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Discount lowest price viagra Sad news today hearing that Davy Jones of The Monkees has passed away of a heart attack at the age of 66. Discount lowest price viagra In 1966 I was 8 years old when The Monkees were formed as a band and a TV show, discount lowest price viagra and I was a huge fan. Discount lowest price viagra Back then Top 40 radio was the rage and WABC with their All American’s and WMCA “Good Guys” (I’ve talked about this before but I wanted one of those yellow Good Guy sweatshirts soooooooo badly) bringing a an explosion of music from the Beatles, discount lowest price viagra Stones and the British Invasion and James Brown, discount lowest price viagra The Supremes with Motown, discount lowest price viagra then here come four prefabricate guys from central casting, discount lowest price viagra thrown together with a few pop songs and guess what? They were a huge success.

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Buy cialis once daily It’s nice that the teammates Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez have left behind in the Mets clubhouse have nothing but high praise and fond memories of their released comrades but as has happened in the Mets clubhouse over the last few years, buy cialis once daily the big picture is out of focus, buy cialis once daily it is no longer business as usual as the new front office has made it known accountability is back in Flushing.

Buy cialis once daily Maybe that’s why Jose Reyes is a bit stunned by the event of the past few days. Buy cialis once daily He’s never seen anything like it before in his 8 years as a Met. Buy cialis once daily There has never been accountability in the clubhouse, buy cialis once daily the former GM and managers made excuses the way parents do for their delinquent kids. Buy cialis once daily Thankfully those days are over. Buy cialis once daily Last year the Mets put up a sign in the clubhouse proclaiming Prevention and Recovery in dealing with injuries, buy cialis once daily this year’s motto should be “Produce or Get Cut Loose”

Buy cialis once daily Enough of the negativity here are some positive vibes as we stand one week away from opening day 2011:

Buy cialis once daily The Mets pitching staff overall has been terrific this spring, buy cialis once daily pitching to a 3.87 ERA (good for 5th best in the NL) It helps that the defense has been tight, buy cialis once daily committing just 22 errors.

Buy cialis once daily As a team, buy cialis once daily  the Mets have hit at a .267 clip, buy cialis once daily drilling 53 doubles and more importantly 83 walks good for 3rd most in the NL.

Buy cialis once daily Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy lead the team in Rib-Eye Steaks with 10 apiece

Buy cialis once daily Scott Hairston is hitting a blistering .425/.500/.725

Buy cialis once daily When Chin-Lung Hu was obtained from the Dodgers he was known as great glove shaky bat but so far this spring he’s gotten 10 hits in 34 AB’s of the 10 hits 3 were doubles plus he stolen 2 bases.

Buy cialis once daily Chris Young and Chris Capuano have been more than effective this spring. Buy cialis once daily Young has thrown 20.1 innings with a 1.33 ERA and a miniscule 0.89 WHIP. Buy cialis once daily Capuano has pitched 10.2 innings with a tidy 1.03 WHIP and just two walks. Buy cialis once daily  

Buy cialis once daily Last night I was a guest on the Who’s On First: The Seamheads . Buy cialis once daily Com Radio Hour for a panel discussion to make our picks for division winners, buy cialis once daily wild card, buy cialis once daily pennant and World Series winners along with league MVP’s and Cy Young Award winners. Buy cialis once daily It’s would be well worth your while to check out the podcast as there were some real out on a limb picks by the panel with great  analysis to back them up.

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Dangers of viagra What a fucking joke!  Oh man this is a Highlander Haters Paradise, dangers of viagra First, dangers of viagra Alex Rodriguez threw his “cousin” under the bus, dangers of viagra then he claimed if he went to college he might have had better sense to know right from wrong. Dangers of viagra Then to top that off he said he bench pressed 340 lbs in High School so he could get a letter jacket because he was poor and needed the jacket. Dangers of viagra My God I had to run to the men’s room after that one because I just about peed my pants.

Dangers of viagra I didn’t see any video of this farce but I’d love to see the look on Captain Craptastics face and I’m sure all he kept thinking was “maybe I can get traded to the Detroit Tigers”

Dangers of viagra Hate to break the news to you Highlander fans but it’s over O-V-E-R for your team. Dangers of viagra Your stuck with this lying sack of shit for another 8 years LOL

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