Wake Up Mets Fans, It’s 2015

I hope the promotion of Dilison Herrera comes with instructions for the manager that (a) Herrera is to play every day the rest of the season and (b) is never to be put in the 8th spot of the lineup. If the instructions are carried out by Terry Collins, it will force Mets fans to watch the team for the rest of the season.

I was more than a little surprised that Herrera got the call to replace Daniel Murphy who is now disabled.  It surprised me as this is not a typical Mets move. Herrera is only 20 years old and the Mets have some farm hands that are close to AARP eligibility.  Maybe this is a step in a new and exciting direction as I’ve felt the organization is too timid with challenging their prospects especially those players who were drafted out of college.  It also tells me that the payroll for next season will be about where it is for this season.

I’m sure the orders are play Herrera everyday even when (if?) Murph is healed and off the DL. If Herrera can show he can hit big league pitching and play a solid second base, then it’s good bye Murphy at a savings of close to $8.5-$10 mil which is what he’d get via arbitration.

Also the little nugget about Travis d’Arnaud getting a look-see in left field is both a miss-direction play and a money saver with health worries as a side dish. I’m sure part of the thinking of moving TDA to LF was discussed with his suffering of concussions as a concern plus Kevin Plawicki, a 24 year old, four year college player in the Big 10, proving nothing more in Triple A and needs to be brought up to the big leagues (same with Noah Syndergaard like Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler before him, he’s bored stiff with the competition of the PCL, he needs to be brought up to the big league NOW )is part of the this discussion as well. Oh and don’t forget money as the root of this thinking out loud move  too.

You could look at the promotion of Herrera and the talk of TDA to the outfield as a way for the Mets to stop the flood of negativity from the fan base. This is season six of playing out the string and many Mets fans are ready to turn off their Mets fandom for the year and concentrate on their favorite football team’s season. Add in that school starts next week and the days getting shorter (I was taken aback a bit last night while walking thru Times Square at 7:30 it was kind of dark) the attendance at Citi Field could just nudge above five digits, so the organization needs something to save some relevance in the NYC sports scene. So instead of screaming about the awful in game managing of Terry Collins, Mets Twitter can now dissect each at bat of Dilson Herrera’ major league career.


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Did Bud Selig Make The Wilpon’s An Offer They Couldn’t Refuse ?


Put your seat belt on as it’s purge my brain day here at The Eddie Kranepool Society, so the seat belt sign will remain on for this whole post as I’m expecting a lot of turbulence. The flight crew will be serving refreshments shortly.

How ridiculous is it that the Mets are looking to move Bartolo Colon and Daniel Murphy for the sole purpose of saving money. If that is not the insult of insults to Mets fan I don’t know how you can be more disrespected as a fan base.  If the Skill Sets were to put the team up for sale today, they would get over $2 billion dollars for the team, ball park and SNY easy. So the fact that they have the gall to run this team like a goddamn lemonade stand is disgusting.  All Bartolo Colon has done for the Mets is take the ball every fifth day and given his team every chance to win in just about every start. The guy is unflappable, give up a home run big deal rub up a new ball. Runners in scoring position no outs ? Don’t sweat it I’ll find a way to get out of it. Bullpen is gassed? I’ll go 7, 8 hell I’d go 9 if Terry Collins would just keep his ass in the dugout.  So instead of the mindset that good thing we have a work horse like Colon locked up for next season, the Mets are trying to unload him with the sole purpose of saving the $11 million he’s owed next season. Remember this is a team that has Dillon Gee who hits the DL at least twice a season, Jon Niese with a left shoulder that aches and needs a DL rest from time to time, Jacob deGrom who now has shoulder issues as well and has taken a DL sabbatical and of course Matt Harvey coming off Tommy John surgery so why not keep Colon around? Money, money and more money.

Daniel Murphy has done everything he’s been asked to do as a Met. He’s played wherever he’s been asked and he’s worked hard at those positions and yes he is the modern Dr. Strangeglove but the guy can hit and on a team without many guys who can hit, Murphy is a valuable commodity. Or so you would think. But Murphy makes over $5 mil for this season and has one year of arbitration eligibility. With the season he’s had, his arbitration figure should be no less than $10 mil., its’ that $10mil that will make Daniel Murphy and ex-Met. Sad isn’t it that a player who hits like Murph and uses Citi Field to his advantage by using the gaps, who at 29 years old should be looking at a multi-year deal instead  is wondering where  he will play in 2015.

