terry Collins will probably put Wilmer Flores and Mark Reynolds in third base to allow Wright some time to rest if needed.

Mets fans don’t have to worry too much about their skipper playing a full season because the team was able to win the NL East and advance to the World Series with Wright playing in only 38 games.

Since they don’t have too many options, the Mets will take a wait and see approach with Wright and hope he can regain his old form and lead them back to the World Series for the second consecutive season.

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Remember how the New York Mets were hoping to show the world that they have taken over the city? Well, that never really happened. After seeing off Matt Harvey with their win on Saturday, they went ahead to lose their match on Friday night. As if that wasn’t enough, they embarrassed themselves on Sunday as their errors proved costly when they lost to the New York Yankees in the Subway Series Finale. After committing four errors, a season high figure on Sunday, we turn our attention to what they will do next and you can get the MLB betting lines for the Mets’ next games here.

So, what went wrong for the Mets on Sunday? Well, to begin with, Jonathan Niese didn’t give his A game as all the four errors that we have been talking about originated from the five innings which he pitched. The Mets’ only positive on the night was Curtis Granderson’s leadoff homerun. Daniel Murphy’s two doubles may however prove crucial in their quest. However with a 14 – 5 record in 19 games, the Mets’ can keep their heads up despite losing twice in three games against the Yankees. Their fans will however feel worried following a 10 – 0 home stand.

On the erroneous night few were impressed by the Mets with Flores, Campbell and Cuddyer seemingly competing on number of errors with Campbell proving the winner as he ran the bases in the sixth inning being doubled off first base on a routine fly ball. All this whilst still considering they’ve had only 9 errors in 18 games. Murphy also had a game to forget as he was on base with a walk and two hard-hit doubles with his manager coming to his defense claiming his hamstring injury which made him miss out on the better part of spring training. On the other hand it took Granderson 16 games to hit a home run as opposed to his past record of just eight games as he sent Nathan Eovaldi’s pitch straight into the seats. But the question is how will they respond as they face Miami Marlin’s on Monday night?

Rafael Montero is set to make a return against the Miami Marlins as the starting pitchers seek to earn a deserved rest. Montero in an outing with Las Vegas got up to 74 pitches while only allowing 4 runs and 6 hits at Reno.

Tuesday’s reports will get the Mets fans excited as they beat Miami 3-1 with Murphy delivering a three home runner. Following Monday’s win, Muno was dropped for Montero who may go back to Vegas after Tuesday’s game. Syndergaard overcame food poisoning in style in Las Vegas as he tossed a two hit and struck out 9 in an 8-0 win. Cecchini also returned from a groin injury while Gsellman pitched 6 in St. Lucie’s 7-1 win. Bobby Parnell is set to make his comeback after a forearm fatigue and he is hopeful of a strong return.

The Mets though hampered by the defeat to the Yankees which was downplayed came straight up with a win and look to continue their impressive record. This one defeat cannot be used against them to indicate a season killer as we expect them to bounce back and rectify their mistakes as they look to get back to winning ways.


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nba_jandunks_01NBA currently has a television deal with ESPN and Turner worth as much as $930 million. This deal is due for expiration in 2016. This explains why NBA got on a 9 year deal worth $24 billion. This kind of deal will translate to an increase in NBA’s salary cap and give rise to larger contracts, ticket prices and adverts.

You might think that NBA hit their jackpot with this kind of deal but it’s not so. They are having sleepless nights trying to increase on their current revenue. One of the other ways they will create more advertising space is through the use of player’s jerseys. Yes, they will place adverts on jerseys but this is just a rumour for now. This has been practised in many soccer leagues and has not interfered with the players’ performances and will not when it comes to basketball players.

From the look of things, it might not affect the fans directly, but might do so indirectly. This will bring about inflation in all aspects of the league and will alter basketball. We might not just compare this with soccer since this is a culture with them and might be something new with basketball.

The culture behind soccer and basketball betting is different and commercialism and social hierarchies are different in the USA compared to other parts of the world.

Basketball quality has always been changing but we must acknowledge that it is currently at a different point that it was in the past. Commercials and endorsement deals have propelled NBA players to a higher level of popularity. Players just have a lot of influence on who will be their coach and the kinds of teams they will be playing for.

If you are a basketball fan, then you can recall that in the times of San Antonio Spurs fans knew that the wins where made because of teamwork and not because of the stars who were playing the game. The game is coming to a change and inflation on the salary cap is significant. This being so, we would conclude that advertising plans and new TV deals affect the pattern.

