Shouts From Shea Podcast 6-17-14


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On this episode of Shouts From Shea Ed Marcus (Metsmerized Online) and me were joined by Danny Abriano and Rich Sparago of Rising Apple Mets blog. 


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Really Terry Collins???? Really???


I was sitting at home enjoying the wonderful performance of Bartolo Colon when I was given the order to shut the TV “we’re ready to go” My wife got tickets for If/Then staring the very talented Indina Menzel , so my wife and daughter decided my son and me were getting tooooo comfortable watching the Mets, besides I had Howie and Josh with me for the ride into the city.

So as we trudged along in traffic, Howie and Josh painted a beautiful picture of Colon’s day of pitching artistry and his hitting prowess. YES! Bartolo hit a double in the 6th and scored on Eric Young’s double to tie the game at 1-1. Josh Lewin had one of the great lines of all time in describing Colon running the bases “like a guy carrying a hot cup of coffee”

I love watching Colon pitch. Nothing rattles him. Hit a homer run off him, big deal. He shows no emotion he just holds his glove out for a new baseball. Turn the page.

Colon was in great form yesterday, sinker, slider then a fastball here a fastball there each pitch hitting the mark as the Cardinals put the ball in play (just 1K for big Bart) and the Mets defense made the plays. Everything was going great and for sure the Mets needed this game as the losses pile up and Colon was stepping up big time.

JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDDING ME!!!!!! FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!!!!. My kids here me screaming in as we sit in traffic on 46 St as we pass 8th Ave. My wife yells WHAT, WHAT HAPPENED!!! I bellow to them TERRY COLLINS IS TAKING COLON OUT OF THE GAME!!!!! HE’S AN IDIOT!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I now have three sets of eyes on me ready to kill me. Really dad??? Really ??????

Colon was cruising. In the 7th inning here threw 7 pitches all for strikes and retired the Cardinals 1-2-3. In the 8th inning it took  3 pitches more and one more batter to get out of the inning. Through 8 full innings Colon and the Mets were ahead 3-1 and Colon was at 86 pitches. How great is that. The Mets bullpen gets a well-deserved day off, Colon get to finish off the Cards for a complete game win and for once in a long time some positivity out of the Mets.

But wait, Howie tells me that Bobby Abreu is PINCH HITTING FOR BARTOLO COLON. That’s when I lose my mind in the midtown traffic. Then to make matters worse, even though Howie and Josh react in a more composed manner as I did about Colon coming out, they start to make excuses for Collins. Terry Collins is treated like the kindly old Grandpa by the media. Everyone who covers the team knows he is an awful in game manager and they want to rip him but for whatever reason they all bite their tongue.  Eat your heart out Rex Ryan.

There was no need for this move and Collins couldn’t even give a good reason why he did it? At first Collins said it was due to the hot weather in St.Louis and he didn’t want Colon to strain. Well first off Bartolo is Dominican not Nordic so he loves hot weather. Second, what strain? The guy was pitching a gem without stress or strain. Then Collins, not done with is idiocy says he didn’t want Colon to face Matt Holliday. Really Terry? Do you even know Colon? You think he gives a shit if it’s Matt Holiday or Billie Holiday? Face it Terry you nearly made the biggest mistake of your baseball life.

If you are a fan of Terry Collins (both of you) even you have a hard time defending the move yesterday. I’m happy the Mets won and I’m even happier that Bartolo Colon pitched an outstanding game but part of me wonders what would have happened if the bullpen would have blown that game, would Terry Collins still be Mets manager today.


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Hey Sandy, You Mad Bro?

Todd Pratt was at Citi Field yesterday with a bunch of folks from the Mets Fantasy Camp. Pratt is the kind of player Mets fans love and want to have around the organization. I was at the NLDS game that Pratt won with his home run to put the Mets in the NLCS. We all remember Pratt running on the field to hoist Robin Ventura over his shoulder to celebrate the “Grand Slam Single”. The Mets organization needs Todd Pratt. They need his coaching, his enthusiasm, his love of baseball and his love for the NY Mets.  BRING BACK TANK!!!!!  


I was set to post something here on Saturday but the hurt from Friday’s NY Rangers elimination from the Stanley Cup Final put a damper on that. Then yesterday with it being Father’s Day and whole day of festivities left as fatigued  as Dwayne Wade and his Miami teammates. So today I’m refreshed and ready so let’s go.

Thank you NY Rangers for one of the great rides in my 40+ years as a Rangers fan.  Special thanks to Henrik Lundqvist who put on one of the best displays of goaltending you’ll ever see.  Put Hank on the Kings he not only wins the Cup but the Conn Smythe as well. He is now and forever The KING.