How are the Wilpon’s allowed to run their team, a team that resides in the city that most people around the world look at as the center of the universe, a city where studio apartments are rented for about the same price as it would cost to buy half the land of the state of Idaho? Like they are from East Bubblefuck?  Is it because they have a deal with Bud Selig? Was the price for keeping control of the Mets after the Madoff financial tsunami that the Mets keep their payroll at small market level? Is Bud Selig the baseball version of a Mafia Don?

Yesterday I was listening to the Dan Patrick Show and his guest was Mark Cuban. Patrick asked Cuban about Selig asking if he was a good commissioner, Cuban responded that he felt Selig was a “horrible” commissioner. Cuban then spoke about how he wanted to buy the Texas Rangers when they were in the throes of bankruptcy and was denied by Selig. He then tried to purchase the Cubs and the Pirates. Denied and denied.  Why wouldn’t Bud Selig want Mark Cuban in the game?

Cuban said he heard that Selig was afraid “he would be another George Steinbrenner” spending lots of money and driving up player salaries and the fact that Cuban being the successful billionaire business man that he is was not going to take orders from a used car salesman, which brings me to my theory on why the Mets won’t raise payroll.

When Frank McCourt destroyed the Dodgers by taking all the teams profits to cover his lavish lifestyle, Gangster Bud did everything he could to get him out of the game. Selig knew McCourt was no use to him as he would not bow down to Emperor Bud. McCourt took MLB to court and fought tooth and nail to keep the Dodgers but between Selig and Jamie McCourt, Frank McCourt, as Mike Francesa would say “Came to wah wit a pee shootah” The Dodgers went bankrupt a bunch of hedgefund guys came in and bought the team for $2 billion dollars. Selig got his tribute and the price of MLB franchises all went up in value. Everybody wins.

That brings us to the Mets and the Wilpons. Fred Wilpon is a loyal solider of the Selig Army. Any other commissioner after the Madoff scandal would have told the Mets owners “you got to go”. How can a major professional sports team in NYC not have the capital to put a competitive team on the field? Any other commissioner would have brought in Wilpon and questioned him on how was he going to sustain his baseball team without all the ill-gotten gains that Bernie Madoff was supplying? Any other commissioner would have held the best interest of baseball clause over the Wilpon’s head giving them a time table to show that they still had the financial where with all to run the club. Ah but the Wilpon’s had something better for Selig, the chance to hold down salaries.

Knowing that the Wilpon’s were up shits creek without a paddle, Selig let it be known that he can save the owners from selling. He can arrange loans with banks that do business with MLB and for right now I can pass the hat around to the other owners for enough scratch to keep you going for a season or two but you have to get your payroll down into the bottom third of franchises for me to pull this off. How could the Wilpon’s say no?

The Wilpon’s are indebted to MLB and will not stray even under Commissioner elect Bob Manfred because even though Bud Selig is leaving as commissioner, he’s not going away and neither is the Mets $80 mil payroll.


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Keane on Sports Podcast 8-20-14


Popular Music Internet Radio with WBAR NYC on BlogTalkRadio


On the latest episode of Keane on Sports Podcast, my guest was Jeffery Radice, the producer/director of a documentary on the life of Dock Ellis titled NO NO: A Dockumentary. We discussed the film and Ellis and a lot of 1970′s baseball and life in America back in the 70′s.

I have seen the film and it is just fantastic.   From the clips of Ellis and the Pittsburgh Pirates in action, to the interviews with Ellis’s former teammates,  family and friends you find out there was much more to Dock Ellis than just the no hitter pitched while he was on acid and for wearing curlers in his hair on the field.

You can also download Keane on Sports on iTunes along with all of WBAR radio’s programing as well.


While we are on the movie front, Heather Quinlan needs a little more help in raising the $50K needed to fund her project “’86 Mets: The Movie. Please, please, please go to her kickstarter site and contribute what you can to this cause .


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I Want Youuuuuu To Show Me The Way




Com’on Sandy, Fred and Jeffey Show me the way to a pennant contender!!!!!!


