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Viagra faq While I have some quiet time, viagra faq I figured let me sit down and knock out a post because the next few days will be quite hectic. Viagra faq So in no particular order rhyme or reason here are some of my Mets Musings:

Viagra faq Seriously, viagra faq how do you put out a holiday video of the best moments of your season and not included R.A. Viagra faq Dickey in it? This beyond petty and stupid it’s indefensible. Viagra faq  No mention of his winning the Cy Young Award, viagra faq no mention of his back to back 1 hitters (6/13 vs. Viagra faq Tampa and6/18 vs. Viagra faq Baltimore) where he K’s 25 batters in 18 innings, viagra faq no mention of the great atmosphere at Citi Field on the final home game for his 20th win??????  And you want to know way the vast majority of the Mets fan base scream SELL THE TEAM!!!!!!  Are the Skill Sets this clueless and numb to public perception that they signed off on this video?????

Viagra faq If Sandy Alderson wants to look at Grady Anderson on a minor league or a make good major league deal, viagra faq I have no problem with that. Viagra faq It’s a low risk/high reward move. Viagra faq Now as for some of the pitchers we hear they are looking at well, viagra faq that’s another story.

Viagra faq We can scratch Francisco Liriano off the list as he signed a 2yr/$14 mil deal with the Pirates which looks to be a year and about $11mil more than I thought he’d get.  Carl Pavano’s name has been mentioned as well and you could probably get him very cheap and for a guy who would be a 5th starter and place holder for Zack Wheeler he wouldn’t be a bad choice at the right price. Viagra faq Of course we all remember Pavono as a major bust with the Bronx Bastards but he would be coming to the Mets not as a top of the rotation pitcher but as journeyman seat filler. Viagra faq  Pavano is also coming off missing most of last season with a bruised bone in his shoulder that did not require surgery, viagra faq so I could see offering Pavano a minimum ML contract loaded with tons of incentives. Viagra faq  Aaron Harang makes $7mil for 2013, viagra faq unless the Dodgers are ready to eat $6 mil of that then he’s a thought but if the Mets can get Chris Capuano back that would be the move. Viagra faq What would it cost player wise in trade is the question and Capuano makes $6mil for the coming season so maybe a B level pitcher and the Dodgers eating at least half the contract would be a nice little re-acquisition by the Mets.

Viagra faq If you have a Hall of Fame vote and you don’t cast a vote for Mike Piazza and then try to write a column where you attempt to justify your non-vote, viagra faq all you do is prove to your readership that you’re a self-important jerk and you have violated the first rule of reporting, viagra faq never make yourself the story.

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Viagra soft tabs I’m looking forward to getting out to Citi Field this evening to watch R.A Dickey battle Aaron Harang and the Pads as it’s been awhile since I’ve been out there. Viagra soft tabs Between work, viagra soft tabs vacations and baseball coaching obligations (our season ended by the way with my team losing in the Championship Series 2 games to 1, viagra soft tabs we finished in 1st place but giving up 4 and 5 out innings in the final round killed us) and the team on a long road trip, viagra soft tabs a trip to Flushing has been long overdue, viagra soft tabs I’m pumped up to get  out there tonight.

Viagra soft tabs Seems the MSM is as usual a little late in picking up the fact that Mets fans really like this team. Viagra soft tabs Better late than never I guess. Viagra soft tabs One quote in this piece by Larry Brooks in the Post today made me smile when I read it, viagra soft tabs it comes from Ginger Turner:

Viagra soft tabs “I don’t know why anyone would have thought our team would throw in the towel or give up, viagra soft tabs” Justin Turner told The Post. Viagra soft tabs “That’s kind of a slap in the face to the guys who are here.

Viagra soft tabs “Players get traded and players get hurt. Viagra soft tabs That’s part of baseball. Viagra soft tabs We’ve got 25 guys in here busting their butts to try to win games and who believe in ourselves and our team.”

Viagra soft tabs Can’t you tell that Turner is new around here? Maybe it because the last two season the team has laid down and played dead but thankfully those days are gone. Viagra soft tabs Did you see Terry Collins jumping up and down in the dugout the other night after Lucas Duda’ game winning single? That is passion.