Thanks to Brian Boyle who made me look smart as all season I’ve defended you from all the critics who watch hockey but don’t understand it.  If you call yourself a Ranger fan and you’re critical of how Dan Girardi played you’re an idiot. Yes he had a tough Final but he is a D-Man you can count on every game every shift. I’m sure you will hear in a day or two that he needs some kind of medical treatment.

To all the snarky Islanders fans and Devils fan you can all go back into obscurity. Both your teams are not a blip on the New York sports scene. The newspapers don’t even send a beat reporter to cover your away games. The Islanders are broadcast over a college radio station A COLLEGE FUCKING RADIO STATION. The Devils are just a bunch of no names that has had multiple owners and would not be a shock to anyone if they moved to Seattle, Kansas City, or Quebec City. And if they did, no one would give a rat’s ass since they already have gone from being the KC Scouts and Colorado Rockies. In fact they should move back to their original home and resurrect the Scouts.  Your teams can win cups, move to Brooklyn and have sex with their in laws but they will never, ever be the NEW YORK RANGERS!  ORIGINAL SIX YOU SONS OF BITCHES!!!!!!!

Now to the Mets, what happened Sandy Alderson? We used to be pals. You embraced the Mets bloggers hell; we’ve had some nice conversations on the field and on conference calls. Where did our relationship go sour? Why are you telling the season ticket holds to ignore us and go put a load on instead?  Sure we’ve lashed out at you and ownership over the poor product that has been put on the field before us but what do you want us to do? Lie? Sorry we can’t do that. Do you think any of the Mets blogging community is enjoying being angry? We’re Mets fans no; check that the Mets are our passion. You even said on one occasion how you admired us for the passion we have for the Mets and how we do what we do out of love for the Mets.

Listen this team can lose every game for the rest of the season and you could leave and the manger could leave and 25 new players could arrive and a new owner could take over(praying to God) but the one constant is us Mets fans. We’re “WE-BEES” We be here when you got here and WE-BE here when you’re gone”. Hey we didn’t sign Chris Young, that’s on you Sandy.

Speaking of Chris Young, something has to come to a head with this guy. He’s not only is an automatic out at the plate he’s nothing special in the outfield either. Just think when he signed he said he’d win the everyday centerfield job, yeah right.  The word around town was Young was promised playing time that’s why he signed with the Mets. Well Chris, you haven’t earned playing time and I get the feeling if you don’t get the playing time you want, you will become one big pain in the ass.

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NY Rangers Still Alive, NY Mets : Anybody Home?

I can watch this all day long……………I……………AM…………….A…………………RANGER


Oh boy! Long live the King. Henrik Lundqvist stood on his head last night with a little help form best little snow fort in the history of NYC located in Hanks net that stopped pucks and kept this crazy Rangers season alive. What a ride this team is giving us Rangers fans. They never give up. They may not be the best team in the league but they have the biggest hearts in the NHL and as long time Rangers fan I’m enjoying every aching minute of the playoffs.

Looks like the end of the line for Brad Richards. Last year Torts benched him, this year AV put him on the 4th line. This summer Slats will buy him out.  Richards is trying his hardest but he’s out of gas.

Rick Nash drives me nuts. He has done just about everything this past season but score some goals. That’s like real important. By the way newbie Rangers fans, he’s going nowhere.

Nothing better than watching MSG pre and post games shows. On the pre-game show last night, the passion from Eddie Giacomin and Rod Gilbert had me in goose bumps. Giacomin and Gilbert are around the Garden a lot and they want this team to win sooooo badly. Giacomin was fired up about how much he can’t stand the Rangers cycling offense that he yelled out “just get to the gosh-darn net” which for Eddie is strong language. Same with Gilbert going on about how “we have to use our speed much more against the Kings” Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger.

Anton Stralman, Brian Boyle and Beniot Pouliot are unrestricted free agents , slats has to find a way to keep all 3. Stralman has been outstanding this post season, Boyle is a great on face offs and a solid defensive forward, Pouliot drives me nuts but he does come up big in pressure spots.

Now on to the Mets.

Between periods I switch over to Mets-Brewers and how depressing is it to see Citi Field near empty. It’s only June does anyone with the last name Wilpon see that the Met fan has now stop being angry and is now apathetic?

David Wright needs a vacation. Can you us the disabled list for mental fatigue? The guy is fried.

As much as I loved seeing Bobby Abreu make this team, my hope now is he can be traded and open a spot for Matt den Dekker/Eric Campbell platoon.