I see that yesterday’s post struck a chord with many readers and fellow Mets bloggers who have the same feelings I do. Some even thought that yesterday was a swan song for me and The Eddie Kranepool Society. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The site and I are going nowhere, just like the team, YUCK! YUCK! YUCK! But seriously I been through many tough season with this team and as I always say if June 15th 1977 didn’t send me to root for another baseball team, nothing will.

It seems that my feelings and the feeling of the readers of this site are not alone in wondering if this team is one or two players from being a contender. None other than Andy Martino wrote about this subject today. In fact this passage sums up my feelings and I bet yours too:

Granted, it is unfair to use a small sample from any season as the basis for generalizations, and we all know about the Mets’ impressive stable of top young pitchers. But another play-the-kids, wait-till-next-year, dreary denouement has arrived, and it is difficult to avoid the feeling that we have seen this movie before, every August for half a decade, and the story never pushes forward.

Exactly, the first two seasons of second half collapse to where “let’s play the kids” was what we wanted. So now we’ve seen the kids the past four seasons and some of them a very good and some of them are just fringe players. The time has come to get bonafided major league players on this roster.

I would love to see Starling Castro on the Mets next year. Same with Melky Cabrea or Michael Morse  ( I would think the odds of Morse leaving the Giants as slim. Players on the San Francisco Giants love playing for the San Francisco Giants   ) the time has come to fortify this team with veteran players who have proven themselves at the big league level. If I knew for a fact that the game plan going into the off season was just that, I’d be a much happier Mets fan, the problem I have is will Sandy Alderson make a trade where he feels he’s getting the talent he needs and knowingly give up similar talent in return or does he feel he needs to fleece his fellow GM’s ? Is he ok with dealing quality pitching for quality hitting or does he only want to deal a B or C level prospect for Giancarlo Stanton?

The same goes for ownership. If I knew that the Skill Sets plan of attack is to invest money to acquire major league talent I’d be writing more sunny posts on this site.  The problem is the track record of all the parties involve both would have change to become vastly more aggressive in the way they do business for this team to turn around.

A change in manager would be a bonus as I can’t see how Alderson or the Skill Sets can’t see that the manager’s voice has gone stale; he has lost the ability to motivate this team. He is starting with the “guys are tired” routine he breaks out every late August and September. That’s what separates the winners from the losers. There is a reason they call this part of the season the dog days, it’s here where you separated the good teams from the bad. You see what teams have the desire to win and those teams that are just punching a time clock. The Mets have been punching the time clock for too many years and that has led to losing season and to unenthusiastic mind set of the fan base.

If you haven’t watched a game from the Oakland Coliseum (I know it’s another name but I like Oakland Coliseum better) in a while and you are a fan of our old home Shea Stadium, you are in for a treat with this 2 game meeting with the A’s. The Coliseum is called a dump by many but the fan atmosphere is second to none. The fans bring in bed sheet banners, various noise makers like drums and horns and they root like hell for their A’s . I’m telling you its Shea Stadium West.


I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to Bartolo Colon and his family on the passing of his mother yesterday in the Dominican Republic. I just hope that Bartolo arrived in the DR before his mom passed so he could say a final good-bye


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I’ve Got The Mets Bloggers Blues




I’ve been writing on this blog for 13 years and for 9 of those years it’s been fun. I couldn’t wait to post something here and discuss the wins, loses, positive steps the organization was making and pointing out their failures. But as I said the last 4 years have been a chore to the point where I really, really have to be motivated to post anything here.

There are just so many anti-owner and fire the manager and cut this guy and sign this guy and lower your ticket prices posts you can do before you realize, what’s the point.

Of the 4 teams I root for in pro sports, it’s the NY Mets I love the most and the one that gives back to me the least.

Rooting for the NY Giants, NY Rangers and Boston Celtics can be a challenge as well at times, but with those three teams I know that each and every owner, GM and coach is committed to winning. Can I say that about the Mets? Sadly no.

Not one of those organizations would allow a coach to stay on for four seasons with not just losing records but without any positive progress either.



It’s not just the fact the Terry Collins will most likely stay on as manager, it’s also the lack of confidence I have that the front office and ownership will make changes to the roster and make this team into a contender. As much good work as Sandy Alderson has done building a solid foundation with the farm system and trading veterans for solid prospects, he hasn’t shown that he can make the baseball trade where he deals his young talent for another teams young talent.