Viagra soft tabs Good news on Johan Santana as it “only” fatigue in the shoulder not anything structural that’s derailed is rehab from shoulder surgery.

Viagra soft tabs Great story in the Times today (guess they had to make up for Jim Luttrells’ hack piece the other day) on Mike Baxter who will get a start in the outfield today. Viagra soft tabs I love the part about Baxter organizing the purchase of championships rings for his Archbishop Molloy team and that legendary coach, viagra soft tabs Tom Curran still wears his every day. Viagra soft tabs That is impressive.

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Levitra viagra

Levitra viagra Not much to talk about today with the off day and most of the “woe is us” post were done yesterday, levitra viagra so lets take a ride around the blogsphere and see what the more fertile minds are saying:

Levitra viagra Dillion Gee was a pitcher that Jerry Manuel was fond of last spring in fact Gee was one of those players Manuel picked out of camp to proclaim he could break camp a la Jenry Mejia this year. Levitra viagra Gee though suffered from a partially torn labrum that sidelined him for most of last season but now Gee is back and after his first start with the Bisons he’ shown some nice numbers and could just vault himself up North soon. Levitra viagra Check out Fonzie Forever’ post on Dillion Gee.

Levitra viagra As from chicken wing country, levitra viagra Ike Davis continues to hit at Triple A and for reasons I can’t comprehend, levitra viagra Jerry Manuel is not storming Omar’s office and demanding that Davis be brought up. Levitra viagra If my ass were on the line like J-Man’s I’d take no prisoners.

Levitra viagra Matthew Cerrone has a post on MetsBlog on the debut of Aroldis Chapman in Double A yesterday and what effect this would have on the Reds trading Aaron Harang ? The thing with Chapman, levitra viagra you wonder what kind of scouting and how hard did the Mets look at Chapman ? As fans we have no knowledge of what this young man from Cuba translates into as a bonifide Major Leaguer but Omar Minaya and his scouts get paid to find the Chapman’s of the baseball world. Levitra viagra The question is, levitra viagra did Omar and the scouts do the leg work scouting Chapman and then get shot down on by ownership when the price went high? If the Mets lost out on Chapman, levitra viagra solely for monetary reasons then the Wilpon’s need to get out of the baseball business. Levitra viagra If the Omar and his scouts said he wasn’t worth it? Then they need to be fired. Levitra viagra In any case as Mats fan we should be given the reason why the Mets did not get involved with Aroldis Chapman. Levitra viagra Also forget about Roy Oswalt and Chris Young coming to the Mets, levitra viagra both are damaged goods.

Levitra viagra Nick Evans life story will be made into a Lifetime movie some day.

Levitra viagra Tonight at 11PM ET join me and Adam Bernacchio of The Ghost of Moonlight Graham as we host the Baseball Bloggers Alliance BBA TALK on BLOGTALK RADIO. 

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Viagra how it works

Viagra how it works 8 days until pitchers and catchers

Viagra how it works If you haven’t seen the video of Keith Hernandez working with Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans at first base, viagra how it works click here. Viagra how it works Again my opinion on Murphy is certainly biased but if the other 24 players on the Mets roster that comes North has the same desire and work ethic as Murph, viagra how it works things may be a lot better than we think this summer at $iti Field. Viagra how it works At the end of the video Hernandez tells Murphy and Evans that if they ever need him for anything to tell Jay Horowitz and he will drive up to St Lonesome to lend a hand.

Viagra how it works Two things here, viagra how it works one what the hell took so long for the Mets to utilize Mex in this capacity and two, viagra how it works if Mike Piazza never asked Hernandez’ advice when the Mets were looking for him to make the transition for catcher to first baseman, viagra how it works then he’s a bigger asshole than I think he is.

Viagra how it works Nice to see Mike Jacobs back in the org. Viagra how it works I hope he likes chicken wings.