As we speak, NBA will not stop at nothing to make more money. As a fan you should wake up and come to terms with what’s happening and demand for better quality at a better price. With smart use of the internet and social networks, it will be so easy for players to communicate your views.

Brace yourself, the 2014-15 season is approaching but you need to understand that NBA will go that extra mile to make sure that they raise enough money for the new season and to run the league.

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1The 2014 World Series is underway and the Kansas City Royals are taking on the San Francisco Giants for the ultimate honors in baseball. There are plenty of accolades to go around, and Kansas City certainly deserves praise for its monumental efforts in reaching the final stage of the competition. Baseball’s ultimate prize is up for grabs, and it’s going to be an absolute firecracker of a contest. Fans at home will no doubt be glued to their TV screens, PCs, smartphones and tablets for all the news, reviews, updates and results. In between the manic Internet surfing, there is always time for a little personal victory lap. If you’re in New Jersey, you’ve likely heard about the recent regulation permitting online gaming. It’s not baseball gaming, but it might as well be because it features edge-of-your-seat excitement coupled with big winning potential – it’s all there in abundance.

Caesars Online Casino Hits it out of the Park!

Everybody loves a winner and who better than Caesars to create an online gaming brand of note. All the illustrious entertainment that players have come to associate with Caesars Atlantic City is now available at its signature online gaming hub. This NJ online casino is filled with hard-hitting action from the moment you step up to the platform. Don’t worry about sliders and fast balls and curveballs – just click to play and you’re in. Everyone’s a winner at this online casino, but more of that later. The gaming variety is impressive, and it speaks volumes about the power of a user-friendly platform that prides itself in simplicity. Driven by HTML 5 technology, players can expect a hassle-free, no download gaming platform with all the bells and whistles they’ve come to love from the iconic brand. There’s been plenty of fine tuning along the way to get this online casino up to standard – but that’s what you would expect at the highest levels of the game.

Fully Licensed and Regulated Online Gaming – New Jersey Style received its official licensing and regulation in November 2013, and it has been in the major leagues ever since. As one of the top 3 brands in New Jersey, Caesars Online Casino raises the bar on excellence. Never complacent, and always striving for better, this online gaming destination is the crème de la crème. The gaming variety spans slots games, video poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and beyond. Each of the games loads up in seconds, and in no time at all you can be spinning and winning your way to the big time. But before you get started, there is the issue of compliance. According to the Department of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), all players must be at least 21 years of age and physically present in the state of New Jersey. The software is fully compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, iOS smartphones and tablets, PC and Mac too. It’s the all in one solution to online gaming for players. Geolocation tracking technology ensures that all real money play takes place within the state of New Jersey – nowhere else.

The beauty of this platform is that there is so much variety for players to enjoy. Slots games present players with big winning potential with no skills or strategy required. You could be a complete novice or a seasoned professional player and stand exactly the same chance of winning with whatever slots game you play. Some of the most popular slots games are: Big Vegas, Savannah Sunrise, King Kong, Rags to Riches, Star Trek and Monopoly Plus. If you fancy your skills at the tables, you will love the blackjack games on offer. These include Vegas Blackjack, European Blackjack and Win Win Blackjack. Roulette is always a big money-spinner, with titles like European Roulette, Double Roulette and standard Roulette. Video poker titles like Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces and Deuces Wild will test your poker prowess to the max. Table games like Online Baccarat, Raise It up and Ultimate Texas Hold’em are winners in anyone’s book. To cap it off, there are progressive jackpot games. These beauties are loaded with cash – they’re the equivalent of home runs in baseball.

Hot Dogs, Cracker Jacks, Beer and Caesars Online Casino…

3Caesars Online Casino games are a terrific accoutrement to the 7 game play-off series between the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals. All throughout the latter portion of October, leading into Halloween and beyond, players will be spoilt for choice with entertainment options. The San Francisco Giants took the first play off 7-1 against the Kansas City Royals, but KC fought back to claim a 7-2 victory in game two. Kaufmann Stadium and AT&T Park will be no doubt be packed to capacity with eager baseball fans cheering on their teams. Capacity crowds of over 40, 000 people are expected for each of the seven games, and those stadiums will be filled. When the winners are crowned on October 29, fans will erupt. Everyone is wondering if the KC Royals can break a 29 year drought by hoisting the World Series trophy, or whether the 2010 and 2012 winners – the San Francisco Giants – can do it for the third time. In between innings, fans in New Jersey will be able to keep the proverbial ball rolling with plenty of big winning potential at Caesars Online Casino. As an added incentive to get started, New Jersey players can enjoy a generous $10 welcome bonus (no deposit needed) and a dollar for dollar matching bonus up to $300 on their first deposit!


