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Drug viagra Man, drug viagra 25 years ago. Drug viagra So where was I 25 years ago tonight when the most famous ground ball in baseball history went through the wickets of Bill Buckner?

Drug viagra I wasn’t at the game, drug viagra I was home watching with my wife as we were in month seven of our marriage. Drug viagra The only game of the series I attend was Game 1, drug viagra the game that turned on a ball getting through the legs of Tim Teufel, drug viagra a play that gets lost in the Buckner Blunder, drug viagra ruining a beautifully pitched game by Ron Darling with help from Roger McDowell. Drug viagra  

Drug viagra One of the issues with watching Mets games on TV back in ’86 was Bay Ridge Brooklyn was NOT wired for cable television back then. Drug viagra There was a whole quagmire with franchise rights by the cable companies, drug viagra if you wanted the lucrative Bay Ridge, drug viagra Dyker Heights account you had to take the less desirable East New York, drug viagra Flatbush area as well. Drug viagra So after all the graft and bribes were dished out, drug viagra I think it wasn’t until 1988 when we Bay Ridgeites  got  hooked up to Time-Warner Cable, drug viagra so back in ’86 I spent most of my time in the numerous bars of Bay Ridge that were equipped with these enormous satellite dishes on their roofs to watch Mets game televised on SportsChannel. Drug viagra  So when games were on “free TV” I’d give my wallet and liver a break and stay home.

Drug viagra Game 6 was on a Saturday night, drug viagra I remember we went for an unusually early dinner (my kids have a hard time believing that the same couple who fall asleep on the couch at 9PM used to go out until 4 or 5 the next morning on a regular basis. Drug viagra It’s the same way their stare at our wedding picture in which I have this incredible crop of curly brown hair. Drug viagra The tilt their heads from side to side like it’s some abstract painting in a gallery trying to figure out who the guy is with their mom. Drug viagra Lovely.) and then came home. Drug viagra Before getting home I stopped at the deli on 5th Ave to pick up some Molson Golden for my game libation. Drug viagra My wife sat with me for the first few innings (she is not big on watching Baseball or any sport on TV, drug viagra she’ll go a games in person and enjoy it but to sit and watch on TV? Ain’t happening) then decided she go to the bedroom and watch something else. Drug viagra Of course she fell asleep, drug viagra so it was just me, drug viagra Vin Scully (Mets fans were very upset with Scully’s critiques of the Mets during this series)  Joe Garagiola and my six bottles of Molson.

Drug viagra Everyone knows about the bottom of the 10th inning of this game but the inning that gets lost in history is the bottom of the 8th where the Mets were down a run. Drug viagra Former Met, drug viagra Calvin Schiraldi comes in for the Red Sox to help preserve the lead and bridge to Bob Stanley, drug viagra the Boston closer. Drug viagra After a Lee Mazzilli (pinch hitting for Jesse Orosco) leadoff single, drug viagra Davey Johnson went against the Earl Weaver book he was weaned on, drug viagra to play small ball. Drug viagra Lenny Dykstra comes up (by the way after six Molson on top of the cocktails I had at dinner, drug viagra I’m now talking to the TV like I’m sitting with Scully and Garagiola. Drug viagra I wish there was Twitter back then, drug viagra my drunked Tweets would have been memorable) and lays down a sac bunt that he beats out, drug viagra so now the Mets have 1st and 2nd no outs. Drug viagra  Wally Backman comes up and he lays down a sac bunt that moves Maz to 3rd and Nails to 2nd after an Intentional Walk to Keith Hernandez to set up a double play at any base, drug viagra up stepped Gary Carter.

Drug viagra Here is why Mets fans love Gary Carter, drug viagra nobody loves a pressure situation and came through in those situations like Kid. Drug viagra  That’s why when you sit in Citi Field and the Get Well Soon video comes on the screen, drug viagra everyone stops and watches. Drug viagra That’s why when I see Ron Darling in the Stand Up For Cancer PSA, drug viagra with his I Stand Up For My Catcher sign, drug viagra I get a lump in my throat. Drug viagra Gary Carter was a great Met, drug viagra retire his #8 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drug viagra I digress, drug viagra Kid comes though with a Sac Fly scoring Maz and we are tied at 3.

Drug viagra After the top of the 10th where Rick Aguilera gave up 2 runs, drug viagra all I need is a hand gun as I’ve turned into Elvis Presley , drug viagra looking to shoot my TV. Drug viagra After two quick outs in the bottom of the 10th I am one ornery intoxicated Mets fan, drug viagra with my TV remote in my hand I was ready to turn off the set as there was no way I was watching the Red Sox celebrate this World Series (the pain of 1973 was flashing through my mind) but then, drug viagra he comes that man again, drug viagra Gary Carter with the base hit but here I was pissed at Kid for that hit. Drug viagra Please put me out of my misery already but my misery turned to ecstasy.


Drug viagra My wife thought I’d lost my mind, drug viagra I told get up and get dressed we got to go out. Drug viagra She looked at me like I was nuts but then she heard all the commotion coming from 5th Ave and then the phone started ringing as friends and family wanting to talk about the most improbable win in Mets history. Drug viagra There was no sleep that night/early mornings, drug viagra bars and clubs of Bay Ridge were hoppin’ till sunrise and so was I.

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