Viagra how it works The biggest problem I have with Mets management is not so much with it’s ineptness of its baseball ops but more with its dishonestly. Viagra how it works When it comes to the teams finances someone is lying  either the media or the team and most likely it’s the team.  With the management not being aggressive on free agents and not making deals that would make the team better by taking on pitchers like Aaron Harang, viagra how it works Bronson Arroyo, viagra how it works or Gil Meche, viagra how it works who have big contracts that teams would love to get out from under, viagra how it works it proves that the coffers of the Skill Sets are not as robust as they claim.

Viagra how it works It seems that’s the only reason Omar and Jerry Manuel are still here, viagra how it works it’s more of a “it’s cheaper to keep ‘em” scenario than a performance  factor. Viagra how it works The Skill Sets can’t afford to pay Minaya and go out and hire a top of the line GM, viagra how it works so what we get is lots of layers of front office types that makes dealing with the Mets tedious and exhausting.

Viagra how it works Everyday there are more and more stories about the teams finances and I’m sure there will be more and more of the cash flow stories throughout the season. Viagra how it works  All it will take is for one snitch to blab the inside scoop on what’s going on in the back rooms of $iti Field to bring this to light.

Viagra how it works Perfect example of the Mets money woes, viagra how it works Chein- Ming Wang is ready to sign with the Washington Nationals who are putting together a nice team for 2010.

Viagra how it works Just sit back and listen to this song and enjoy your snow day!

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Overseas viagra

Overseas viagra As you know I made reference to Joe Mc Donald proclaiming on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL last Thursday that the Mets will be a 90+ win team in 2010. Overseas viagra His reasoning was that Oliver Perez will revert to his Good Ollie personality. Overseas viagra I did say, overseas viagra it was encouraging news that OP, overseas viagra under the urging of both Scott Boras and Carlos Beltran, overseas viagra has spent the off season in Arizona, overseas viagra training hard to lose both the stigma of bring mentality and physically inept to pitch in the big leagues.

Overseas viagra I’ve been looking around at the team as it now is constructed and have tried to make the case for 90 wins. Overseas viagra It all starts of course with the pitching staff:

Overseas viagra #1 Santana 15-17 wins

Overseas viagra #2 Pelf/Joel Piniero/Bronson Arroyo/Aaron Harang/Gil Meche 10-12 wins

Overseas viagra #3 Pelf/OP/Maine/Doug Davis/Jon Garland 8-10 wins

Overseas viagra #4 one of the above at #3  8-10 wins

Overseas viagra #5 Maine/Neise/Neve/Holt/Stoner/(Gulp!) Smoltz 8-10 wins

Overseas viagra That comes to 49-59 wins from your starting rotation

Overseas viagra Now from the seven relievers you figure will be in the pen:

Overseas viagra Frankie Rodz

Overseas viagra Ryoto Igarashi

Overseas viagra Bobby Parnell

Overseas viagra Kelvin Escobar

Overseas viagra Sean Green

Overseas viagra Pedro Feliciano

Overseas viagra Lefty to be named later

Overseas viagra You figure you can and average of 4 wins from each. Overseas viagra That’s an additional 28 wins, overseas viagra brining my projection to 77 to 87 wins.

Overseas viagra Now say I leave the bullpen projection alone but I up the ante on the #2 pitcher to 12-14 wins and the #3 to 10-12 wins, overseas viagra that would put the team’ record between 81-91 wins. Overseas viagra Of course all this is predicated on the Mets signing one of the remaining free agent pitchers, overseas viagra of which just Joel Piniero is desirable if he comes cheap or can trade for the one of the Arroyo/Harang/Meche troika.

Overseas viagra So what do you think? Am I out of mind thinking there is a way the Mets could be a 90 win team and contend? Am I drinking the Omar/Jeffey Kool Aid? Has Joe Mac brainwashed me?  Or am I just tired of freezing my ass off this winter and dying for spring and summer and baseball season? Could be the cold has made me delirious.

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Cheep viagra I’m home today still sick but I’m sure I’ll be fine tomorrow just in time to shovel about 7 inches of snow that’s supposed to hit NYC.