The ownership puts its tap shoes on when the question of raising the payroll out the Oriental Avenue territory to at least Marvin Gardens. Jeffy and Fred give us the ol’ okey-doke like the Abbot and Costello gag about 13 X 7= 21. The Skill Sets get $30 mil off the previous year’s payroll and spend just $20 mil of that and tell us that the payroll for that year is up $20mil. When Sandy Alderson is asked about the other $10 mil he goes into lawyer speak and our eyes glaze over and our minds turn to mush to the point where we forget what the question was.

The lethargy is even spreading to the TV broadcast booth. Thankfully Keith Hernandez keeps on being Keith Hernandez but I get the sense that both Gary Cohen and Ron Darling are a bit burned out from the suckitude of that last few seasons. When it’s just Gary and Ron the energy drops a bit. That’s not a criticism because really who can blame them for not getting juiced about this listless bunch.










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Terry Collins Will Be Back In 2015, Oh How I Miss AT&T Park


So the word around social media is that Terry Collins will return as Mets manager in 2015. Not a shock, he’s everything Sandy Alderson covets in a manager.  He follows orders, says all the right things in the press, TV and radio and is the essence of an organization man.

I and many of my fellow Mets fans would have relieved Collins of his managerial duties long ago. The nightly Twitter cries of angst have grown and grown season after season. Lousy lineups, abuse of relief pitchers, strategical blunders late in games make no difference to Mets front office; Terry Collins never utters a discouraging word even though the skies above Citi Field have been cloudy all four of his season as manager.

I can think of no other manager/head coach in this town who has gotten the free pass that Collins has. When you question his managerial acumen the Collins supporters, who are mostly folks who cash NY Daily News and SNY paychecks, give the same stock answer, “Collins has never been given a good roster to work with”. And whose fault is that? Those on the Daily News/SNY dole can’t utter the truth that the Wilpon’s are the reason for the sub-par roster since they have a bottom third payroll.

Last night was the perfect example on why I’m not buying into this wave of optimism some of my fellow Mets fans revel in that happy days are right around the corner. The rallying cry is “The young pitchers…..the young pitchers…….wait until you see all this gorgeous young pitching……………”   just like it was in 1995.

Ahhhhhh yes 1995 the year of Generation K. Paul Wilson, Jason Isringhausen and Bill Pulsipher were the second coming of Seaver, Gooden and Koosman. These three were going to lead the Mets to Promised Land of baseball dynasty proportions but on the way to baseball nirvana Wilson blew out his shoulder, Isringhausen acted like a preschooler and Pulsipher suffer from mental illness. The dynasty never happened.

I’m not saying that Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler and Noah Syndergard  (let’s add Jacob deGrom in there as well )will end up like Generation K, it’s just that the Mets have a history of building up top prospects to the height of heights only to have their hope blow up like Wily Coyote getting a package from the Acme Dynamite Co.

I’ve been in a Mets fan funk ever since I went to AT&T Park or as I like to call it “The Happiest Ball Park on Earth”. Giants fans love their team and let’s face it two World Series Championships in three years would make any fan base happier than Pharell in a dopey hat, but it’s not just the winning there is something about that ball park that makes even the casual fan want to come back.

The Giants allow fans to stand down by the lower level next to the dugouts to watch batting practice and try to snag an autograph. I repeat, the Giants allow fans to stand down by the lower level next to the dugouts to watch batting practice and try to snag an autograph. The ushers even ENCOURAGE kids to go down to the railing. Sharing is caring.

We had some great seats, second level club seats just below the broadcast booths. I got to say hi to Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper a/k/a Kruk & Kuip. There are displays all around the club level from bobble heads, to bats, gloves and memorabilia from Giants players past (loads of Mays, Marichal and McCovey stuff) and present (Tim Lincecum ‘s two no hitters and both World Series trophies)  as you walk around you know you’re in the home of the San Francisco Giants.  Ahhh but the Giants have not forgotten where they came from. Flags of the NY Giants championships fly above the ball park as do plaques for Christy Mathewson and John McGraw.  They have retired the numbers of NY Giant greats Bill Terry 3, Mel Ott 4, Carl Hubbell  11, Mote Irvin 20 to go along with San Francisco Giants greats Mays 24 Marichal 27, Cepeda 30, Perry 36, McCovey 44. Celebrating and remembering your historic past is a wonderful thing.