The Mets have no clue what to do with Wilmer Flores. He was brought up to play shortstop which seems to have lit a fire under Ruben Tejada’s ass so Tejada plays every day and Flores dies on the vine.

The vote of confidence given to Terry Collins by Sandy Alderson that Collins is the manager and not in danger of losing his job was Alderson giving his season concession speech and letting Mets fans know he is the one responsible for this team.

It’s tough to get all hot and bothered about this Mets team. They pitch great but they can’t hit in the clutch and the infield needs to watch some Tom Emanski videos.  Tickets still available.

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WARNING: Watching The Rangers and Mets Will Cause Acid Re Flux


What a kick in the nuts last night’s Rangers-Kings game 2 was. The Kings have not played with the lead at any point in these first two games of the finals, until it counted at the end of overtime.  If that wasn’t stomach churning enough for Rangers fans, the fact that this Rangers team is playing its collective ass off shift after shift makes it worse. It would be one thing if the Rangers were being out played, out hustled or out smattered but they’re not. They are being out lucked.

I have bitched and moaned about the officiating in the NHL for years since the league went to a 2 referee system that absolutely doesn’t work. Last night was a total embarrassment for the NHL officials and the league. If Gary Bettman has at least one testicle, he’d tell Dan O’Halloran to go home his season is over.

Not an excuse at all but the ice at the Staples Center is really subpar and it’s a shame that the Cup Final has to be played in slush. Yes I know it’s slush for both teams but it’s more about watching players on both teams try to make cuts and lose their edge and watching pucks tumble along like an R.A. Dickey knuckleball . The Garden ice isn’t much better. I guess that’s why it makes no sense to play the Cup Final in June.

What doesn’t Rick Nash see any time on the PP ? I wish he would just park his big bod in front of the net. It seems to work for the Kings.

With all that, this series is still a series. Now the fun starts as the teams head to NYC with Game 3 the biggest game the Rangers have played in 20 years.

Please MSG Network reassign Joe Micheletti to NJ Devils telecast next season and put Captain Dave Maloney with Sam Rosen.

On to the Mets.

Travis d’Arnaud has been sent to Las Vegas and Taylor Teagarden brought up. TDA gave the origination no choice but to make this move. Hopefully Travis gets himself right and he should be of the mindset that once he gets his bat going he will be back up as the Mets have no competition for him at Triple A . This is another demerit for Sandy Alderson for not having a veteran backup catcher on the big league roster. Anthony Recker is not a big league player.

Today marks the end of the 20 straight games the Mets have had to endure on the schedule. Going into game 20 the clubs record is 6-13. If the Mets do not make a change in manager after today the signal to Mets fans is enjoy your summer at the beach.

This team finds more ways to lose. Against any team if you make errors or bone head plays it’s tough to win but against a team like the Giants that’s baseball suicide.

Collins has lost any kind of feel for this club and the team looks like it’s ready to surrender. This is not a mentally tough bunch and it’s a tough team to watch game after game. As much as I love seeing and listening to Kevin Burkhardt do play by play when was the last time Gary Cohen took a weekend off? I guess the organization knows everyone associated with the Mets needs a mental health break.

If I ran a team that needed a pitcher for down the stretch I’d go after Bartolo Colon, the man is a professional pitcher.

I’d love to know what David Wright thinks of the promise Sandy Alderson made when he signed that contract extension.

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Blogging Angry

RIP Don Zimmer. Listen to this beautiful take on the life of Don Zimmer from the great Vin Scully . The fact that Scully just getting word of Zimmer’ passing and can tell stories like this is wonderful  

Rangers lose Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. The Mets lose for the second night in a row to  the hands of the Cubs, THE CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So this morning I am one cranky son of a bitch. So get ready for some Angry Blogging.

First observation from Rangers-Kings Game 1 Stanley Cup Final just fucking bear with me here ok?

Sucks to lose a game the way the Blueshirts did and it sucks even more when it’s a core player who fucks up as Dan Girardi whiffed on the puck while all the Rangers were heading up ice, the puck picked up by Mike Richards and passing to a wide open Justin Williams who put the puck past a defenseless Henrik Lundqvist.  A busted ass goal if there ever was one. (Warning: this post will include a lot of obscenities so if you’re fucking sensitive to this kind of shit there’s the door don’t let hit you in the ass on the way out)

It’s not all doom and gloom for the Rangers, they showed that they can play with the Kings and as good as the Kings are they are not some juggernaut team like the Islanders or Oilers of the 80’s they are not going to overpower the Rangers as many thought they would.

