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Alternate uses for viagra While the Mets were off yesterday they still made some news albeit bad news that Tim Brydak is suffering from torn capsule in his left shoulder, alternate uses for viagra same injury that Johan Santana and Chris Young suffered, alternate uses for viagra and is done for the season and maybe for good.

Alternate uses for viagra A real shame that Brydak has gone down injury and this one is devastating when you factor in his age (38) and he doesn’t have a contract for 2013. Alternate uses for viagra I would not count Brydak out from returning to pitching after rehabbing this injury but I doubt he’s come back to the Mets if he did.

Alternate uses for viagra If you are in the Tarrytown area today between 12 Noon and 1:30 PM, alternate uses for viagra head over to the Citi Bank branch at 2 South Broadway to meet John Franco and get a handshake, alternate uses for viagra picture and an autograph.

Alternate uses for viagra Ike Davis and country music performer Lee Brice will join in a benefit for Solving Kids Cancer at the City Winery on September 9th at 7 PM. Alternate uses for viagra City Winery is located at 155 Varick St in Manhattan. Alternate uses for viagra  Along with the concert there will be an open bar, alternate uses for viagra raffles and an auction.

Alternate uses for viagra The Mets will unveil a new concession tonight at Citi Field, alternate uses for viagra Pat LaFrieda’s Steak Sandwich. Alternate uses for viagra The sandwich is made with 100 % Black Angus Filet Mignon, alternate uses for viagra Monterey Jack cheese, alternate uses for viagra caramelized onions, alternate uses for viagra special au jus sauce on a toasted baguette. Alternate uses for viagra The only thing this sandwich doesn’t have is power and the abilty to play right field. Alternate uses for viagra The sandwich will be sold at the Taste of the City food court on the field level behind centerfield.

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Viagra sales in canada Have you come to grips with the fact the Mets will not make the post season? I have. Viagra sales in canada I’m not happy about it but it is what it is, viagra sales in canada the Mets have a big fork sticking out their collective oblique muscle. Viagra sales in canada So that’s why I have gone from being totally pissed off that a team that is in the throws of bankruptcy, viagra sales in canada the Texas Rangers, viagra sales in canada are wheelin’ and a dealin’ while the Mets front office is at Jeffey Skill Sets Hamptons beach house walking the shore line with metal detectors looking for loose change.

Viagra sales in canada There isn’t a proposed deal mention about the Mets that makes any sense for Omar (or the Omar like figure running these things these days) to pull the trigger on.:

Viagra sales in canada Octavio Dotel  for LHP Robert Carson. Viagra sales in canada I would love to see Dotel in the Mets over worked and over used bullpen but not for Carson. Viagra sales in canada Carson is just 22 years old and throws a fastball that cuts, viagra sales in canada slder and  a change up. Viagra sales in canada His has the abilty to change speeds on his fastball from high 80’s to low-mid 90’s. Viagra sales in canada Some scouting reports potray Carson a LOOGY in the bigs or if he continues to grow as a pitcher a back end starter. Viagra sales in canada At this point, viagra sales in canada it’s a good thing for the Mets to hold on to Carson. Viagra sales in canada If the Pirates would take Eddie Kunz then this would be a great deal for the Mets

Viagra sales in canada Brett Myers for Josh Thole and Bobby Parnell. Viagra sales in canada First off I want no part of Myers and his baggage not only that Ed Wade is out of his fuckng mind if he asked for Thole and Parnell for Myers after giving Lance Berkman to the Highlanders for nothing. Viagra sales in canada If I were the Mets GM and Wade called me with that offer I’d slam the phone down on him.

Viagra sales in canada Carlos Zambrano for Ollie Perez and Lusi Castillo. Viagra sales in canada As per Jon Heyman, viagra sales in canada Jim Hendry won’t take Castillo in the deal. Viagra sales in canada Even if the Cubs said yes to this it wouldn’t work out financially for the Mets. Viagra sales in canada Z is owed about $55 mil for the next three years, viagra sales in canada OP and Looie have the Mets in an $18 mil hole for 2011. Viagra sales in canada So as I’ve said many many times it cheaper to DFA both these slugs. Viagra sales in canada If the Mets really wanted to get creative they should revist this deal in the winter and switch Castillo with Frankie Rodriguez and offer that to the Cubs. Viagra sales in canada I guarantee Mets fans will be cursing the K-Rod deal (if they’re not already) starting next year.

Viagra sales in canada I think where some Mets fans miss the point with Mets front office, viagra sales in canada it’s not that the Mets don’t spend money, viagra sales in canada they just don’t know how to spend it. Viagra sales in canada That’s why the GM and Manager (because Omar has lost the right to sign another manager) need to be reassigned and younger, viagra sales in canada hipper more analytical baseball executive needs to be brought in. Viagra sales in canada I would love to see Paul DePodesta brought in or someone like him to go with Omar in his new assignment as Senior of Scouting and Player Development.

Viagra sales in canada Can someone with access to Jerry Manuel , viagra sales in canada please for the love of God, viagra sales in canada ask him why he plays Jeff Francoeur every day!

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