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  Give credit to Tim Redding last night, buy kazazz shopping viagra with most of management and Mets Fans looking to send his ass packing he rebounded with a strong performance. Buy kazazz shopping viagra Sure it was against the lowly Nats  but with his job on the line he stepped up.

Of all the injuries the one that hurts the least (no pun intended) is losing J J Putz. Buy kazazz shopping viagra With Bobby Parnell, buy kazazz shopping viagra a rejuvenated Sean Green, buy kazazz shopping viagra Brain Stokes and Pedro Feliciano to go with Frankie Rodriguez the bullpen is robust and is a big reason not to give up the ship.

With all the injuries the Mets will have to reinvent themselves into a team of strong pitching and they must play stellar defense and keep the mistakes at a minimum especially on the base paths. Buy kazazz shopping viagra  There are good aggressive plays that sometimes bite you in the ass like David Wright taking a chance on going to third on the botched pickoff play in the 6th that took a solid throw by A-Hern to get him. Buy kazazz shopping viagra Then there are just bad base running plays like Carlos Beltran in the 1st trying to get to third with no outs on a hit and Wright trying to steal 3rd with no outs in the 10 th.  You can get away with mistakes against the awful Nats but with the schedule that is coming up against the top teams in baseball it helps best if your head is not up your ass.

So Adam LaRoche thinks it was “classless” of Carlos Beltran to say the Pirates are not a good team and the Mets should be embarrassed to lose three straight to them. Buy kazazz shopping viagra  When your organization has not had a winning record in 17 seasons and you trade away an outfield of Jason Bay, buy kazazz shopping viagra Nate McClouth and Xavier Nady and get next to nothing of substance in return, buy kazazz shopping viagra I think your anger should be toward the management of your team and not the opposition who is just echoing what all of baseball knows that the Pittsburgh Pirates are a joke.

LaRoche may get a chance to tell Beltran what he thinks as he may get lucky and get traded to the Mets. Buy kazazz shopping viagra I wouldn’t mind getting LaRoche and Jack Wilson to play first and short for the Mets and I bet it wouldn’t cost much either.

I’m a fan of Daniel Murphy but let’s face facts the Mets are dire need of a power bat and if Murphy who has looked great at first base isn’t going to hit then he needs to go to Buffalo so Omar can add a power bat at that possession. Buy kazazz shopping viagra It’s not personal Danny Boy its business.

Watching and listening to Tom Glavine bitch and moan about his release by the Braves is more embarrassing than annoying although I find myself yelling “grows some balls” at the TV when MLB Network shows Glavine’ presser. Buy kazazz shopping viagra

There is nothing better than MLB Extra Innings. Buy kazazz shopping viagra Not only do you get to see every baseball game but when the Dodgers are home or west of the Mississippi River you get to hear Vin Scully. Buy kazazz shopping viagra I’ve forgiven Scully for his bias against the Mets in the 1986 World Series and as I watched last night as the Phillies and Pedro Feliz gave the Dodgers a win it was this from Scully that made the game worth watching:


It’s about quarter of nine in Los Angeles. Buy kazazz shopping viagra That makes it about quarter of six on the beaches at Normandy, buy kazazz shopping viagra in France. Buy kazazz shopping viagra And 1944, buy kazazz shopping viagra June the sixth, buy kazazz shopping viagra tomorrow, buy kazazz shopping viagra that was the invasion of Europe. Buy kazazz shopping viagra

We heard the names: Sword, buy kazazz shopping viagra Gold, buy kazazz shopping viagra Juno, buy kazazz shopping viagra Utah and Omaha. Buy kazazz shopping viagra Those were the names of the beaches as the British, buy kazazz shopping viagra Canadians and the United States invaded Europe. Buy kazazz shopping viagra

 Let’s go back to this one. Buy kazazz shopping viagra

 At quarter of six on the beaches of Normandy sixty-five years ago, buy kazazz shopping viagra something like forty thousand fell in the invasion that was called Operation Overlord. Buy kazazz shopping viagra The bloodiest beach was Omaha. Buy kazazz shopping viagra

And then of course there was that area called Pointe du Hoc. Buy kazazz shopping viagra You probably saw that in the movie The Guns of Navarone, buy kazazz shopping viagra where the GIs had to try and climb thirty-foot cliffs and the Germans were on top of the cliffs shooting down at them

So, buy kazazz shopping viagra do us older guys a favor. Buy kazazz shopping viagra If you have children, buy kazazz shopping viagra would you please take time out tomorrow and tell them the sacrifice that was made sixty-five years ago?

 Freedom is not free. Buy kazazz shopping viagra Boy, buy kazazz shopping viagra a lot of fellas gave their lives so that we could be sitting here watching a baseball game.

Please don’t forget it.


Thanks to Sons of Steve Garvey to this  



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