“Oh look Chinese food”!!!!!  Were the cry of joy from my wife and daughter when the saw a Chinese food concession stand at AT&T. Both were ecstatic when they were able to get chicken and broccoli over brown rice. In fact my wife wanted me to pass along to Mets management that not having a Chinese food concession at Citi Field was downright stupid.  Honey, I agree 100 %

But to me the best tribute to AT&T Park has to be when we were leaving after the game and my wife said to me “you know, if we lived here I wouldn’t mind getting season tickets” My knees buckled and I stuttered “whhhhhh-aaaa-ttttttt wa-sssss thhhh-aaaaa-tttt”” Yeah this is just a great ball park, such nice people, beautiful location, I’d love to come here again” She has never said that about Citi Field. I hope she enjoys her  Hunter Pence t-shirt. Take notice NY Mets take notice.


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For The NY Mets 2015 Came Early


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We had a lively episode of The Kult of Mets Personalities this past Saturday, 

Back after a two week vacation and I wish I were still in California, still sitting on the beach in Santa Monica watching the “sights” but vacations come to an end and for the first time in my work career I dread going back. If I could I’d retire in heartbeat and set up my sand chair on the beach at Santa Monica and do some “sightseeing”

The NY Mets 2014 season ended last Thursday when the team lost to the Nationals in 13 innings.  Sandy Alderson threw in the towel when it was announced that Chris Young would be cut and Matt den Dekker would be promoted from Las Vegas. It was also announced that Wilmer Flores would take over as the everyday shortstop and Ruben Tejada and his impotent bat would ride the pine as a utility player.    Alderson has started his 2015 off season work by allowing the younger players playing time to evaluate who stays and who goes in trade. This off season will be what the Alderson legacy will be remembered for. The Mets are set to have a losing record for the sixth consecutive season, Alderson and the entire organization cannot survive a seventh losing season.  Alderson has to demand that ownership give him the money he needs to procure talent and stop running this team like its a five and dime. No one says you need to spend money just to spend but if Alderson sees a player he wants either via trade or free agency, the Wilpon’s must give him the financial resources to get that player or players. I don’t care if they have to rob a bank or loot Uncle Saul’s palatial Long Island estate, the time has come to stop the bullshit and get back to winning. Enough is enough.

One of the moves Alderson must make and it is painfully obvious, is to change the manager. I don’t want to see Terry Collins get fired, just reassigned. Let him play out his final year of his contract in St. Luice, where he lives, and work with the minor leaguers. That’s his strength.

I’m not going to rant about Collins, we all know his short comings and let’s face it what other manager could survive four consecutive losing seasons and still keep his job? Add in Collins terrible tactical moves especially late in ball games and his continued burn the bullpen to the ground mentality. I don’t see how anyone can argue that Collins deserves a fifth season as Mets manager.

Jacob deGrom is going for an MRI on his sore right shoulder. Yesterday during the Mets pre-game show, Mr. Excitement, Steve Gelbs when sending it out to the lovely and talented Kevin Burkhardt in Philadelphia said that deGrom and the Mets were not overly concerned about his shoulder but the MRI was a precaution.  Ah, but what makes Burkhardt the star that he is said to Gelbs ”remember this is the Mets we’re talking about here” Oh how we are going to miss Kevin on SNY telecasts not only is he a great guy but he also “gets it” he knows what the Mets and being a Mets fan is all about, expect the worst and hope it’s not too bad.

If you are not a football fan you may want to become one as Burkhardt and his partner the former All-Pro  DB and a member of the Tampa Bay Bucs Super Bowl championship team John Lynch are the #2 NFL on FOX announcing team. Hopefully they get a lot of Giants games this season.

While out in California we stayed in San Francisco for a few days and we were able to go to AT&T Park to see the Giants play the Pittsburgh Pirates. Some observations of AT&T and the experience of a Giants game:

Many people told how beautiful AT&T was and how much I would love it, they weren’t kidding. What a place to watch a ball game. Instead of chop shops and desolation as a back drop, you have San Francisco Bay and McCovey Cove. You also have statues of players Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Juan Marichal and Orlando Cepeda. There is also a statue of a seal which I found out is dedicated to the San Francisco Seals of the Pacific Coast League.  The Giants also remember where they came from with plaques that honor Christy Mathewson and John McGraw and flags around the upper deck of the ball park that commemorate the five World Series won as the New York Giants.