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The Mets are a New York professional baseball team that’s based in the borough of Queens, New York. The Mets were founded in 1962 and have been among the best teams in baseball. The longevity of the team gives you more reasons to bet on them.

But as you plan to make your bet on the Mets, there are some tips you should bear in mind.

Know your odds

You need to understand that money-line betting needs to be approached different compared to a point-spread. You need to be disciplined and not make it a habit investing huge on the Mets just because it is among your favourite teams. The Mets are a good choice to bet on, but you could still see that your bankroll is growing smaller when not careful.

Drill in your head that even pro teams lose.

Have a budget

Do not go blindly making a big bet on the Mets while you could have bet on another team or sport. You need to have a budget on the amounts to wager on each team or game. Have a budget for the whole season is you may. This way, you will be in a position to bet through the whole season.

Know who is playing

You need to be cautious on who will be playing and who will not. This way, you will know whether the team is likely to win or not. If there will be major players out of the game at your time of betting, then you might consider supporting the opponents team. In most cases, when the Mets are having consecutive games, there will be major players placed on the bench to handle the crucial games against strong opponents or games that might not be of much relevance.

To assist you in making a smarter bet, the sportsbook you will be betting with will always have the start pitchers in any baseball bet right next to the game lines. This is because the start pitcher is the individual player who has control over the odds in the game.


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Now there’s an interesting question to pose? Is it at all humanly possible for them to drag themselves back into the title race?

You might say they are almost mid table, but that would be unfair. They currently sit within the top 10, but with stiff competition from the likes of Tottenham and Crystal Palace who have hearts desirous of a win against Man United – anything could happen.

The odds on who will win the Premiership have been focussing on Chelsea and Man City, but with Southampton having such a blistering start, companies like Sbobet and Mansion M88 are changing their odds weekly.

Let’s have a quick look at the teams involved and their current season so far.

Man United – well we all know they’ve not had a great start with only 2 wins so far this season in the Premiership. But it’s not that they haven’t been scoring, the problem is they’ve been conceding goals at the wrong times. With a 5-3 defeat against Leicester, they hit a low patch and now they need to start to turn things around. For all your Man United fans out there, we feel for you, we really do.

Tottenham – a dark horse and a silent favourite of many fans. Many of us like to see Tottenham do well, and this season could be their crowning glory. Last season 2013/14 they managed to get 6th position, just outside qualification to European competition. Always a great disappointment but a great catalyst for this year’s Premiership.

Swansea have had a fabulous run over the last few years, reaching the Premiership for the 2011/12 season reaching 11th. Then in the 2013/14 season they won their 1st piece of major silverware- the League Cup. They are definitely a team to watch this season!

So even looking at those three teams, excluding the BIG 2 – it really is anyone’s championship.

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The Mets will have a new home in 2014 and it’s with a very old name.

The Amazin’s and Clear Channel reached an agreement to put the Mets on WOR 710, one of the five 50, 000 watt stations on New York’s AM dial (the others being WABC, WCBS, WINS and of course the vacated WFAN).

“This breakthrough partnership provides us with the ability to serve our loyal fans and attract a new generation of fans through Clear Channel’s massive reach and ability to target key demographics across the New York market, ” said Mets COO Jeff Wilpon in a statement. “Our agreement delivers more promotion of the club to a broader audience than this franchise ever has had before with additional opportunities to advance our efforts to make Citi Field one of the leading sports and entertainment destinations in the country.”

So before everyone gets worked up about not having the Mets in their favorite place and looks forward to Super Bowl XLIX, this seems like a pretty decent deal for the Mets. They will be promoted on all Clear Channel New York Stations, including, Z100 (100.3 WHTZ-FM), KTU (103.5 WKTU-FM), LITE FM (106.7 WLTW-FM), Q104.3 (104.3 WAXQ-FM), Power 105.1 (105.1 WWPR-FM) and WOR 710 AM and on the digital properties like iHeartRadio.

Plus Clear Channel will be helping to run the in game entertainment for the Mets, something that may need a little boost.