Cheep viagra After waking up from a Nyquil stupor I was perusing the ‘net for Mets stories and of course my first stop was Mathew Cerrone’s Metsblog, cheep viagra in which a few posts had me thinking:

Cheep viagra It’s about time for the Mets and Omar Minaya to call Jason Bay’ bluff. Cheep viagra Tell him and his agent “here’s the deal 4yrs/$68-70mil take it or leave it” then give him 48 hrs to decide. Cheep viagra If he can get more from this mystery team that’s out there, cheep viagra so be it. Cheep viagra Time for the Mets to man up and let Bay take them for assholes.

Cheep viagra Same thing with Bengi Molina. Cheep viagra There is no team in any baseball league-MLB, cheep viagra Japanese League, cheep viagra Little League, cheep viagra or Men’s Sunday softball league , cheep viagra that will give Bengi a 3 yr deal. Cheep viagra Again Omar needs to make a take it or leave it 2yr deal an if Molina balks then go to Rod Barajas or Miguel Olivo (two better choices ) or go with the Blanco/Santos later in the year Josh Thole catching troika. Cheep viagra 3 yrs for Bengi Moilina? Keep dreaming

Cheep viagra Good to see that the Mets are taking my advice and speaking to the Cincinnati Red Stockings about Aaron Harang and or Bronson Arroyo. Cheep viagra This wanna be GM’ing is tough so how about a finders fee to me Jeffey?

Cheep viagra It’s amazing that the Jose Reyes/Mike Francesa sit down from Wednesday is still getting so much buzz. Cheep viagra Reyes handled himself beautifully with the FAN Bloviator as he let his personality and passion show thru. Cheep viagra Instead of hearing from second and third sources we heard right from the shortstops mouth that he never had a problem with Willie Randolph and understood full why he was benched for non-hustle and the fact that he wanted to come back to play so badly last year that he injured himself more. Cheep viagra Reyes also said his personality is what it is and he’s not about to change and he told it like it is about the handshakes and celebrating, cheep viagra how what he does is tame to what other teams do. Cheep viagra The sad part of the interview was Francesa telling the audience that he had to plead with the Mets to let Reyes come on with him. Cheep viagra It just shows how out of touch management is. Cheep viagra Reyes and Jeff Francouer have done more for goodwill amongst the fan base this week that even the incompetent Jeffey Skill Sets should be able to see that but I may be asking for too much.

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Cialis strenght mg

Cialis strenght mg Now that the site is up and running again and that fact that I’m jonesing for a  posting, cialis strenght mg lets call this a late night lighting round:

Cialis strenght mg Once upon a time, cialis strenght mg Marco Scutaro was Mets bloggers favorite player, cialis strenght mg mostly due to his success in Triple A. Cialis strenght mg I wish I had the posts I wrote from back then as I was calling for Scutaro to be brought up from Norfolk to play 2B for the Mets and when was called up, cialis strenght mg I thought I had some juice. Cialis strenght mg It was my Big Balls moment.

Cialis strenght mg But Scutaro played sparingly for two not very good Mets teams and it was about that time we were fed up with Robbie Alomar and felt Scutaro had the tools to takeover at 2B. Cialis strenght mg But the Mets but him on waivers after the 2003 season and Billy Beane claimed him for the A’s and it set off a bit of a bloggers firestorm around these parts. Cialis strenght mg Ahhhhhhhh good times!

Cialis strenght mg Now Scutaro has signed with the Red Sox, cialis strenght mg a move made by” cut from the same Billy Beane cloth”, cialis strenght mg Theo Epstein  to play shortstop for the Old Town Team.  It’s good to see both me and Scutaro are still kicking around.

Cialis strenght mg In another move to kick Omar Minaya in the nuts, cialis strenght mg the Mets have signed former Reds GM Wayne Kivsky to be an Asst’ GM. Cialis strenght mg If you listened to our PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL show last week, cialis strenght mg Joe McDonald said he had info that the Mets have a plan in place if (when?) the Mets get off to a bad start, cialis strenght mg to ax Omar and J-Man and put a new GM and Mgr. Cialis strenght mg in there place. Cialis strenght mg Looks like the GM part of Plan B is in place.