The NY Mets organization should be ashamed of themselves for not doing more to celebrate the history of the club than they have. I don’t  know why ownership has such a rotten attitude toward the years prior to 1980 when they bought the club. How can you explain why there is not a statue of Tom Seaver or Gil Hodges or Casey Stengel.   How could you not get the address of Citi Field to be named 41 Tom Seaver Drive or 14 Gil Hodges Plaza?  Why aren’t there any plaques of Ed Kranepool, Jerry Koosman, Rusty Staub, Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry or Davey Johnson to name just a few great old Mets?

One of the best plaques I saw at AT&T was of Dick Dietz the old Giants catcher from the late 1960’s. I stared at the plaque for about 10 minutes until my son asked if I was okay. I told I’m fine I’m just visualizing the Game of the Week back then that were televised from Candlestick Park, with wind swirling and Willie Mays running balls down in the outfield that had the chain link fence and Big Stretch McCovey hitting home runs and Juan Marichal and the big leg kick pitching to either Dick Dietz or Jack Hiatt.  The plaque did its job, it made me remember.

The Giants organization know how to educate its younger fan base and help the older ones remember not just the past but the reason why we love baseball and our teams. I will always love the NY Mets I just wish the ownership loved them as much as I do.



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Keep It Coming Mets, Keep It Coming Mets, Don’t Stop It Now, Don’t Stop It No….

Let’s Go Mets!!! Keep the wins coming!!! Laugh all you want but the 1970′s were FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! 

With the four day celebration of the life and career of Derek Jeter finally ending, we can now get back to the unofficial second half of the baseball season, but before we do a couple of things about the All Star Game:

I don’t think Jeter was comfortable at all with all the hoopla regaled on him at the All-Star Game. In fact he turned down a request by FOX to wear a microphone during the game and when he was removed from the game it looked as though he was motioning to the home plate umpire to move the game along.

It’s was more MLB and FOX that decided to ram the this Jeter celebration down our throats not understanding that while the majority of baseball fans are not Yankee fans, there is respect for the way Jeter has played throughout his career but to lay on the schmaltz as thick as FOX/MLB did during the game brought out the Yankee hater in all of us.

If that wasn’t bad enough there was that awful exchange between Erin Andrews and Adam Wainright. I don’t get how Erin Andrews has become the go to on field reporter for FOX. I mean I get the whole blonde and perky, which is a FOX staple but is there anyone in the corporate suite watching or listening to her when she conducts interviews?  Why have Andrews talk to Wainright about the “pitch down pipe” comment when you have Ken Rosenthal on the broadcast?

Of all the places in the world he could be at, the last place Joe Buck wanted to be was in Minneapolis at the All Star Game, at least that’s what it felt like to me. Maybe it was his booth mates who were making Buck weary because Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci had me hitting the mute button. Both Reynolds and Verducci are out of their element on game broadcasts.

So with all that out of the way, baseball is back tonight, more specifically Mets baseball is back tonight and we all hope that the momentum of the final home stand before the break continues in San Diego this weekend.

Hopefully Terry Collins is true to his word when he says “at this level we are here to win not develop talent”, if that’s the cast the Collins needs to go with a set lineup just about every game and set his relief pitchers up with specific roles.

The everyday line should look like this:

Granderson RF

Murphy 2B

Wright 3B

Duda 1B

d’Arnaud C

Nieuwenhuis LF

Largares CF

Tejada SS

On days when there is a left handed starting pitcher you switch Eric Campbell for Kirk or move Eric Young Jr to left and Campbell spell Duda. Personally I’d like to see Duda against lefties just to see if he’s the real deal as the everyday first baseman going forward.

The Mets bench is short a bat since the club is carrying 12 pitchers. When Dillion Gee comes back then a pitcher will go back to Vegas but the bench could use another lefty bat to go with Bobby Abreu. Chris Young is an albatross that needs to be removed from the Mets neck, not only for non-production but his right-handed bat is clogging up the works.

The bullpen has been the best we’ve seen in the Alderson Era, back end guys are strong in Vic Black, Jureys Famila and Jenry Mejia. Carlos Torres has been outstanding and can pitch anywhere from 3 innings of relief to closing out a game.  The lefties a very effective Josh Edgin and Dana Eveland and get the Mets out of trouble in the middle of games and you still have Vegas’ own Buddy Carlyle out there as well.

