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Buy viagra in canada Today here in Lower Manhattan it looks like business as usual, buy viagra in canada folks are stopping at the coffee carts and then running to their office, buy viagra in canada the SI Ferry was packed with working folks and school kids and the weather, buy viagra in canada after one of the hottest and most humid NYC summers in a long time, buy viagra in canada is bright, buy viagra in canada cool and crisp, buy viagra in canada just like it was 11 years go.

Buy viagra in canada I hear and see the words “Never Forget” every anniversary of the attacks of September 11th 2000 and I say to myself how can you forget? Every day I report to work I’m reminded since I have to pass the now construction site where a new 1 World Trade Center has risen high to the sky. Buy viagra in canada  I’m reminded like I was last night when I stepped out on the front steps of my house and looked up to see two powerful beams of light shining high into the clear night sky. Buy viagra in canada This is same from steps that my wife and then 6 year old son and 2 year old daughter sat waiting for me to return home and then busting into tears of joy that I did return home unlike many of my Staten Island neighbors. Buy viagra in canada  Over 300 of the murder victims of that day were from Staten Island. Buy viagra in canada  Some were men men who I had been coaching against at Staten Island Little League and some were parents of kids playing in the league. Buy viagra in canada Some were firemen and cops who made the ultimate sacrifice that is still to this day underappreciated by the public they serve. Buy viagra in canada  When you travel through Staten Island you see names attached to street signs, buy viagra in canada the names are of people who lived on those blocks that were killed in the attack. Buy viagra in canada There is a beautiful memorial in the Grasmere section in a triangle in the middle of the road that leads into Hylan Blvd, buy viagra in canada it’s called Angels Way. Buy viagra in canada It was started by a woman who lives across the street from the triangle who lit a votive candle and planted a pray card on the fence. Buy viagra in canada From there more people came with candles, buy viagra in canada pray cards and pictures of loved ones lost. Buy viagra in canada From there it grew to where a local nursery donated flowers and shrubs and people devoted many hours to build the site into a beautiful shrine. Buy viagra in canada It always amazes me how people can come together in times of sorrow but why does it take tragedy to bring us together? That’s what hurts the most. Buy viagra in canada    

Buy viagra in canada Eleven years ago today in Lower Manhattan when the Towers crumbled and people ran to help save as many lives as they could, buy viagra in canada no one cared if you were a Christian, buy viagra in canada Jew, buy viagra in canada Muslin or an Atheist. Buy viagra in canada No cared if you were born in this country or were an immigrant. Buy viagra in canada No one cared if you were White, buy viagra in canada Black, buy viagra in canada Brown or Yellow. Buy viagra in canada No one cared if you were Gay or straight. Buy viagra in canada All we cared about that day was you were a human being who needed help and comfort from another human being. Buy viagra in canada   

Buy viagra in canada So when we say and write “Never Forget” it should cover not only the attack of that day but the compassion, buy viagra in canada kindness and total concern we had for one another.

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