“WOR is a powerful, high potential complement to our existing New York brands, and it’s an incredible opportunity for us to be able to bring the Mets programming to WOR’s lineup and the rest of our New York cluster, ” said John Hogan, Chairman and CEO, Clear Channel and Entertainment in a statement.  “We look at this investment not only as an opportunity to establish WOR as a destination to a broader audience, but to also to drive further awareness and growth of the Mets through our unique multiplatform capabilities and programming — radio, digital, outdoor and live events.”

So this could be a very good relationship, and maybe even help the Met fans forget about WFAN.


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During the summer months, one of the most watched sports would be that of Major League Baseball. Today, many people around the world watch the sport as it is broadcast internationally. One team that has quite a following is the New York Mets. Fans for this team are very loyal, sticking by their team through the thick and thin. Another way these fans express themselves is by placing sports bets on their team’s games.

Fans have many different kinds of baseball bets they can make. Some will stick with one type while others may place multiple bets of different types. One of these includes over and under betting. This particular bet isn’t dependent upon which team wins but rather what the combined final score is. Bookmakers will set a total prior to the game. This number will always include a decimal to prevent any bets needing to be cancelled. An upcoming game between the New York Mets and the Washington Nationals may have the total set at 7.5. An over bet would win if the total score is 8 or higher. On the flip side, an under bet would win if the total score is 7 or less.

After sports bets have been made, if fans want some more baseball related fun they should try out one of the many baseball themed slot machines that can be found at online casinos like Lucky Nugget. A popular one is the King of Swing. This slot machine game actually lets players have a turn at bat when they get to the homerun derby bonus round. Nine pitches are thrown and depending upon the result of each hit, free spins and bonus multipliers may be awarded. With many successful hits, the rewards could pile up fast. The homerun derby is triggered with pitcher symbols appearing on the reels.

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When it comes to living under the microscope of the public eye, pro athletes have to endure the same level of public scrutiny as their silver screen counterparts. This often means that their bad behavior is broadcasted to the world — especially when one of our beloved ball players has broken the law.

While criminal activity and sports is nothing new, these MLB baseball players top the charts in terms of outlandish arrest stories. Here are the top 5 craziest arrests in all of major league baseball’s storied history.

1) Mike Leake

You’d think that a salary of $425, 000 (plus a signing bonus of 2.3 million) would be enough cash for Leake to enjoy a comfortable living. However, many Reds fans were left scratching their heads in bewilderment when this wealthy pro athlete was arrested in 2011 for. . . misdemeanor shoplifting? Apparently Leake took a page from fellow five-fingered celebrity bandit, Winona Ryder, when he stole six t-shirts off the clearance rack at a Macy’s Department store. Maybe he just didn’t want to wait in line?

2) Pete Rose

Rose was yet another well-paid ballplayer who felt the need to have a side hustle to make extra cash. In 1990, Rose plead guilty on two counts of tax evasion for failing to report earnings he made through selling autographed memorabilia, and horse race winnings.

Unlike his colleague Mike Leake, Rose’s crime amounted to over $366, 000 which he eventually had to pay in back taxes and interest. His punishment was more severe as well. While Leake merely received a slap on the wrist and an embarrassing  charge on his criminal arrest record, Rose was sentenced to five months in a medium security prison, fined $50, 000, and ordered to complete 1, 000 hours of community service.

3) Jim Leyritz

Our list takes a more serious turn when Yankees playoff hero, Jim Leyritz, when he was arrested in 2007 after he was involved in a drunk driving crash that killed the other driver. Leyritz was charged with a DUI and vehicular manslaughter. It was later discovered that the other driver who killed was also intoxicated and Leyritz was acquitted of his manslaughter charge three years later in 2010. To make legal matters even worse for Leyritz, he was also arrested in 2009 on an unrelated charge of battery against his former wife.

4) Byron McLaughlin

McLaughlin proves that pro baseball players getting arrested is nothing new. Back in the late ‘70s, McLaughlin played baseball for the Seattle Mariners by day, and ran a shady counterfeit shoe business by night. McLaughlin partnered with Korean manufacturers to create knock-offs of popular name brands such as Converse, Adidas, and Vans.

McLaughlin was selling the shoes across the border in Mexico, sometimes bringing in over $750, 000 in just one month! The craziest part of this story? After McLaughlin plead guilty to money laundering charges, he fled the country and has never been seen since!

The 2013 MLB season has just started, and hopefully the latest round of draft picks won’t struggle with the same ethical dilemmas as their pro baseball predecessors.

Author byline: Jessica Ruane is a writer for Instant, an online service that provides arrest records to the general public.

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