The biggest question with the bullpen is the management of it by Terry Collins. Collins acts surprised when his relievers show signs of fatigue and wonders why?  Collins has been a bit better at letting his starting pitchers go longer in games (I would believe it was whispered in his ear to do so by Sandy Alderson) which have helped cut down the 4-5 relievers a game that Collins seemed to employ at lot early in the season.

I know we all have a lot of apprehension as the season resumes as we’ve seen collapse after collapse from the Mets in the second half of season the last few years but I’m hoping there is no collapse, I’m hoping this team picks up where it left off at the break. I’m rooting hard for them to win as I’m so sick of losing baseball. I’m tired of all the negativity that surrounds the team and organization. For the rest of the season I don’t care about the Wilpon’s or payroll or who goes to Citi Field and who doesn’t, all I want to do is root for this team to make a solid run at a playoff spot.

We have all winter to bitch and moan, it summer, it’s time to root, root, root for the home team.


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Why Not Us ?

Here’s a look at good ol’ Shea back when the Mets hosted the All-Star Game in 1964.  

Christ, I’m getting old. Not only do I remember when the MLB All-Star Game was a big deal, I remember when it was played in the daytime. Really! Both leagues took this game seriously and the NL would dominate the AL back in the 1960’s and ‘70’s, mostly due to the NL having so many exciting and talented African-American and Latin players. The NL brand of baseball was so superior back then it forced MLB to implement the Designated Hitter rule for the American League so as to spike attendance at AL games.

The DH sucked then and it still sucks today, but baseball may be going back to those days when speed, pitching and defense made the game great, in fact it’s those features that have led to the Mets resurgence.

Watching the Mets come back to life the last 10 games  and doing it the old fashion way with strong starting pitching and a reliable back end of the bullpen, has rejuvenated the fan base. This recent stretch of winning baseball has even had Terry Collins doing his best work as Mets manager. His call for a suicide squeeze with Ruben Tejada at the plate and All-Pro linebacker Kirk Nieuwenhuis rumbling down the 3rd base line was brilliant. If Collins would start implementing the hit and run I may start a campaign to extend his contract.

It’s hard to pinpoint what has propelled this turnaround and believe me I’m trying hard to not get too crazy here, but you have to admit, winning baseball is the tits. What I like even more is this bunch is starting to get a bit of a chip on its shoulder.  Seems the Braves and Marlins were a bit put off by Jenry Mejia’ post save celebration. Although he claims he wasn’t looking into the Marlins dugout after the Mets win/Mejia save on Sunday, it sure seems as if Travis d’Araund was telling someone to go fuck themselves.  Mejia himself said if anyone had a problem with his celebration then beat me.  Mejia has embraced the closer role for sure

Who knows if this run is the start of something memorable, that’s the beauty of the baseball season we can speculate what we think will happen but the best part is sitting back and watching it unfold. Why can’t the Mets make a run at the division? It would behoove the management if this run continues , to make a deal for a big bat, not an easy task I understand, not just to show the fans they are committed to winning but to the players as well. I’m sure the talk in the clubhouse is about how this Mets team is playing as good as any team in the league right now and the players are looking at the baseball ops and the owner for a sign that all the talk about putting a winning team on the field is not the bullshit we’ve all been hearing for the past few years.

Ownership has spouted off about the how if the fans support the team then they would have the resources to make some moves.  The fans came out this past weekend at Citi Field as the 3 game series with the Marlins drew 89,384 Mets fans. On Saturday I was in New Jersey, we went for lunch and the young man who waited on us saw my Mets cap and told me he was at the game the night before.  We talked about the home runs by Duda and Wright and how exciting it is that the team is playing so well. I asked him where he was from, he said Freehold. I said, “That’s quite a hike from Freehold to Citi Field” He said he went with three other friends and took advantage of the “2 tickets for $28 Daniel Murphy All-Star Special” so it was worth the ride.

So an affordable ticket + an exciting baseball team =more fans at the game. That’s a common core math equation even Jeffy Wilpon can understand.

I Tweeted this last Saturday, seems that weasel Joel Sherman wrote about this today. Told you folks Sherman trolls the blogs and social media for story idea. Now that his Yankees suck , he’ll be all over the Mets blogs and Mets Twitters for story lines.




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Kult of Mets Personalities Podcast 7-13-14


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