Like Alain Vigneault I also don’t know what the hell happened in the 3rd period. The Rangers were dominant in the 1st period and very good in the 2nd but around the end of the 2nd and the whole 3rd it was all Kings.

Turning point of the game for me was Martin St. Louis not capitalizing with a goal in the 1 st period that would have made it 3-0 Rangers. I don’t think the Kings would have comeback from 3 down that early.

I know it’s en vogue to bash Rick Nash and I wish he would score a goal but the guy is putting out a solid effort every shift.

Herb Brooks would have loved Carl Hagelin

Is there a more enigmatic player than Benoit Pouliot? When he’s got his head straight he’s a force on the ice like he was last night. I hope he keeps that up and not become the Pouliot that takes stupid penalties.

Raphael Diaz and Derek Dorsett found their ass’s on the bench last night for sucky play. Diaz will go back to his suit and tie when John Moore comes off suspension and Dorsett may find himself a healthy scratch as well. #FREEDANCARCILO

You can have Drew Doughty I’m more than happy with Ryan McDoungh.

I really missed Doc Emrick doing the play by play on TV last night. Sorry Kenny Albert fans he does nothing for me.

I saw Adam Graves on MSG pre game show last night. How great a Ranger was Gravy?

With two days off AV and Scot Arniel need to work on the PP. The Rangers PP is like the Mets with RISP. They set up, pass the puck, get good reads, put just can’t score very, very frustrating. Yeah I’m looking at your Chris Kreider and Rick Nash get those big bodies of yours in front of Jonathan Quick, he’s no Rogie Vachon.

Now to the Mets:

I watched the end of this disaster after the Rangers game, just in time to hear Keith Hernandez tell Gary Cohen that he can’t wait to have a night cap and a shrimp cocktail. If you think you’re frustrated as a Mets fan how do you think Hernandez and Cohen feel calling this carp night after night.

The fact that the Mets are just a mere 3.5 games out of 1st place speaks more of the suckitude of the division and all of MLB.

This is nowhere near   a contending team. This Mets team like last year’s team and the year before that and the year before that, does not have any winning instinct. When White Sox announcer/former player Hawk Harrelson spoke about the “will to win” he was mocked by the pocket protector crowd as a dinosaur no nothing. But the Hawk who played 9 years in the big leagues so I’ll take his observations much more seriously than from a bunch of pundits who were always picked last during recess.

There are teams that just have that quality when it comes to winning, where they are shocked when they lose. The Oakland A’s and SF Giants ooze this quality.  The Yankees of the ‘90’s did as well. The Mets have the opposite way of thinking.

Mets batters sphincters tighten when they have men in scoring position, and worse with the bases loaded. You can’t win like this and it’s killing the great starting pitching they get just about every game.

No one challenges the players on this team. Terry Collins should change his name to Terry Coddles as he has every excuse ready for his team’s offensive failures. If it’s not  a late arrival to a city, it’s that they come to the ball park to early or the latest excuse that they’ve play so many innings this past week. Excuses are for losers. This mindset is what holds this team back. There is no one to put a foot in an ass when it’s needed. How many times have I written that sentence? Lather rinse repeat.







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Shouts From Shea Podcast 6-3-14


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In out latest episode of Shouts from Shea Ed Marcus and me welcome Joe DeMayo a/k/a @PSLtoFlushing as we discuss Thursday’s MLB Entry Draft

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Kult of Mets Personalities Podcast 5-31-14


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Check out our latest Kult of Mets Personalities on WBAR Radio via BlogTalk Radio Network from this past Saturday morning. We are on LIVE  every Saturday morning on Blogtalk Radio at 8:30 AM

Tomorrow night at 8:00PM on WBAR Radio via BlogTalk Radio Network, Ed Marcus and me will have a special episode of Shouts From Shea as we look at this coming Thursday’s MLB Entry Draft with our guest Joe DeMayo a/k/a @PSLtoFlushing    

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Shouts From Shea Podcast 5-28-14


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Last night on the Shouts From Shea Podcast myself and Ed Marcus were joined by NY Post sports columnist Mike Vaccaro.

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Shake ‘Em Up Sandy

This is Walter Tkaczuk, my favorite New York Ranger of all time. Tkaczuk was one of the great all around players in the NHL in the 1970′s. He could score a goal, set up a goal, win face-offs and was a top notch defender.  The NY Rangers are one win away from going to the Stanley Cup Finals. Walter played on the the Rangers ’72 team that lost in the Cup Finals to the Boston Bruins and the ’79 Rangers who lost to the Montreal Canadians in that years Cup Finals. The Rangers are known for having many of the past players around as they celebrate the history of the team. I haven’t seen Tkaczuk around lately, hopefully the Rangers get this one win and make it to the Finals and #18 makes it to RANGERSTOWN!