Cialis strenght mg First, cialis strenght mg Placido Polanco goes back to the Phuck-Phaces and now Chone Figgins signs with the Mariners. Cialis strenght mg And Rogers Castillo sighs in relief.

Cialis strenght mg The news I’ve been waiting to hear, cialis strenght mg the KC Royals are looking to move RHP Gil Meche and LF David DeJesus and both would look great on the Mets. Cialis strenght mg Then I’d go trade for Aaron Harang and sign either Joel Pinerio or Jason Marquis to give myself a fighting chance to be a contender in 2010.

Cialis strenght mg That’ it for now but I will leave you with something I posted on Facebook:

Cialis strenght mg “Why do I have a feeling that the NY Mets will start the 2010 season like the NJ Nets? If there was a stock called “The Mets will suck in 2010″ I’d empty my bank account to buy it”

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Can i take viagra Time again for Mets News and Views:


Can i take viagra Music to my ears. Can i take viagra I know most of you have a deep respect for wood a la Larry David, can i take viagra but without pitching you can have all the ash, can i take viagra maple and old hickory you want, can i take viagra you won’t win. Can i take viagra Pitching wins period.

Can i take viagra The top pitcher around that the Mets could get is Roy Halliday but the cost both player/prospect wise and money wise makes Halliday a dream that won’t come true. Can i take viagra The next on the list is John Lackey, can i take viagra who is doable. Can i take viagra Contract wise that is. Can i take viagra If it takes an AJ Burnett 5yr/$82 mil deal to get Lackey here so be it. Can i take viagra Sure he comes with a warning label as he hasn’t made over 30 starts in the last two seasons but the Mets are dessssssssssssperate for a #2 to Santana’s #1 and the they can piece together the rest of the rotation by adding two of the usual suspects from Jason Marquis, can i take viagra Joel Piniero, can i take viagra Randy Wolf, can i take viagra Jon Garland, can i take viagra and the coming off injuries, can i take viagra Ben Sheets, can i take viagra Erik Benard, can i take viagra and Noah Lowry, can i take viagra and my trade up specials Aaron Harang, can i take viagra Bronson Arroyo and Gil Meche to go with Mike Pelfrey as the 4th or 5th starter then and only then will progress be made in Flushing.

Can i take viagra By the way I agree with this from Mack’s Mets to make John Maine the 8th inning set up man to Frankie Rodz and I would also make Ollie P a reliever as well and have Bobby Parnell and Perpetual Pedro Feliciano as my 7th inning mix and match set and throw Sean Green in for shits and giggles.

Can i take viagra Nothing gets accomplished here until the pitching is squared away.


Can i take viagra Can’t you just imagine, can i take viagra Jeffey Skill Set saying that? How out of touch can you be about your fan base and the history of the close to <places right pinky to right corner of mouth> $1 billion dollar baseball franchise he and his family own?

Can i take viagra The Skill Sets had to be hit over the head by their fan base to paint the walls blue and orange, can i take viagra add a Mets Hall of Fame that even the great unwashed can gain entrance to, can i take viagra and go back to the uniform that the vast majority of Mets fans revere.

Can i take viagra METS-MARLINS IN SAN JUAN, can i take viagra WHO NEEDS TWO?

Can i take viagra

Can i take viagra So MLB wants the Mets and Marlins to play a series in San Juan which would be taken from the Marlins home schedule. Can i take viagra Now how does this help the Marlins? The only time they get big crowds at Your Name Here Stadium is when the Mets come to town, can i take viagra plus with the construction of a new ball park shouldn’t the Marlins be trying build a better relationship with their fan base so they fill the new place once it’s up? The weird thing about the Marlins fans is they support the team very heavily through TV and Radio so maybe it doesn’t matter if they play in San Juan or San Quentin.

Can i take viagra Also in this story there is a blurb about the Mets looking at signing Jack Cust. Can i take viagra Hopefully it’s for a bartender’s job at the Acela Club.

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