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What's more NY than Wise Potato Chips right?  Wise are the official snack food of the Mets and on July 10th  every one attending the Mets-Reds game that night will be given a bag of Wise Potato Chips and an opportunity to set a Guinness World's Record: The crack of the bat will be supplanted at Citi Field July 10th by a louder, tastier sound as all fans attending that evening’s Mets-Reds game are invited to participate in the Big tag City Crunch, an attempt to set the Guinness World Record™  for most potato chips ever crunched at once.

            Every fan entering the Mets’ new ballpark for the 7:10 p. m. Tag game will receive a . 75-oz. bag of Wise Potato Chips, courtesy of Wise Snacks and the New York Mets.  At the designated time, fans will be instructed to open their individual package and, when given the go-ahead, take a big bite of a chip and CRUNCH.

tag] line-height: 200%;">Representatives of Guinness World Recordsâ„¢ will be on hand to record the occasion and tag, if all necessary criteria are met, shortly thereafter certify that a world record has been set.

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