My sports fan attention has been on the NY Rangers and the unbelievable story they are writing with this fantastic run to the Stanley Cup Finals. This Rangers team all season has played hard and dealt with an early season schedule that would have most teams loading up on excuses to explain their failure. So it was with a peripheral view that I have been watching the Mets these past few weeks.

So yesterday I sat back and watched/listened to most of the Mets-Pirates game. I sat in my yard and let Howie and Josh paint the picture for me about Jacob deGrom and his fantastic start. I then went inside for a few minutes and then decided to watch the last few innings of the game on TV with Gary Cohen and the always entertaining and informative Keith Hernandez.

Hernandez was so happy that the Terry Collins had left deGrom in to pitch the top of the 7th even though he was over the magical 100 pitches plateau. But as the inning went on deGrom had 2 outs but the 122 pitches seemed to sap him, Collins called on Jeurys Familia to get the 3rd out. He did, striking out reigning MVP Andrew McCutchen. So we go to the bottom of the 8th Mets up 2-0 and Familia ready to pitch the bottom of the ………………..wait hold on……………..that’s not Familia coming to the plate……………it’s………it’s………it’s…………CHRIS YOUNG??????

Why take out Familia? He pitched to one batter in the 7th, so why not have him start the 8th since your bullpen is short due to Jenry Mejia not available after pitching both ends of the double header and for some unexplained reason Vic Black was sent back to Vegas instead of sending back the unneeded Matt den Decker? As much as Terry Collins misused the personnel in the pen that he had, you have to question Sandy Alderson for not keeping Black here. Makes no sense.

So of course the game goes to shit as Scott Rice gives up a solo homer to pinch hitter Gaby Sanchez, hitting for Ike Davis by the way, so it shows Clint Hurdle doesn’t think Ike is all that either.  Rice steady’s himself and gets 2 outs but here comes Terry Collins out of the dugout to call on Jose Valverde to get a 4 out save? WOW? Really?

What happened next was soooooo predictable; Valverde gives up 4 runs to make a 2-1 Mets lead turn into a Pirates 5-2 lead. Oh yeah then Collins went to Carlos Torres. A little late Terry.

After watching that debacle and clearing my head for Rangers thoughts, I went back to my yard to grill some steaks. I turned on the radio I keep in the garage to listen to the Mets post game show. When I flipped the switch, and exasperated Seth Everett, told listens to stand by as Sandy Alderson was about to address the media.

When I heard Alderson say “we are making a change “I was stunned thinking “holy shit he fired Collins” no it we were told that hitting coach Dave Hudgens was fired as was Jose Valverde .

I’m was a bit surprised about Hudgens, although we had heard some rumblings at Citi Field last week that players were not happy with his hitting philosophy and wished he was a bit more hands on with the mechanics of hitting. That’s the reason Luis Natera was brought in as his assistant to work on mechanics while Hudgens preached the Alderson Doctrine of Hitting.

The problems with the Mets hitting goes beyond Hudgens, Their biggest problem is between the ears of the players.  The hitters lack a positive mindset when it comes to what needs to be done in the batter’s box. It’s never the player’s fault that they wilt in the box with men on base. They blame the configuration of Citi Field, the fans negative reaction to their failures and the organizational hitting philosophy for their short comings. It’s the not the ball park, the fans, or the philosophy that’s the problem, its’ the lack of offensive talent on the roster that’s bringing this team down.

Alderson can fire coaches and the manager but until he gets rid of players who are just not mentally tough enough to play in NYC then the losing seasons will go on and on. Mickey Mantle was booed. Darryl Strawberry was booed. Reggie Jackson was booed. Eli Manning with 2 Super Bowl wins and 2 Super MVP’s was booed last year, so please spare me playing the boo card. Hell, there aren’t enough fans in the Citi Field stands to work up a good hate, there all in the luxury clubs sipping cocktails. I don’t think many Mets fans give a shit about this team to waste a good booing on them.

The thing to watch with the Hudgens axing is that he was an Alderson guy. So was this firing a hit ordered by the Wilpon’s ? If it was, what happens to Collins who is now on notice that he’s the next to be jettisoned? Make no mistake about this, this is the first time in his Mets managerial stint that Collins is on the hot seat and that seat gets more en fuego with every loss.  We will know if the owners are controlling the moves if Wally Backman gets the skippers job. Wally is a Jeff Wilpon production.


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